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It's like 20 people replying to each other

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Noooooooo it's not true, this is still a vibrant community...

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good now we just need board-wide ids and we can become the face of 4chan for an entirely new era of retarded memes

"the 4chan company"

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/deadbiz/ is comfy as fuck, i don’t care. Only problem is the Australian deleting feels threads and race realism but leaving gay porn

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Australian janny. How did i accidentally an entire word?

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I’m the white dude from Toronto that unironically only buys /biz/ coins.

Was a LINK MARINE and still partially am, but sadly am mostly RLC now with a bit of XRP and XLM


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Remember 2017 when your post would disappear in a matter of minutes. Those were the good days.

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I hope LINK goes to $10+ before activity picks up so normalfags will be 100% priced out from making it.

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I was thinking the other the day that the only country besides New Zealand that could plausibly elect Jacinta Arden was canada. What do you think?

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Hi white male here, Asian gf. Also nat soc, buy bat if you have big pee pee.

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that site doesn't tell you the number op posters

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that site doesn't tell you the number posters

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True. When the rlc shills GTFO and the gravelcoin threads stopped flooding the board there were some QUALITY threads.

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I'm one of the feet posters

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>white dude
nice larp

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Sweden, easily. They are cucked beyond belief.

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>It's like 20 people replying to each other
and most are on this vid

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we early adopters