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how much btc for a girl like dis

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a kebab is enough.

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0.1 BTC

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I am not even from the UK, never been there, but instinctively know this is an UK thot. So yes, just one kebab.

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Lmfaoo this is what you guys aspire for? She's a literal 6. Just hit the gym or tell her you got bud

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Is that guy drinking a gallon of milk?

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South western railway?

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>check skin color
Yip, just as I thought.
Absolutely disgusting. Imagine willingly guzzling this much oestrogen and puss.

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Okay, so they are obviously on public transportation. Question: why is dat nigga drinking a gallon of milk with a foldable table for his computer?

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I would pay good money to see her get blacked.

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Happy hanukkah

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Literally just a blunt and some BBC

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That's a 7.5 now, thicc and big ass is very trendy rn. Probably has miles of cock line up and wouldn't even fart near you incels.

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this is bait

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Her feet are humongous

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0 if BBC

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She's probably got a bigger dick than most pajeets

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That is a whore OP, you don't need to have any BTC, just treat her like a princess and she will love you.

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She would offer me to cook and roll a joint for me so basically 0 BTC just 1 BWC

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How's your gay for pay business going?

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I never worked in my life so imagine sucking dicks for money.. lol


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What’s this pic supposed to show

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a 19 y/o tinder thot leaving my flat in the uber I paid for her.

This thot costed me like 13 euros.

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not thicc like the one in OP

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Paris’ Life is too easy sometimes

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what about her?

also she was the daughter of a high level banker

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13 euro?

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50,000 Pesos colombianos
she offered me 1 ecstasy too

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>why is dat nigga drinking a gallon of milk with a foldable table for his computer?
oh boi I kek'd so much thanks

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I already saw this one

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what about this parisian muslima?

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Somehow your right hand makes this picture very gay

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Fuck these cucks, we both hate em

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We all have our feminine part.. 0% gay tho

some girls say me I look gay sometimes, then they end up licking my balls.

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Not thicc, but has hips? Hard to tell since it's cropped and covered.

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it should be on her ass

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An 8 ball of cocaine and a 4pack of Smirnoff Ice

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thin body but fake boobs and fake ass
typical puta from cartagena
she is now whoring in Cancun

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Bon réseau en tt cas

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Damn, probably a good lay but doesn't compare to natural thicc.

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please tell me this shit is on youtube holy shit

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>I never competed out of fear and so I stuck to the path of least resistance my whole life. Win some lose some is for chumps. Easy come easy go for me please

I'm perfectly content with my safe one dimensional existence where I only want and celebrate the things I'm told to want and otherwise ignorant of the potential human life gives to those who give a fuck.

I live like a blind man following a mute who takes directions from a dead man. Be me you just win bro!!!

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have sex

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I don't think so, sorry fren. I found the picture here on 4channel

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stop raging wagie, of course I have some fears sometimes - I just don't feel the need to explicit them here.

We all have different lives, I would have prefered having a father than money, clearly.

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post more lutz, I wanna fap

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>Didn't have a father
That explains why you come here looking attention. It's fucking annoying, dude. no one gives a fuck about you. You're not that good looking and no one cares if you had sex. So just fuck off. Get out of this board, don't come back. Stop posting your stupid face, no one gives a single fuck about you. You're irrelevant.

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fuck you, seriously.

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frenchbro is based and you are a seething incel

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T. Frenchbro posting from his phone.

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Bro this board is anonymous for a reason. The reason: no one cares about who you are or what you do. Stop doxxing yourself. It's annoying. If you want attention, start a blog or post on Instagram. I'm surr you'll get plenty of followers there.

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you are my only friends, instagram is cringe.

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i love big black cocks

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