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That'll be $20, pigs


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trying to make quick money with pics of your girlfriend?
Dude thats like a 16 year old girl with a push up bra.

I wonder why women date pieces of shit like you then their pics get leaked on the internet.

No body's paying you zoomer. You will have to work at mcdonalds. Better flip those burgers because mommy will kick you out of the house.

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I will however pay 30$ to your girlfriend if she leaks me a photo of you working in mcdonalds with a crushed look in your eyes.
And i will encourage her to spend the 30$ on the man shes cheating on you with.

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White knight cuck

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30 and engaged.
and i dont wanna look at zoomer slut tits, ok faggot?
Not all of us wanna look at "woah tits" other women.
I dont wanna look at sluts when i browse biz.
i have my own wife.

if i knew where you lived i would come and shoot you in the head.

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Uh, so,

can we get more or what

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Fuck you buddy

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Ain't this that lil boy Jazz Jennings with the exploded chicken minge?

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How do I know I'm gonna get anything back? Post her asshole and I'll pay

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oh shit that is that tranny faggot isn’t it? Jesus Christ

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Sperg, pop a Xanax

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get off the board faggot

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Goddamn it, OP. More

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Too much waging can make a man crazy.

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