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>Buy Bitcoin
>constantly stressed about the price going down

>Sell Bitcoin
>constantly stressed about the price going up

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buy high sell low

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jjust buy 50 percent and dont buy 50 percent so its good and bad no matter what

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thats why you just buy every time you have extra cash and fuck the price fluctuations. if youre bullish long term (10-20 years) 2k up or down should not affect you in the slightest.

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Yes, that is how investing works.

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Yup. You are now in hell forever. Enjoy

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low faith...you don't deserve the gains

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Buy options anon.

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Why won't it be bad and bad no matter what?

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Why are stressed out about the price going down? Surely that's just more time to accumulate?

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Grow a pair pussy

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why would you be stressed about price going down, you dont lose money until you sell. think about price 1 year from now when you buy retard. bitcoins been around over a decade its not going anywhere grow some nuts and learn to hodl or stay a poor faggot forever

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