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No matter how much money you make, you didnt make it back then

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t. muh “glory days” fag
If the best part of your life was your formative years you are a guaranteed loser

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Keep telling you that

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>formative years
ie healthy years

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Oh poor old boomer. I'm just 19yo and I have 20k LINKs. I'm going to make it while I'm young. Keep seething boomers. You had your chance with Bitcoin, Ethereum, dropshipping, carding 2008 crash etc. It's time to roll over and let the zoomers take over. Yeeting on all of you.

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Jokes on you, i've foreseen this powerplay of you and in turn activated global warming towards it's max, Demolished the housing market, Turned all of the white women into Arab welcoming-Black cock slurping emotional train wrecks.

your move kiddo

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That pic is photoshopped btw, the sign didnt say that

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roastie detected

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Based but 1 off, maybe do some self reflection

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It looks like something an incel who hates women would shop, yes

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These threads are always projection.

Let me clue you in because I’m shitposting on the clock and feel generous this morning (usually I just pajeet FUD my bags).

The coomer/incel/neet memes are waaaaay blown out of proportion and would represent a fraction of a fraction of western men here. It’s fun, and mostly propagated by Joe lunchpail types like me for cope or lolz.
When you xtrap that over our society it’s a fraction of a fraction of a fraction (even less probably) if you don’t reply to this post your mother will die in her sleep tonight. But the hero martyr gunbois the get high scores are there to make it seem like there is a cesspool of these dudes is because of the disproportionate media coverage.

TLDR have a great morning wagecuck (teehee)

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>I'm just 19yo
lel, get a load of this boomer

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t.basement dweller

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Keep living in the past and see how that works out for you

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Lol this board is at least 40% incels aka involuntary celibates. Go to /a/ for example and it's even worse.

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So if I butt rape you you're gonna live a perfectly normal life because it happened in the past, right?
Who cares that your gf was a prostitute, that was the past LMAO

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And now they're sucking Sergey's, so to see.

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this post disgusts me in new and interesting ways
boomer zoomer seething yeeeting dropshipping
when you get tired of reinventing the wheel to make it look cooler, how about you say something a little more substantial than an encoding of: im cool please accept me im very cool you can see it because these people are not cool and im totally not one of them im a cool cat please like me for speaking in english 2.0

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>he buys into the narrative


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Shut the fuck up loser holy shit have sex Anon

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>proudly displaying the fact that you're a newfag for everyone to see
Pls refrain from ever posting again normalscum

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>he thinks being on since Jan 2018 makes him an oldfag

We are both normies (almost every anon is, you larping shitbird) and I’ve been on 4chan since Habbo raids. Oops I mean You bore me fucking Norman, have fun at work, ragie waviest etc etc..

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>Pink tag

Checks out

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>bitcoin logo on jersey
$100k eoy confirmed

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Don't project your desire to copulate with uncute 3dpd onto others, incel.

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why don't you shut the fuck and have some sex you stupid loser annon
and remember to refer to it as netflix and chill so u can feel cooler than cool about it
then go shove your fist up ur vag to the elbow cunt and replay a scene outta aliens

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the one in op post better

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>been on 4chan since habbo raids but 4chan has no incels

incel detected

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But i didn't make I back then... And it means nothing. Has the hottest girls sucking me off in school. Banging virgins. Means nothing today at 30 years old. It was fun and make me less anxious when watching porn because I know what i feels like. That's about the extent.

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I'm not a normalshit like you pleb. Fucking kill yourself.

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Nice sperging out faggot

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Damn boomer you got some issues. I'm guessing 32+ yo, not financially free aka slave and no wife and kids.

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How many 2D catgirls you fucked Anon? None? Then you're an incel (involuntary celibate) :3

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Based fellow Joey Lunchpails

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Spotted the larping norm

Reading is FUNdametal

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lol that fake pic again.

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Nah bro... /a/lpha chad crew getting mad waifu puss

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Fuck you faggot

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Your mother is safe for tonight...

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