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>over 1000+ hours of online courses
>33 certifications
>active GitHub profile
>applied to 300+ jobs


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youre just another larping NEET fishing for sympathy points OP

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lmao just be an extrovert and make connections lmao

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Wagies will be the first ones to be culled in the jobcel uprising

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God do I hope you are LARPing. Otherwise, you've met your fate (and justly so). You audacious crendentialist prick.

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being a programmer seems to be like trying to make it as an actor in hollywood

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A little first person POV here: If you want to make it as a programmer you either have to be extremely talented (we're talking autistic levels of talent here) or be a "brogrammer" that realized their own worth (decent competency levels with an ability to manage people) and went their own way to start a company.

Sadly, a lot of people have fallen prey to the "learn to code" meme and (lmao) coding bootcamps. For fucks sake, you can learn the stuff on your own, build cool shit and show and prove. That's all that matters. Show and prove. We live in a world filled with credentialist idiots which then in turn enable other idiots to follow in their footsteps.

But again, OP is just a LARPing shithead.

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are you any good?

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having a diploma does not mean you are any good. The only thing your client wants to know is, can Anon build shit that works, fast.

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Certs are still great for other IT fields, but they're the ones no one wants to do like routing/switching. VoIP will get you big bucks though.

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Wait wait wait. You're crying about not being able to find a job in the most competitive field in america and probably the world? Where Companies ship in PhD grads from india and china by the metric boatload? Where even the shittiest startups ask LC hard level DP problems in phone screens? And you're trying to do it with fucking online courses and certs? In almost 2020? The fuck is wrong with you. Go back to 2011. Get a degree and do projects and internships and get a job in 2015. Then work your ass off not to get pushed out by H1b's for the next 5 years and then you can complain. You fell for a meme, learn your lesson and move on.

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This is true also.

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Can you program solidity?

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Oh god voip. Its fucking awful. Hey anon people keep calling and hanging up. Why they do that? 4 hours of log sifting. All calls show normal call clearing. I guess they don't want to talk. Call TAC, yes even if you have the certs, but TAC is a bunch of pajeets and literally 90% don't know fucking anything or they just want to show off the one thing they do know. Oh mr anon see how I prove the hold music file is not corrupt. Yes. Not corrupt. So why isnt it playing? ??? Fuckfuckfuck. Hang up and call back to roll the dice on another "engineer". Gah! Its all just so shitty. So fucking shitty. Fuck fuck fuck.

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Uh oh, he fell for the learn to code meme. Once you get that first job in the field you’ll have no trouble getting your second. First ones hard tho.

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Stupid faggot. Online courses are the opposite on credentialism. You actually learn things and the credentials are worth jack shit, which is why OP is jobless.

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this is fucking real talk. 5 years ago the market was wide open to anyone who could halfway code. it's hard as shit to get a job now, even for those of us who've been doing it for years with a strong work history.

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false. it's not that way anymore. you'll find out for yourself when you try to make you're next move.

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The code dream in America is ded. Way too oversaturated.

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secret is normies are always trying to trade up socially, that's what makes them normies. they're trying to date up, hang out outside their league, work with ivy leaguers even though they went to community. so they'll just hire the better looking, more fun normie programmer.

those didn't exist 5 years ago in the numbers they do today because normies are lemmings and arrive to everything in exponential fashion. they're destined to ruin everything the same way they ruined techtv and skateboarding.

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you are the typical case for a highly introspected retard with nothing to act on in the real world.
you can go on 4chan and get the most logical sounding statement when asking for advice that shatters every bit of motivation you have. this not even trying attitude you and other 'based anons' image board browsers are the reason the most retarded appearing people (in your eyes) make millions with the most stupid idea everyone wrote off as priced in, plateaued, oversaturated years ago

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welcome to 4chan. it was a harsh/exaggerated way of saying the truth, which is what you can expect around there. if you're really driven and motivated to make it as a programmer, you can, but you're gonna have to put your head down and bulldoze your way through some shit. it will require a lot more of you than ordinary career paths will. that's way more honest in 2019 than the 6 figures out of college world is your oyster meme from years past.

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I still cannot understand how coding can be saturated considering the automation rate we have entered and acceleration of all sorts of digital interfaces.

Most people can barely use their fucking phones or computers or fix stuff with their TV. Even the fucking kids are just used to these all sorts of user-friendly app I think people who understand program level stuff (and have the potential to understand it) are becoming less and less by year

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>>applied to 300+ jobs

how do i know that you're a) either full of shit and larping or b) your application papers are utter garbage (or c) you're a tranny with pink hair that nobody besides burger king would hire)

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its nothing else than perpetuated echo chamber.

when i go outside i see a VAST majority
of low skilled class minimum wage people popping each half a dozens children out. none of them even aware or thinking one second about the highly competitive, globalized job market for them or any of their children to face. and the fact that these people are doing still fine tells me I will do fine

i go out and see zoomer kids completely susceptible to the monetized web (they do not know it in another way) only interacting with it with their smartphones and tablets, only being able to interact with it on the surface level, not knowing that every thing they touch or use is predesigned in a fashion to milk them out of as much engagement time as possible, tells me i will be fine

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Wrong I literally just changed jobs and got a 30% pay increase. Don’t be a doomerfag

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Have you tried not being a sperg?

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I plan on grabbing a few certs since I already help manage a CM on a large campus. Still a fucking scrub on it, but I already feel like I know more than most "engineers."
>intermittent one way audio
>lead engineer "MUST BE THE CM"
>turns out it was firewalls/routing the whole time LIKE MY TEAM SAID
No one understands voice. It's a blessing and a curse to be involved in it.

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that would be an inployed, not a jobcel

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