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Why is BSV a scam? How exactly would Craig, or anyone else make money out of me buying BSV? When BCH and BSV forked, both of them lost value significantly, and after fork people lost a lot of money. Everyone is saying, that BSV is a scam, but I really don't understand who will make money out if it?

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>how do i get 90iq tards to fund my money laundering process

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>I don't understand why the real bitcoin is not the real bitcoin
Get lost Corecuck. That "I'm stupid and just asking questions" shit ain't gonna fly here. You just messed with the wrong guy kiddo. Your IP addresses is currently being subpoenaed

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Based and stiff

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BSV is 80% based on the faith in Creg Sanjay, who is basically a scamming pajeet not by blood but by heart

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I'm being serious. Everyone is saying, that BSV is a scam, but when I'm listening to Craig, Jimmy, Daniel Krawisz, and lots of other people supporting BSV I don't see scammers, I see people, that want to change the world for the better. I already hold a suicide stack of BSV, and lately I really want to FOMO all in to buy hundreds of them.

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>You buy bsv
>Price increases
>They sell

Go check who mines bsv , it's almost coingeek all the time or pools that have old hardware and been left outside of btc mining.

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Craig is obviously a pathological liar

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>I'm being serious, CNN says it is 99% chance Hillary wins

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Let's assume Craig is a nutjob and BSV is a scam. What is Calvin's end game? Why would a billionaire spend so much supporting Craig in this case?

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That's a good question, anon. You have no idea how deep the scam rabbit hole goes.

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I've been all in since $55

Anyone saying it's a scam is FUDding to accumulate

End of story

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Ok ranjeet

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Why doesn't satoshi move all his btc into bsv?

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>t. accumulator

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Low energy pajeet FUD, we see right through you

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>Everything I don't like is a scam

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>Your IP addresses is currently being subpoenaed
Based backtraced it poster

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Loving the cope posting, keep it up!


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Why no answer

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The coins are locked in a trust until Jan 2020 nigger.

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>imagine not knowing that the date has now been moved to Dec 2020 per FL trial
god bsv shills dont earn their pay

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>Everyone is saying, that BSV is a scam, but I really don't understand who will make money out if it?
Craig and Calvin

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sv will never be bitcoin. sorry for your loss.

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what's up with sv and vehement antisemitism?

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Trying to fit in with 4chan, and also more pathological lying and hypocrisy

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>sv will never be bitcoin. sorry for your loss.
>what's up with sv and vehement antisemitism?

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BTC - Segwit coin
BSV - Bitcoin

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Defend this

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This thread glows too hard.

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You should ask what's up with Blockstream, the intentional crippling of Bitcoin and vehement semitism?

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Nah, creg is a cuck on many things. Like donating money to niggers. He created one hell of an economic system though.

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that's not what i asked. i asked why is that over 70% of sv supporters display severe antisemitic inclinations? the remaining 30% are just brainlets parroting the sv propaganda only to shut up in disbelief when confronted by facts.

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Do you understand what I'm telling you?? There is no ANTI-semitism without there first being semitism. It's a natural counter reaction to the insane kikery that went into sabotaging Bitcoin. They are all kikes doing what kikes do best. Subvert and destroy. THAT is where the anti-semitism comes from - you create it through your actions.

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Doesn't that make the BSV project an even bigger kikery, then? Because it's literally trying to pander to the elites and the kike government (desperately, though)

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>There is no ANTI-semitism
we see it every day it's too late to deny now.

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the lack of reading comprehension is severe in this one

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You're lost, right?

Also, BSV is the first Jewish-friendly coin

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>Jewish-friendly coin
how so? this is the first time i see this mentioned.

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Craig Wright said he's the friend of world Jewry and will do everything to protect them from antisemitism on chain. Unfortunately, he got drunk again so even his pandering to kikes wasn't heard.

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Kikes lost control of government in 2016. Why the fuck do you think they've been freaking out for the past 2½ years and suddenly went from worshipping government to LARPing as anarchists and resisters literally overnight when the power in Washington changed?

Hunters become the hunted...

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I am not denying, I am affirming. But you indeed lack reading comprehension.

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>Kikes lost control of government in 2016

Oh let me catch my breath


The absolute state of BSV shills

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I can't even imagine living like this. Needing to create fantasies to accept reality. Just like this guy: >>16153749

Fucking Qoomers get the Minecraft.

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>How exactly would Craig, or anyone else make money out of me buying BSV?
by forcing a hardfork to appropriate """his""" coins. everything is leading up to "turns out the tulip trust was bugged, folks. it's actually locked until 2200, can you believe that? hehe anyways, i still own these coins. a hardfork would be needed to reclaim them.".

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The entire world is uniting against Judaism faggot

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Seethe more Israeli your time is up. In BSV we trust.

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>He doesn't know

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This would actually make sense

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blaming every fucking shit on the jews is mental illness. that's your brain on antisemitism. i mean nobody fucking likes the jews there is very little to like about them. but to believe they are lurking behind every bush or lamppost plotting and scheming for the fall of the western civilization (the only thing that actually protects them) is just paranoid delusions.

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If that makes sense to you it's because you're retarded.

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>The entire world
don't overinflate your fringe cults importance cuck!
you are very very few and far between.

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CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, immutable, on

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The goyim knows.

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dump folder pl0x

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Knowing intensifies.

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oh boy... i lost it at "who controls bilderberg group"

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Jewish supremacy is over

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Lurk more slut

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you are just demonstrating my point really.
this is /pol/tier dementia that somehow seeped into /biz/ disguised as sv cuckism.

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The world is waking up to your little sick clan.

Can you feel the temperature rising? This time there will be no where on Earth to run.

Stupid goyim are awakening. And when they find out what you've been doing, there will be hell to pay.

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I woke up HARD the last 2 years, I will ensure the evil oligarchs fail, crumble, and perish.

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Everyone is starting to wake up my friend, all over the world. You see it everywhere now, people are starting to realize all the evil, corrupt, depraved and degenerate shit that goes on in our world has a singular root cause.


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kys Qoomer. It's all you faggots trusting the plan that is allowing whites to get replaced in their own countries.

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Obama won't save you. Brennan won't save you. Netanyahu won't save you.

Who will?

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*sends billions to Israel*

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>the president personally sends federal money to other countries
typical knowledge level of a Trump hater

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that's funny... legal immigration lol.

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He also declared Golan rightful kike clay. I only hate him because he's ineffectual. If he actually took the proper measures to kick spics out of our country I'd be singing a completely different tune.

Meanwhile I have retarded high medical bills and insurance cost while niggers and spics get treated for free on my fucking dime.

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cool change of topic. Thank you for conceding

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Oh how nice of him, he pays geopolitical lip service to Israel and sends them literal pocket change, meanwhile he systematically dismantles your hidden power structures and removes your subversive agents from power one by one.

You lost control of the supreme court. You lost control of the senate. You lost control of the electorate. All you have left is kvetching in the house.

Are you going to hang your hat on traitor Adam Schiff?? Hahahaha bold move.

It's already over for you, you just haven't realized it yet. Tick tock.

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>change of topic
>Trump hater
>I only hate him because he's ineffectual
>change the topic

Try reading the post, you faggot Qoomer.

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lemme guess they were all jews according to you?

>> No.16154316

>You lost control of the supreme court. You lost control of the senate. You lost control of the electorate. All you have left is kvetching in the house.

This is the worst part of Qoomers. They assume anyone that criticizes Trump, no matter what the criticism is are automatically democrats.

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Andrew Mccabe, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, James Rybicki, James Baker, Bill Priestap, Michael Steinbach, David Laufman are all kikes, that much I know. Awful lot of (((coincidences))) if you ask me. Didn't check the rest, but I think we are starting to see a pattern here...

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or maybe it's just everyone in power is a kike to you despite origins or nationality.

>> No.16154796

i mean the steinbach name is a bit suspicious...

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If he moves a coin. All exchanges blacklist that and all wallets related. They've basically said this on Twitter. Wanna lose 1mil btc instantaneously? Move a coin. He's the creator of bitcoin, not an idiot. He's not going to jeopardize his coins because some low iq incels needs further validation. Listen to him. That's enough proof.

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>All exchanges blacklist that and all wallets related.

>> No.16155427

You mean the same exchanges that blacklisted BSV?


I'm not going to spoon feed this to you.

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craig wright is satoshi and BSV is Bitcoin

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Hahahahahaha that fucking cope lmao.
Just mix the fucking btc. There's no way every Chinese or pajeet exchange blacklists the btc ahahha. Fuck off, Manvinder.

>> No.16155475

delisted is not blacklisted
blacklisted would have meant you can't even withdraw it's frozen.

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rather fuck the coins, sign with satoshis pgp!

Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (MingW32)


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It would actually be really easy to do for someone like CZ to not allow trading from addresses he didn't want to do business with. I don't know if there is anything legally speaking to force him to do otherwise.

>> No.16155530

its bullshit they could since centralized service and all, but unless its a doublespent theft coin noone cares to

>> No.16155564

He made it pretty clear he doesn't want to do business with anything even connected to creg, let alone doing business with him personally.

>> No.16155629

wrong he said any more of this faketoshi nonsense and he delists their shotcoin bsv.
he never said anything about not accepting satoshis signature or misappropriating his coins. that's speculation aka pure undiluted bullshit.

>> No.16155651

You're taking this pretty hard. All I'm saying is CZ and creg don't like each other rofl

>> No.16155753

noone sane likes craig

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>> No.16155785

which reminds me a few months ago tone vays said yeah he talked to craig and he is a very likeable guy in person.
then craig proceeded to mogg him and humiliate him in his manlethood
im guessing tone no longer likes craig just as roger no longer likes him

>> No.16155837

>then craig proceeded to mogg him and humiliate him in his manlethood


>> No.16155933

its typical craig always turns on those that try to be on friendly or civil terms and publicly humiliates them out of blue.

not saying tone did not deserve it should have known better and he is the worst speaker for bitcoin

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The truth is Craig Wright is an unlikable dickhead but BSV in of itself is an interesting shitcoin that actually has real world use, lots of interesting new projects and overall interests people because of the constant drama surrounding it.

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BSV will be able to bring down costs involved when running intrusion detection systems (IDS)

BSV can reduce this costs by 98%, saving companies such as Walmart 500million a year.

>> No.16159188


Actions matter, not words. And that's where CSW fails.

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Blacklisting a BTC address would go against the principles of Bitcoin.

>> No.16159229


Talking about BSV is like talking about religion. There's ZERO evidence and you just make a fool of yourself if you believe this shit for one second.

There's also a dozen times more evidence that he's a fraud than that he's Satoshi.

>> No.16159245



Remember this?

> “I am about to demonstrate a signing of a message with the public key that is associated with the first transaction ever done on bitcoin”

I don’t understand why is he saying recently “I will sign after proving in court” or “I refuse to sign as satoshi” lol. lol. Wasn't that bbc fake stunt supposed to be real? hahaha

> “I don’t want money! I don’t want fame! I don’t wan adoration”

> “I will never do an interview ever again!”


seems legit right goys?

Here the guy from bbc with his impressions, he was face to face with that clown: https://youtube.com/watch?v=zxMU4C6bGKw

> there will be no split
bch splits

> i will destroy bch
bch not destroyed

> btc will be $0 eoy 2018
btc $4000 eoy 2018

> i am satoshi
can’t sign a simple fucking message

> says I will sign after proving in court or “i refuse to sign” but... wasn't the bbc stunt supposed to be a real signature? LOL

> submits a list of addresses of some fake tulip trust bullshit to court...
one of the addresses he claimed was signed by the real owner with a message saying the address is not belonging to this craig clown

> unlawfully registers a copyright on btc white paper and code in a stunt to cause a dump on btc
btc doesnt flintch

> next day copyright office confirms they didnt confirm this clown is satoshit and reaffirms that anyone can register anything with them
ultra fail

> gets sued over 1 Million bitcoins that never existed from some made up fake tulip trust shit using a dead guys name in the process

> loses the lawsuit and now has billions of dollars to pay to the dead guy brother of bitcoins that never existed

> some brainlets compare this piece of trash with trump, but trump is a winner
this clown is a loser

This fakethosi clown is a fucking scam a pure and simple trash bag for everyone to see.

>> No.16159259

indeed but since morally bankrupt sv cucks have no principles to speak of and they never understood bitcoin they are terrified of this bullshit fud.

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