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Okay so let's assume that the planets collude and you end up making a couple of million from crypto. You invest them in boomer stocks and end up making $70,000/year passively. Big woop. That's like an average middle class salary in the developed world. There are literal doctors who make double that and they still get cucked by their wives and rejected by any young attractive woman. What chance is a basement-dwelling autist going to have? I'm telling you, none.

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It’s just about not having to work for another man and live your life by the artificial time frames (((society))) creates

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You pretend you are doing some high-tech work that pays you 70k a year with 1-2 hours daily input. I cashed out 150k when LINK went on coinbase (still got a nice stack left, sold barely half) and I got a gf shortly after.
They will think you are some 170+IQ genius and think if you make 70k a year with 1-3 hours (you just browse biz with closed doors - your work is kinda confidential!) she can just get you to work 12 hours and bring home 500k. Its pretty fun playing the normies saying you are a genius while you just sold some shitcoins. They all dream about how life would be if they could "do computer stuff from home for a decent wage" so everyone will be mad admiring.

Tell them you own crypto and got lucky you will just be "idiot lucky guy"

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Very high IQ

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>he fell for the "cuddling in bed" meme
Ok fella, roasties are over-rated liabilities. They require constant maintainence, with high running costs but the biggest killer is the time cost. Be smart, pay for sex and take off the rose tints

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Good shit. The greatest trick wealthy people pull is to imply that they are wealthy because they are super geniuses.

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>You invest them in boomer stocks
But I won't do this. I will buy the dip and ride the next crypto bull run (after shorting BTC on the way down with my profits). Or find whatever bubble is next.

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Yea I especially like that it justifies building cool battlestations/"work rooms" you else would not be able to justify. Once LINK goes to 100+ im going to build myself a 50k usd "for my high-tech work" battlestation and just watch VR porn on it. Everyone will admire how high-tech work I do from home since I need all that cool equipment. Meanwhile ill just market sell half my stack for a few million usd.

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1. First I will pay off my debt, greatly reducing my living expenses.
2. I’m a woman hoping for a traditional marriage where I stay home. My passive income serves the sole purpose of taking some pressure off my future husband so he can do what he wants, not working a soul crushing job (I’ve been there).
3. Until I meet him, I’m going to buy an RV and a dog and live minimally while traveling around North America. Basically practicing a life of low consumption for the future.

We’ll be OK :)

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Extremely based anon. What is an example of "high tech work" if you are asked for specifics which will inevitably happen?

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>travelling meme
Show bobs or fuck off, preferably the second one

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Pretty similar to what I do. My numbers are lower but my gf is a cabin town girl so shes not very into tech and she respects and leaves me along when it's business time in the office. I go in lock the door turn on some music in my headphones and buy and sell some crypto for a few hours (mostly under 0.001 shitcoins for fun) and enjoy the gains of a few things. After work she's usually horny from thinking about me making money and I spend some time enjoying her cabin town panty ass

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>claims to be female with vagina
>doesnt post tits with timestamp
one of the oldest rules on the site vagina so post tits or gtfo

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This is why you will always have trouble with women.

In before “I have a girlfriend.”

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does white knighting ever get you pussy?

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just ignore him anon he's a single mom raised nancy that thinks defending m'lady is what "real men do" and other retarded wont get him laid and only gets him a used up slut at 30 behaviors

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Im a woman. The one that guy was responding to (I deleted my other response because why bother?).

It seems like there’s a sub group on here that is always complaining about not having a girl and wondering why. Just trying to point out a possible reason.

I’m thankful for biz enlightening me about certain investments, but beyond that, this place is not for a woman to be.

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Fuck you roastie

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How exactly do planets collude?

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This. I have a 26 hour sleep cycle, a 9-5 schedule fucks me so bad

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>sub group

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>I got a gf
>my gf is a cabin town girl

please leave now

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why do u hate women?

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You fucking betas put too much importance on women. Holy shit no wonder u faggots get no pussy.

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You provide no value to society besides a womb to impregnate

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I'm 6'5 shredded with a good face. I can already fuck whatever I want. The problem is I can't wife any high IQ quality girls because I'm 25 with half a college degree and no job. They go to Ivy leagues and have their entire lives lined up. Money will solve this for me

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Welp, crypto's over. Time for me to move on.

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tits and timestamp or gtfo

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have you seen that picture without the pepe?

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I agree in a sense
I have a GF before making it
Its completely different skill set
Much easier actually, girls just want somebody to obsess over them
Dont be creepy
But if a girl shows interest
Hit her up everyday... just say good morning
They have a way easier time getting sex than us, so they dont really care about that
They have a way harder tike finding stability and relationships than us, so they like that
The thing is... after you nut you dont really like the girl as much... you dont want to deal with her shit anymore...
so ... just take your time... date.. to get your stroke game up and tk get your rocks off... but eventually ... find that girl that's exactly like you
They exist albeit rare
Me personally
As a 4chan guy
Tumblr girls are probably as close as your gonna get
Tumblr girls are based... comparatively

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The reason is always because of physical looks. Gtfo.

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