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So yeah, Quant just reversed from its bottom and is on its way to climb past the old ATH to the moon.

Where will you be when Quant hits 100$?
Sitting alone in front of some shitcoin chart, jerking off high on hopium?


On a private beach resort in the Maldives in a Fendi bathrobe sipping Caipirinhas?

Take the Quantpill. DYOR and don't listen to the straight out retarded fudders that will no doubt invade this thread.

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Check this shit.


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Gold sponsor means you’re paying numbnuts, its not a position of privilege

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>where will you be when quant hits $100
still spending my link money in the year 2050

never going to make it anon

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Did you also know they're cohosting with Fintech Connect?

See https://www.quant.network/quantx/

Check the speaker list on their event.

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Thanks just sold my entire stack, bless your for helping me see the error of my ways.

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That's cool. LINK and Quant are bros. We will both make it. I'll just make it a bit more and a bit faster than you.

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