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Ask questions about Chainlink and let's if he/she shows up.

-When staking?

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fuckk off back to twitter faggot. And fuck the crypto oracle

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He's a black man. You can google his github

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He's a next level autist who's most likely a degenerate gambler that is so blind and stupid he doesn't see how retarded he is. I can almost guarantee someone this autistic has ZERO EQ, which doesn't matter if he has 5m link, he will never make it. Never go full autist bros, never.

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He uses a sheboon from a tranny movie for his avatar. Definitely a faggot with mutilated penis..

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how the fuck is he supposed to know when staking is, very unlikely he's an insider

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He’s pure cringe, not as bad as some of them but that’s not saying much. The irony of Nando et al bitching about the “community” and the memes is that they are far more repulsive than anything that stays here.
>be me, employee tasked with finding out ways to cut costs
>hmmm chainlink sounds interesting let be go see what people are saying on twitter
>emoji emoji emoji
>tumblr-tier gifs
> crypto oracle, @crypto____ (insert king, god, life, hustlr)
>fanboying and recognition hounding
>massive circlejerks of xrp-tier posting
“Ok fuck chainlink it’s twitter community looks like xrp’s but less get rich quick ghetto wannabes and single mothers, and more basement dwelling zoomers, I’ll tell my boss to go use something less cringy”

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By the EOY

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Just tweet him, retard.

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He justs reposts decent posts from here, none of the twitter fags know shit

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i unironically goto crypto___oracle when I want to see whats up on link twitter