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Reminder that the average biz stack is 1-5000 links. Stacks over 10k are 90% larps. Be happy with your stacks frens.

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Also the 10k larps are subtle fud to convince you your stacks are insufficient in the hopes you'll sell and buy muh low marketcap moon mission shitcoin.

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You had two years

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Lmao stacks over 10k are a diamond dozen nulinker. We’re all gonna make it tho

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wrong. look at the ranking chart. and please stop spreading your retard

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Look here marine, I'm not in the habit of comparing stack sizes, especially when theirs are smaller than mine. But you got to stop this nulinker coping, /biz/ has been accumulating since the LINK ICO

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10k stack is not a big deal desu

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Nobody owns this shit except a few autistic spergs that post here all day.

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If you started buying pre main net 10k is low. It's understandable if you came here post main net but you're not a marine and don't matter

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Yeah. Seems like a reddit cope.
Some people get in early and lucky, deal with it... I’m not one of them but I’m not salty either

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>I'm data mining
>let me call you out and make you post proof out of pride, to help my data mining
Not bad anon, not bad

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When do you think link will reach $250? $500? $1000?

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Nulinkers are pathetic

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>It's understandable if you came here post main net but you're not a marine and don't matter

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Yeah there was a thread once mid 2018 and the conclusion was the average biz stack is 2000 links, with some outliers between 50-300k. 1-2000k is a good sized stack.

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>Stacks over 10k are 90% larps.
No they're not.
You had towoo yeeears.

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1% of derivatives market alone makes link over $15k
how much do you like money anon?

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being this new

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1k was always suicide stack, because at 100$+ it becomes the foundation of a real shot at wealth in the developed world.

10k was a make it stack, and beyond that was the land of the singularity

buy and forget, then wake up in ten years rich AF

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>diamond dozen
Sup ranjesh

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t. disgusting nulinker

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stop stackshaming NOW

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10k was a suicide stack shithead. I was the one who asked the question in the original thread

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not true lol

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kek being this new

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It's a doggy dog world in the land of link stacks

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>how much do you like money anon?
I love money. Money is everything. Always have been and always will

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1k was the suicide stack and it makes sense if you understand the concept of "I bought this so that when the memes prove true I won't want to kill myself for not buying" and by saying it is 10k you're just moving the goalpost and trying to make people feel like they can't make it, which leads me to believe that you probably work for some government agency or some other cool club that practices cognitive dissonance

in closing, eat shit

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I was in the original thread and asked that specific question. Kys nulinker

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dog eat dog world
being this new

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prove it

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>diamond dozen

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>being this new
Literally 2+ years of 1k being a suicide stack. If you think that 10k is a suicide stack you don't understand the concept of a suicide stack.

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Go check the archive that’s all the proof you need. How about you tell me what trip should started that thread

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Love this kinda hopium

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Since English isn't your first language, making any kind of argument is more effort than I'd like to exert for you

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I ducking hate you nulinker Scum so much. I’m foaming at the mouth right now think how you prices of trash wormed your way into this.

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phone posting faggot

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So now going to answer my question just deflect.ok shitter

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Woah you guys are kinda racist for redditors

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I have 65k, I bought at presale.

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I'd have to try extra hard to make my point because you don't have a solid grasp of my language. It's not worth the effort

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Link was 17 cents for awhile. 10k at 17c I'd less than 2k.

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Go check the archive for the original thread you fucking moron. That’s right you can’t because you don’t know what to search for you fucking idiot. My onc consolation is you and all the other idiots that hopped in will lose it all in some stupid fucking way

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that's ok, it's not a big deal

>> No.16145385

don't be happy with your stack
literally take out the biggest loan you can and buy
what the fuck is this shit?

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Nulinkers cannot even comprehend that a 10k stack cost between 2-10k for 2 years lmao

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>he thinks I don’t know that he was getting into a fake shouting match

You seem to think I wasn’t doing the same thing lmao

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It's killer bee killed here.
>be marine since 20 cent linkies before sibos.
>get called nulinker by phonefagging pajeet.

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>he wasn’t in the ico

As far as phone posting I’m trying to quite porn

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this unironically worked on me. FTM all in

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>reddit spaces
>quite porn
>10k is a suicide stack
No one respects your opinions on anything but curries you street shitter.

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<_< kill or be killed

>> No.16145479

Nah I wouldn't even trust a poo on curry desu.

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I was mocking this faggot >>16144901 for saying
>diamond dozen

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well shit anon it's difficult to keep up online. I thought you were but man cant be sure with 4chin
either way killer bee killed was amusing regardless

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I have 8k and my Dad has 2k so together we have 10k. But I will give him money when we are /ballerbros/

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Actually, I wish my dad gave a shit about making money. Enjoy getting rich with your dad.

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10k is the suicide stack and 50k is the make it stack..
I missed the ETH boat, and ignored the messages telling me to buy it when it was 10$.
I somehow missed Link during the ICO, but took a loan to get a good stack later.
Those who are entering now will probably not be able to invest enough to make it.
But if you are lucky you can reinvest what you get out of it into the next good investment in 5-10 years.
It seems /biz manages to find interesting investments, and it will probably continue for many years like this in the future.

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sorry, buddy, everyone pre main net has at least 10K. Most 25-100K.

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newfags, 10K is the suicide stack. 50K is a make-it stack.

pathetic NU Linker cope ITT

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>Also the 10k larps are subtle fud to convince you your stacks are insufficient in the hopes you'll sell and buy muh low marketcap moon mission shitcoin.
This is nown for anyone who is not new to this shithole board ( I am hating this board) the best that link can make is 50$ in 6-7 years if everything goes smooth.
1000$ is a meme .. no fudding no trolling
We can't even pass 3$ with Google and Oracle... immagine how much buy volume and fomo you would need to get to 1000$
With the whales that sell at any pump for a small a profit.... it's deluded 1000$

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You’re underestimating the actual utility of this technology. 1k is no joke.

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>t. Obvious Pajeet

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>Diamond dozen
Keep trying Poojesh

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This. People were running around /biz/ during and after the 2017 bull run who were all in on LINK. A 10k stack was dirt cheap at the time. Hell, I even had a 12k stack but sold a lot of it for btc and now have 3.5k. I don't regret it because I love BTC, but I'm only accumulating LINK now.

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They say broomstick raped is one of the worst ways to go.

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I guess this is some sort of meta meme that 10k+ is larpers? I can’t tell who’s being serious now. 10k is probably on the low end for pre-2019 biz. I have 60k and for a while I thought that was quite low.

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The 3$ is only due to smart investors who got in "early".
When Link will really be more widely used the price should be a lot different.

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You need to go back

>> No.16145683

Stop LARPing

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nah.. not a pajeet. I was lucky to get in 2018 and got a 10'000 stack but I have also lost too much with IOTA and RLC (still holding RLC tough...bought at 1.80$)
I am not a burger white collar job... I could buy Link cause during the 2017 bull run I transformed 300$ in 30'000$ trought some diversificaation and trough XRB and Oyster Pearl (bought at 1.8 cent)
So two are the things: or I am lucky or I get it a little bit.
Well... my feelings tell me that 1'000$ is a great delusional meme of the people who didn't make in 2017 and now they want a second chance trough Link
My opinion is that there won't be a 2017 crazy normie speculation again... yes there will the 1% of blocchain project that will succeed (and Link is good positionated in this) but they will be normal gains... not crazy 2017 normie FOMO gains.. the 2017 gains they are bubble type gains ..they are not reproducible

Fun fact: In 2014 I saw a coin called ''Monero'' and red about its privacy.
The first thing I tought was: ''Uhm... very intersting... I think this coin could do very well''
Never bought cause poorcel at that time and I knew nothing about trading

>> No.16145717

no only actually bought chainlink and anyone who did already cashed out

>> No.16145734

This was the established truth for all of 2018, very sad /biz: has devolved to so much plebbitor cope, it’s like a whole new board now it’s fucking nuts

>> No.16145754

>anything I dont like is from reddit.
do you undeveloped brain posters stop for 2 seconds and think your meme replies are anything but retarded? of course not you're a stupid peasant replying in memes you'll never do anything but suck at life

>> No.16145761

>not a pajeet
>ellipses, ellipses everywhere


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Mate do you know how fuckin popular link was on this board last year? Tonnes of us got 10k stacks whne link was between 10c and 60c, it's really not that unimaginable. You newfags are just late.

>> No.16145831

I am not english native but I am not a pajeet.
Austrians are they pajeets?

>> No.16145834

1 link is a link, not a stack. You need minimum two of an item to "stack".

>> No.16145899

>1% of derivatives market alone makes link over $15k
Which derivatives? I see no derivative. I see only so many disappointments. For goodness sake the project seems to have good foundations (Google and Oracle are interested) but to think that just because this Jason Parser adapter can virtually be present in the hypothetical '' muh smart contract meme derivates '' makes it automatically "muh 1000 $ end of the year '' is delusion.

At most Ethereum will be 1000 $ with lol derivatives

Chainlink has a huge supply. It's a giant ass with a billion coins.

Take for example any company and compare the market cap (market cap meme ... no market cap counts you idiot) and see if the right price is not 50-70 $
Feel lucky and not dream

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Checked. Jason Parser did nothing wrong.

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Even at $100 (never fucking happening) a 10k stack only gets you $1M pre-tax. That is nowhere near making it. Cope harder poorfags, you have no shot.

>> No.16145962

10k is common, Anon.

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>> No.16146013


Also to remind everyone

1k suicide stack
10k Make it
Never selling = Generational God Tier Wealth

T. Bought on delta 2017

>> No.16146034

>The 3$ is only due to smart investors who got in "early".
>When Link will really be more widely used the price should be a lot different.
I don't get it... all the smart investors they now that Link is valuable more tha 3$ but def not 1000$
I think that anon gets it right wth 10'000 being more or less 300'000$ after taxes and the 50k Link stacks and above to make it

300'000$ is better than nothing... cope with it

I'll move to Thailand and I'll try to live some years as NEET fuc*ing asian sluts in evry possible way
before to kill myself (I am 29 years old no ob no education no grilfriend)

P.S. I'd discourage to put the 300'000$ in another crypto investment.... there is 1% probability to find ''the next Link''

Go enjoy a little bit life. These 2 years on this board have been really stressful. And somehow I have ended up hating you and developing severe pshicological disturbs due to stress

Jut sell if you can't make it and try to enjoy alittle bit life... life is not forever

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Fuckinnerd I couldnt bother to figure Delta out so I had to buy at 8c a link. The Euros go them for 4c ico.

>> No.16146086

For any newfags curious. The general consensus from the start is that any who holds 10k link to the peak won't ever have to work again that's what /biz/ meant by a make it stack.

>> No.16146091

No, but at least one types like them. Please don't use ellipses in English, they have an extremely poor reputation and have atrocious style

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> 10k is rare
How poor are people?

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Next time 1k stack is 90% larp. I'm I right?

>> No.16146264

Only at 12k, I want to be an officer so bad but another 3k will take awhile to get

>> No.16146571

fuck yall
1K is suicide stack because 1K x $1K = $1M and $1M is enough for you NOT to commit suicide when stinky LINKy reaches $1K. If LINK reaches only $100 then 1K is not enough to be suicide stack because $100,000 is not enough for you NOT to kill yourself.
10K is the MAKE IT stack because $10M is pretty much making it, you'd no longer have to work again for the rest of your life.

>> No.16146589

Don’t use big boys and high iq anons as your escape goats kumar

>> No.16146618

Ellipses are fine at the end on informal sentences, preferably when they function as part of a joke, but yea...doing ellipses like I just did looks pretty shoddy when trying to be persuasive.

>> No.16146633

Don't let them make you an escape goat, go back already!

>> No.16146804

He can't because its always been 1000 is a suicide stack...its some kind of new FUD I don't understand yet

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>tfw I have hold LINK long enough to see linklets become schizos
20k link stacker here

>> No.16146880 [DELETED] 

>12 months test net
>4 months main net
>nobody can name a single dapp with users using Chainlink oracles in production
>Linkers: this is bullish!

>> No.16146898

ICO chad here, paid $1600 for my 11k stack kek

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unironically 17k here.

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My mum has unironically 35k link.... Not larping... My mum gonna be richer than 90% of 4chan incels... I don't tell you my stack or you gonna cry, but think of it : my mom gonna be way richer than you

>> No.16148214

Larp, was never that low

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> I have exactly 1271 link and nothing left in my bank account

>> No.16148237

It's a doggie-dog world, be careful out there

>> No.16148244

1000 link is a make it stack, congrats Anon.

>> No.16148253

Go home, ranjeet

>> No.16148928

This was always my concern which is why I've purchased 180k link coins

>> No.16148960

me too anon, have faith. in 2-3 years this will be a good amount of money. focus on improving your life during this time.

>> No.16149347

152 link, Holding in my hand is strong!
Never will I sell. Make it I will!

>> No.16149383

>dog eat dog world

>> No.16149393

I'm just a little stacklet
When I get more I'll still be a little stacklet
But it's my stacklet and it's a happy little stacklet

>> No.16149463

10k stacks aren’t FUD.

I have multiple transactions just last December buying over 200+ LINK for only $40-50

There’s people here who aren’t fucking retards and actually accumulated and bought LINK every week

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File: 97 KB, 750x698, EHc1yfrXYAATR9m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you frens, I wish you the best

>> No.16149546

link does not need "normie fomo" or even normies to buy link to moonshot, it's the actual utility that brings the value

>> No.16149547

Did you recently start buying link? I bought the Coinbase pump still havent broken even yet xD. Do you have a target in mind?

>> No.16149581

>link does not need "normie fomo" or even normies to buy link to moonshot, it's the actual utility that brings the value
Combining both would be a lot better than having just one of the two.

>> No.16149585

Is there a linkpool or somthing like that I can profit from? Only have small stack barely over 6k linkies.
I am a retard so I can't run my own node.
Would be awesome with a micro passive income.

>> No.16149661

Yes I started buying around ATH and averaged down during the retracement, average price is around $2.5 and I will try to get to 2000 link. I'm 20 and my family is poor so even if i don't make it $50-100/link would be a great start into adult life!

>> No.16149852

former 20k linky here who sold the top at 4.50 (I kept 1k for the 1keoy meme 7's prophecy). Been slowly accumulating more the last couple months. People with 10k+ stacks are not larping as most of us were buying at $0.25

>> No.16150005

Dime a dozen dummy

>> No.16150065

Not bad fren keep stacking. I think $100 is a conservative prediction. I wont be selling until LINK hits 4 digits. I may be delusional fren but I'm riding this to $1000 or 0. If LINK is truly what we believe it is, then we will all make it. Only wish I knew about it earlier..

>> No.16150158

All you fake oldlinkers need to STFU. It has always been 1000 eoy, and therefore 1K is a suicide stack because it would net you a million. A million dollars is enough to prevent suicide.

>> No.16150182

You can't be serious. You think it will go to 1000.

>> No.16150254

whats up with this new linklet campaign? there are a lot of big stacks around here. at cleast a couple of months ago, my 55k stack felt completely average

>> No.16150257

>be happy with your 5k link
>10k stakes are larping
holy shit I love this amount of cope. you faggots had 2 years to accumulate at .25 cents. if you have less than 10k than fate would have it that you were destined to be poor.
In 6 months time anyone with 5k will be larping

>> No.16150267

Why not?

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>t. Pajeet



>> No.16150277


>> No.16150286

quite happy with my zero stack, thank you OP

>> No.16150380

So many nulinkers lately. Og have 10k+ stacks easily. We had 2 years at sub 60c and you had 2 months at $2+. Work it out

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File: 1.08 MB, 1053x758, 1571188284646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we are gonna make it. i have to buy more.

>> No.16150681


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1k suicide
10k make it
50k+ fuck you money

>> No.16150903

t. discord tranny pushing his gay linklet meme

>> No.16152000

Don't be afraid of the low-value crap. If you want to sell your moon to buy more muh-price moon mission shitcoin you're a dick.

Also remember that low-value shit is a long term investment (usually 5-10 years) with a low profit rate. It should be saved for those few months where you have no other choice than to buy low-value shit.

I like to buy and sell moon shitcoin on average once a day (except the very first day I find it) but it is not a hard rule.

The best time to do it is in the afternoon.

>> No.16152045

I only have 40 links but I already know it's enough for me to make it easily. People don't understand that decentralized oracles are the number 1 most important thing in crypto right now and the price is going to skyrocket. For me, it's chainlink

>> No.16152548

a year ago if you had 1k-6k LINK stack you were considered a poor fag or a young kid without the means to accumulate.
15k-40k was the entering the respectable territory.
60K+ and you were starting the be the outlier.

Now if I had to guess the average stack of biz posters it would be around 3-6k.

>> No.16152566

Because most people sold in 2018. That's how this works. That's why nobody can prove they own their big stacks. They are GONE

>> No.16152597

>most people sold in 2018

>> No.16152616

>coping larper and 2018 seller

>> No.16153421

hello i heard this thread is for retards that cant count or read.

>> No.16153434

You guys make me so happy. I'm sorta poorfag, and was only able to get about $3300 into Link before coinbase.

I always felt like a littlelinklet. Linki-chan.
But now I have a nearly legendary stack here.
Thank you newfag linklet trend riding pieces of shit for giving me back my self esteem

>> No.16153457

Well that's the whole point. You should feel good. 10k+ stacks are, for the most part, larpz

>> No.16153514

Traditionally it's 1k suicide stack 10k to make it.
>t. oldlinker

>> No.16153556

This is a 100k+ holder

>> No.16154104

Nice cope buddy
I’m still here and I am never fucking selling

>> No.16154174
File: 473 KB, 2048x1536, 1467167141919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16154417

I’m glad I even own 1 link

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