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>b-b-but what if you stake Link and then the price of Link changes?
There's an oracle for that.


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Development is about to explode, isn't it.

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Sure is

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Convoluted trash

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>Virtual project
>number of user = 0 (zero)

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Wait until people realize how insane the network effect is on Chainlink.
Oracles providing external data are just the tip of the iceberg.
There will be tons of oracles providing services to other oracles: mixicles, reputation contracts, threshold signatures, these "total return swaps", fiat-crypto-fiat so normies don't have to buy Link off Binance, etc. etc. etc.

It's called network effect.
I predicted this very use case back in 2017.


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Normies have zero reason to buy link

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Which is exactly why there will be fiat-Link-fiat smart contracts running in the background of nearly every end-user smart contract.

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They had 0 reason to buy ETH too but they still did.

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Doubt it. Zero reason for any of that. Link isn't even decentralized.

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Stay seething.

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Comparing link to ETH LOL

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Devs own 65% of the supply and nodes require kyc. Imagine thinking it's decentralized

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>imagine being this seething

They only own 30% (see pic), and KYC is literally optional.

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When will people realize? You’ve already been featured everywhere and still have 0 users, 0 dApps, and 0 real partnerships.

Will it take another $32 million in an Caribbean account and multiple 700k dumps on his own investors for people to realize? Will Sergey go MIA like he did for all his other projects leaving investors hanging? Nobody is going to use this vaporware garbage.

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Holy shit the cope. They own 65% retard

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See pic in: >>16135337
This pic is from before the ICO btw.

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35% is the public token sale therefore they own the other 65 IMAGINE THE SMELL

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During the KYC exam Sergey personally inspected my penis. When I asked him why he winked at me and said "gotta know your customer".

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>0 users, 0 dApps, and 0 real partnerships
Look at all this headcanon.

35% public sale
35% for future node operators (to keep initial buyers from monopolizing tokens)
30% for future development

This has been common knowledge since before the ICO.

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>0 user
>0 dapp
>1B$ MC for an estimate smart contract value of 200M$ in 2021
It's a brilliant idea on paper for sure, but there's no need and demand for it.

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LMFAO keep coping. They own 65 however you want to frame it.
Muh node incentives. Shit network

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The real demand is penis inspections during the KYC stage. Adelyn and Sergey work round the clock and even use WeChat to inspect penises in China. In a recent interview Sergey said "hey it's a dirty job but someone has to do it".

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>but there's no need and demand for it.
Tell that to Google Cloud.

>They own 65 however you want to frame it.
They own 30%.

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Right and the magical sky nigger owns that other 35 for "node operators" right? Stay delusional.

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>the magical sky nigger owns that other 35 for "node operators"

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Google isn’t touching this shit with a 10 foot pole. Go ahead and post your Tweet about the meetup. Before you do, post the Tweet from Google announcing this...you can’t. Google ain’t doing shit with this garbage.

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>tell that to Google cloud
Are they using it? No.

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>still claiming google is fake news

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>Google isn’t touching this shit with a 10 foot pole.

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They literally are using it: https://docs.chain.link/docs/big-query-chainlink-testnet

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So what happened with this? This is more of an Eth centered post and not even the one I'm referring to. I'm sure if they actually did something with Google, they wouldn't be picking obvious scams as start up partners. Try harder.

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>Posts a Chainlink Google docs
S-see they're using it!

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>So what happened with this?
It's being developed.
There was Foam (acknowledged by Allen Day): https://discourse.foam.space/t/map-osaka-with-foam-in-built-with-google-cloud-platform-chainlink-and-blocklytics/1049
And there's the derivatives meetup at Google HQ that's building on this.

Things are heating up bigly.

>This is more of an Eth centered post
Chainlink is mentioned 40% more times than ETH.

>if they actually did something with Google
There's no "if".
I posted the literal proof. You just have to get over your cognitive dissonance.

>they wouldn't be picking obvious scams as start up partners
Chainlink is decentralized, they have no say in who picks them.

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1) go to https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/data-analytics/building-hybrid-blockchain-cloud-applications-with-ethereum-and-google-cloud
2) ctrl+f "our documentation for requesting data from BigQuery via Chainlink" (emphasis on 'our')
3) this phrase is a hyperlink, click it
4) ???
5) mind blown

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> 9 people used it
> Cartographers will foam at the penis for this
I mean is there any point to this beyond what google already offers for maps?

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You have no idea how link works

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Jfc you had 2 years.

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> Be me
> Go on pivotal
> Check project history
> 100 weeks plus
> Steve deleting epics and other tasks nonstop
> Mfw

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It was a nifty little experiment that was only announced during Devcon itself.
And if you don't understand the value of user-input maps, then [email protected]

Tell us what you think that means, anon.

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Based. We're all gonna make it.

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It all sounds big but its all so tiresome anon
Constant redesign to incorporate new ventures/ changes to initial thoughts on approaching issues and problems and so on.
What do you think geographic data can be used for?

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>It all sounds big but its all so tiresome anon
>Constant redesign to incorporate new ventures/ changes to initial thoughts on approaching issues and problems and so on.
Chainlink is a lot like a duck: calm and poised above the waterline (5 months of steady but bullet-proof mainnet development), while paddling furiously below the waterline.

>What do you think geographic data can be used for?
User-generated maps offer countless benefits over centrally-created maps.
Not just in terms of things like actually interesting spots and real-time traffic data for instance, but also in terms of censorship resistance.

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