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This is it boyss

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Literal no one cares

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$20 by the end of 2020

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>CME => google => oracle
why not
>CME => oracle

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Oh my fucking god of kek.

Can’t believe it was this soon..

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Interesting. It’s now no linkers who are delusional. Nice find op, can’t believe I haven’t seen this already.

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This. Dumb useless shit

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>October 14
You're late

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Had to read this twice. You're doing Gods work OP

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i don't see chainlink written anywhere or the word decentralized
stinkers are huffing those canisters of hopium again

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could be that Google will make the api high quality enough for it to be oracle consumable?

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Spoon feeding time is over gents. Hold on to your bags. WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT.

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when people start making smartcontracts with this data...we're set boys.

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Because Google offers the cloud services that CME wants you retards.

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Go back to twitter/reddit then

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you didn't include a link to the article

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Based. Thanks op.

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Could it be? The smell of singularity hangs heavy in the air

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Holy shit and 42 called the Google pump too. He's a fucking Google dude

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drove outta the 'hood toyota
drove back lambo

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Coronal mass ejections have NOTHING to do with Link.

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what is this

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>Frankfurt School

crypto is over, kike scam

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This is unironically the start. Holy shit. We held on this long to see it materialize. You just win.

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What if they use BAND instead?

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This has nothing to do with chainlink.

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>watches one right wing piece about mah frankfurt school, gets triggered whenever it pops up.

/pol/tards are amazing

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lol i posted this couple of days ago then finrekt stole and now one of you fags

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Triggered, jew?

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I am a poor 12.000 Linklet. But so happy to read this,

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I have one third of that. Be glad you had time to accumulate cheaper... I didnt.

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If this one is actually "derivatives by EOY" I underestimated sergey

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Just 11k here... nice find but I don’t get the pwc connection.

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Damn, you know you made it when fags are like "I posted it first" on an anonymous sheep fucking forum
Good on you finny

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Why should chainlink have any relations to that? They will not use chainlink to offer the service.

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It's just proof that they want to infiltrate and subvert crypto, which means they fear it.
Communism cannot work in a decentralized manner and they know it too.

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Boys, your facts are no use here. The discord trannys are in control.

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You put it far more eloquently than I ever could, good post

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Frankfurt school is a private college and has nothing to do with philosophy in this case.

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Let's say Google announces they are actually using Chainlink for this, what will that do to the price? That would mean unprecedented adoption at an incredible high and established level. The green dildo would be magnificent. Any bets?

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Any institution with this name should be under intense scrutiny.

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Have you ever thought there may be a motive behind the hyperbole? Giving the Frankfurt School mythical status may result in someone searching online for more information on the Frankfurt School, which will give them an opinion on the Frankfurt School which did not exist before.

I hope their opinion favors my position more and yours, less.

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100% of Chainlink's price action so far is based on the promise of adoption.
As soon as actual adoption starts, is when the actual moonshot begins.

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Its possible. The school has shitty rankings however so the strategy does not seem to play out.
The more important questions is what OP's article has to do with chainlink?

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Instant 2x and maybe 4-5x within a week.
It woulnd't be as massive as if we were still in 2017 though

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CME is selling their data on the Google Cloud to Google Cloud customers. Their data is valuable and wanted. In order for CME to provide their data through Google Cloud and deliver it to smart contracts securely, Chainlink is absolutely required somewhere in this matrix of actors/parties.

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Doesnt mention anything about smart contracts

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Its not, at all, you've heard of APIs right?
Do you know what Chainlink is for?
Its only needed if smart contracts are being used

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where is link here?

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>The more important questions is what OP's article has to do with chainlink?
The only way for CME data to get used in smart contracts, is to use oracles, i.e. chainlink.

And Google Cloud has been actively promoting Chainlink specifically for this purpose, see pic.

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Has nothing to do with big query or smart contracts. You see Google and derivatives in the same sentence and think it's chainlink related, ie you see the biggest tech company and the biggest financial market mentioned together and think it's related to a no name startup. Unironically illogical and irrational.

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Can't get API data on-chain or off-chain without oracles.

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Does it mention smart contracts
The stink of desperation is putrid

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LINK wouldve probably hit 3 figures already if it was 2017

True, but I asked a "what if" question. That aside, wouldn't smart contracts be the best way to handle this type of situation?

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Thank you for clarifying things. So CL is sitting between the google and sc customer rather than the CME and google data data stream. I imagine it being a huge plus for development as google cloud is widely used.

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But did the article mention smartcontracts?

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>the best way to handle this type of situation
Current day. No. The volume is too high

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With Chainlink, the API data/results of smart contract/various other data has to be written to the blockchain (Ethereum in this example) so that all parties can see the data - the parties in the smart contract, government regulators, etc.

CME's API data is going to have to be written to the Ethereum blockchain at some point (before or after it goes through Google cloud, maybe both) during execution of the contract - and there's only one way to trustlessly get data on and off chain, heh. I'm talking too much, I don't have a point, coffee just hit

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A Chainlink oracle will use CME directly. I see no point in using an intermediary in google cloud

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Swingies and linklets in absolute utter cope right now.
Accept it friend. No amount of desperate “buts” changes it
Google is using link and soon in a big way.
And you wont get any warning, just rekt again with another 83% green dildo

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>Has nothing to do with big query
Lmao, you have no idea what bigquery is and how it relates to GCP.

see pic

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Holy fuck, the corporate buzzword miazma gulash

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Them on gcp is them directly tard
You get web hosting right?

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This thread is truly a sell signal, link biz community used to be high iq but this is really embarrassing, at this point it's just low iq holders who do not understand anything in depth

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Nice cope.

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Bless. Have a good day anon.

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How many tps is that? And thats contracts, not transactions (multiple per contract)
Which chain is doing hundreds of tps at the moment?

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Look up threshold signatures.
Lmao, you'll be a convert before the thread 404s.

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>Chainlink keeps gathering momentum on derivatives
>"better sell now"

I mean, by all means do sell sir.

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What else with link be used for ?

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You are correct, but how does google cloud comes into any element you mentioned.

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You already got your answer itt: >>16137014

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This. Someone explain please.

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They are to save gas for oracle responses spud
Not an evm chain scaling mechanism

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Isn't it idiocy in itself to say "Man, you idiots don't understand that we are on the cusp of our shared investment exploding in value, I better sell because you guys are just dumbs"

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That's IOTA though

>> No.16137098

It may be used for this...in future, when there is a blockchain that can handle the volume

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Threshold signatures reduces the cost by 1000x+. You really need to do some research son.

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Incorrect. It reduces cost from n(x) to n(1)...for oracle responses

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He is fudding because he hodls link but wants to buy more at a cheaper price.

>> No.16137108

Uptime and existing global Google Cloud customers? I don't know the reason, nobody knows the reason, but obviously CME has a reason.

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They get good pricing for exclusive partnerships
Its a sub par solution to a proper multi-cloud architecture

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Swing linkers literally on suicide watch.

>> No.16137123

That's a fair assessment, I don't have a comeback

>> No.16137144

>They are to save gas for oracle responses
And they do this by combining a multitude of responses into a single on-chain transaction.
Meaning the underlying chain can handle a lot more work.
Meaning the underlying chain is being scaled.

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Stinkies are so dumb falling for every hopium thread while the price continues to fall

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>multi-cloud architecture
You do realize this is a redundant statement, right?

>> No.16137172

except for google kek

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What happens after derivatives turns out to be a nothing burger? Why aren't they presenting at freightwaves???

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This is quite depressing. This thread shows nulinkers lack of understanding of chainlink. Putting CME data on Google cloud hasnothing to do with dlt tech. Link connects outside data to blockchain, thishas nothing to do with it.

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1) Google Cloud has been actively promoting Chainlink as the connector between them and the blockchain
2) smart derivatives are becoming more and more of a reality (see Morningstar and their recent news regarding blockchain oracles)
3) the entire fintech industry is moving towards "smart" derivatives, bonds, insurance, ... as evidenced by the fact that Gartner is basically saying "adopt smart contracts or get left behind": https://www.gartner.com/en/documents/3933973

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No it's not.

You have no clue what you are talking about

>> No.16137256

Look up what a cloud is.

>> No.16137261 [DELETED] 

Not it isn't. The thing you refer to is ignorant gibberish

>> No.16137265 [DELETED] 

I'm certified in azure retard. Used to develop on cloud

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Gartner has been wrong about so much developing tech. Teeka Tiwari has a better track record. Dude is right, what does this have to do with smart contracts?

>> No.16137285 [DELETED] 

The only connection with chainlink I see is:
1) data will be made available as a Google Big Query data source - making it readily usable with Chainlink Big Query connector. This is a bit cumbersome because there's a lot of intermediaries - but it works nevertheless.
2) Making the data available via Google cloud will make developing a Chainlink connector open to everyone. Not just to the select few with access to CME internal databases.

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Then there shouldn't be any confusion.

>Gartner has been wrong about so much developing tech
They're still the biggest research company in the world.

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I too hope/believe that the financial system will one day rely on dlt tech and smart contracts. But this news doesnt bring us closer to adoption

>> No.16137297 [DELETED] 

There are whole books written about cross-cloud architectures. It's a complex topic.

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Yeah CME is just gonna give its data for free

>> No.16137327 [DELETED] 

>I'm the international standardized unit of moron. the Planck unit of clinical retardation
Read the picture in OP.

>> No.16137344

They won’t until the steaking is done

>> No.16137363

Already read it. It doesn't say anywhere that the access will be free moron. God how retarded are linkies

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>one of the biggest derivatives marketplaces provides its data through Google Cloud, who have been actively promoting Chainlink, while the entire market is moving towards "smart" financial products
>"guy'ze this brings us no closer to adoption"
lmao brainlet

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Whole books are written about identifying wood.

>> No.16137414 [DELETED] 

It is a complex topic then you fucking enormous fucking faggot

>I never used a domain of knowledge in my life
>means it's inconsequential

People who think like this are due for a holocaust

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The hardest part about cross-cloud architecture is the billing, and that's not an exaggeration.

>> No.16137564


You're a fucking moron.
That, or you're using cloud to replace your old terribly scaled infrastructure.

There are so many fucking things more complex than billing.

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>nolinker salt
>nolinker cope
>nolinker hangs
>tight on the rope

>swinglinkers come
>swinglinkers mope
>swinglinkers eye up
>sales on rope

>linky is strong
>linky is smart
>linky won't sell
>not a retard

>> No.16137573

Why did you change IDs?

>> No.16137590

Because by going through Google it instantly connects the data to a huge world of other services, marketing, and more. That being said, I don’t see this as an indicator that it has anything to do with blockchain or LINK, so whatever.

Also you’re high IQ but spending time in this thread arguing with literal retards. High IQ but no street smarts, kind of a waste. Just stop replying.

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sick, I can actually go there and see how dumb the boomer crowd is

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this has nothing to do with chainlink

>> No.16138801

>a thread was revived for this

>> No.16139473

Chainlink mainnet is IOTA marketplace, you know nothing about CFB and Sergey ? well, i guess not, because you are a fucking newfag

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>Chainlink mainnet is IOTA marketplace

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"chainlink marketplace 50+ corporate entities"
not sure what specific 50+ corporate entities it is referring to here
is that the "selected partnerships" we see on the IOTA page?
or is it to do with the chainlink marketplace?

>> No.16140110

>ctrl + f "ctrl + f"
>0 results

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This sort of uncertainty was present when Street partnered with Toilet. Bombay was in turmoil for years. My great grandfather has told me this story many times.

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I keep asking stupid questions but here we go again (forgive me for being a little "slow"):

what does chainlink have anything to do with the list by IOTA (beyond just speculation)

>> No.16140204

Control + f "chainlink". Nothingburger

>> No.16140209

It's Qubic, you rub and tug gook.

>> No.16140312

>ctrl f - "0 results"
>0 results

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>what does chainlink have anything to do with the list by IOTA
>It's Qubic
is there any confirmation that the oracle machines described by Qubic have anything at all to do with Chainlink nodes

>> No.16140349

>1) Google Cloud has been actively promoting Chainlink as the connector between them and the blockchain
Do you have any proof of this at all

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>Qubic uses oracles (and consequently, oracle machines) in this way to provide the input data relevant for quorum-based computational tasks. Some examples of such input data are:
>Temperature data from real-world sensors
Current or historical stock value data from the stock market
Personal attributes, like current age, marital status, deceased status
Election results

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See pic in >>16136930

>> No.16140502

the absolute state of linkies

>> No.16140540

Didn't CFB himself state that qubic was merely """inspired""" by ChainLink? Just as they likely were """inspired""" by NKN's "Cellular Automata-based Consensus Model"...

>> No.16140558

Its smoke and mirros untils its not. If you are an oldfag you know, if not you do not. Simple as that

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Now kill this thread


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>Its smoke and mirros untils its not. If you are an oldfag you know, if not you do not. Simple as that
>Now kill this thread
helpful as ever

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I want to know if Ari Juels’ “Project Chicago” is related to CME? I initially thought it was a Microsoft reference but began to rethink it a few months back. Thoughts?


>> No.16140948

Who is CFB?

>> No.16140968

Coom From Beyond

>> No.16141818


>> No.16141864

Is it just this and his twitter post? Is there anywhere else CFB has outed Sergey? Do we believe him? What would be his motivation to larp?

>> No.16141938

It is Sergey, he is the literal second coming of jesus

>> No.16142020

Great, so we're gonna have to deal with Sergey death fud before the singularity

>> No.16142424

Finkle is Einhorn, Einhorn is Finkle.

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>tfw retards of this caliber exist

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