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>45% cautious virgin vs the all in 98% chad

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I never thought about it like that. I’m going all in now.

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98% in eth

more like 130% or something considering i have student loans and makerDAO loans invested too

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buy CHILIz.

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Wise decision fren

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98% chad here. Feeling good. Pretty sure I got good chance of making it because of that.

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80% of my net worth is chainlink

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ya dun goof'd.

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>not going all in on LINK

I do it partially to make easy money but also just simply for the thrill it is so much better making money when you risk everything, worst case scenario you just wagecuck for a few years again

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99% (no joke) of my networth is in chainlink and 50% of these stinkers are used as collateral for x3-x5 margin trades on shitcoins. good thing 3 years crypto made me so numb I sleep like a baby

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pic related

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180$ in bank account
585 link
22 years old

Yep it’s gamer time

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youre all a bunch of faggots, i have 140k link and i'm like 7k in debt

if youre not leveraged to buy link, youre a faggot, end of story

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Not all of us are poor like you.

>t. rich anon who has a larger stack with no leverage


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>$70k in bank
>$175k stocks/etfs
$250k LINK

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fix your life

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I took out loans to buy more link when I figured this out.

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I’m not at your level yet but I imagine I will be soon, it’s like gambling at a casino on crack dude, I don’t know why every fucking person on earth doesn’t just trade crypto/forex/stocks, it’s like a fucking money tree

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Are you the anon who post about taking a loan last year ?
In that case I want to thank you, as this made me do the same.
I only regret not taking out a bigger loan at that time.

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There is literally a Anon living on the street that is 100% invest in chainlink.

I bet he has like 100 link lol

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Any advice, I’m a community college dropout and I only make 10$ an hour, im thinking of getting a job bartending soon.

In no debt, but I don’t know if I have what it takes to succeed in school with my shitty math ability. Everything after algebra 2 fucked me up

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What if I have 700K sitting on the sideline? There’s a price point at which I could just invest what I have and make 60K a year and be set for life to NEET it up. Should I dump 300K of it into LINK? Seems risky as fuck.

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Just realized that confusing without demarcating dollars:

What if I have $700K? Should I dump it all into index funds and live off the returns or should I dump $300K into link to diversify? Seems retarded to risk that much money when you’ve basically already made it with the initial $700K. But link seems like such a surefire money shot... if I had 100K Linkies I’d be set for eternity

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Lol I bet ur neck hair, chest hair, beard, and back hair connect

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>But link seems like such a surefire money shot...
..why? Inb4 DYOR

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Imagine being this guy, asking why. Nobody tell him.

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Confirmed Pajeet scamcoin. Ain't holding your bags, can't even justify your shilling with a bad argument. Kek.

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3.7% all in Link here.
It was 0.7 one year ago.
Impressed desu.

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>Index funds

KEK what a retard.

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95% of my networth is chainlink and i couldn't be comfier

t.2years hodler

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600e in bank. 75k in Link

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your mother sir


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I'd say about 50% for me.

What are you holding, like 500 link or something? 95% net worth in a crypto token sounds like something a neet would do.

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t. daddy’s money

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diversify with some FTM, RVN and RLC

>> No.16106266

go on

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>$283k in chainlink
>$600 in bank account
>no savings, except $430 in my rent account
99.6% adamantium-handed chad here

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Incredibly based
What are your sell points?

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>data mining thread
No thanks jews.

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Probably like 85% of my net worth is in chainlink, and I feel calm as fuck. It's kinda nice being in a literal all or nothing situation, seeing as I was already planning to kms. If I happen to make a million dollars and party for a few years first, so be it.

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i used to have 30% chainlink 70% shitcoins
after chainlink rises and shitcoins fell
i now have 90% chainlink 10% shitcoins

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Yes sirs please buy link is good coin

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Bro that chain link can buy you 1.4 million in commercial real estate.

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>leveraging means you're poor.
Literally every millionaire leverages money to invest you retard.

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Dump that for RLC.
Thank me later virgin

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If you continue to research and appreciate the scale and timeframe of what's happening, you'll soon do whatever it takes.
I didn't make an OP about it but had a few conversations deep in breadcrumb threads last summer. Glad you took the risk anon, here's to seizing opportunities.

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I’ll sell a bit at $7.77 but the rest is $100+

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I’m aiming a little higher. This is quite seriously get rich or die trying.

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Wish I could find a trad waifu and do this to her face every morning and evening.

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>I have $47.26 in LINK

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Checked and based. Same brother that’s why they call us the marines

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Just paid rent this morning and haven't gotten paid yet:
>$73 in bank
>$55.6k in link
>99.87% networth in link

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I remember shopping at the super market and looking at 2$ bottles of milk when Link was 1 dollar and thinking
>"is that really worth 2000 USD?

Right now I just live off credit cards whilst I put all my pay into Chainlink.

Afterall who needs credit when your a billionaire :)

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>99% of my net worth in Chainlink

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We will make it brother.

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Based, you will also make it.

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Double kek, He is pleased at my sacrifice and has reaffirmed that we will, indeed, make it.

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Are you me

>> No.16107451

not allin.. ko kill yourself unterlinkie.

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Buy as much LINK as possible. Under achiever here but you need to spend everymoment getting as close to 10k LINK as possible.

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Not 100% in fucking basic bitch nigga.
You're not even a real marine.

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You are doing it wrong OP. Remember ETH, remember how you thought you should sell all your items and go all in? This is the same situation OP, you should unironically be 100% in Link. When it goes up some you can sell a third or so and still ride the moon on the "house's money". WAKE UP OP!!!! YOU SHOULD BE ALL IN BEFORE THE NEXT MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT COMING NOW!!!!!

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Some people tried to force it as /ourcoin/ back in 2017. They had a presentation at Sibos that was a total flop. Half a room, right next to the toilets. The coin is heavily manipulated. Sergey and team have been dumping 700k over and over on all of the bag holders. Some people have battered wife syndrome I think because they're weirdly emphatic about it. If you want a real project, look into Mobius or any of the other oracles with actual working products. Personally I take the advice of r/cc more than this shithole.

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>98% in Link
>Tfw only 10k stinkers

>> No.16107616

By now it fluctuates between 85% and 90%
Don't tell the taxma

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In going for 5k I’m one tenth of the way their but it’s only taken me 3 weeks since I live at home and I spend very little. Honestly fucked around a lot when I was younger and only recently have kicked it into gear

>> No.16107704

Pleb... I'm literally 98-99%, the rest is just my monthly rent and food money

>> No.16107741

>not 100%

>> No.16107747

Lmao I got all of my money in LINK too. I got a stack of 174k. At the moment I'm just being a NEET and stuyding philosophy (kek) while selling off linkies sometimes just to sustain myself. Pretty comfy not having to wage.

>> No.16107759

Same here bro! hahahahah
I don't care about 5k link more or less by next year. It's too comfy not having to wage. If link goes to $6 (which it will soon) I'm a millionaire already. kek. And my living expenses are about €15k/year

>> No.16107769

Gonna move that decimal point over
Yeah that's more likely

>> No.16107784

I know you're larping but I'm literally allin and studying philosophy. Have a presentation about Nikomachische Ethik due on next Wednesday.

>> No.16107807

Guys I swear I am not larping. I'm 22y old and I have been holding about two years already. Everytime I talk about my stack people don't believe me, it's pretty tiresome. I even made a thread once to talk about me and then I proved everything in that thread and explained the process of how I got to such a big stack etc.

You know what's fucking based I cash out like €3k so the authorities don't care and I can just cash out tax free lmao. Living life on the edge. Loving it. Crypto is what makes me feel alive. I got ASPD. Pretty funny my conversation with my shrink yesterday. We were talking about the joker. He then told met that I am the joker. Kek.

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Yea ok

>> No.16107823

I fucking swear every word of what I have said is true :p I am not kidding. Why would I make this shit up that would be boring for me too.

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You need to look into Centrality. Without a doubt a great way to diversify your holding. You won't be left disappointed

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all in chad here, no worries at all, ill be rich as fuck faggots

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100% in Crypto
make it or the rope, no in between

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Why go on the internet and lie?

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The hero we need but doesnt deserve

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I have 200 dollars in the bank and 8k chainlink

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does anyone remember Digibyte? I do
the same kind of shills with similar memes and speech manners and also spammed the board with their coin nonstop
does anyone remember how it all ended? I do

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About a year ago I moved to some godforsaken shithole town in the far, far north. It was for a program where I’d be teaching. For someone like me who majored in philosophy, it was a stepping stone to a real job. I’d pay my dues, spend two years up here building a resume, and move back south where I could teach at a high school.

Not the most glamorous job but it sure beats taking orders at starbucks. When I first arrived, I could not have been happier. For the first time in my life I had a place of my own. Even if it was a flimsy trailer on the outskirts of town, it was still mine. All I had was a suitcase, a small bust of Socrates, and my faithful pet dog Bandit.

But as you can imagine, there isn’t much of a social life out here. Especially as the days grow shorter and the night grows longer and longer until the sun disappears entirely for weeks. So I’d enjoy the luxury of an internet connection, and spend my spare time shitposting on /his/ and /lit/.

The program paid for my rent, so I suddenly found myself with some cash. And with nothing to really do, I decided to do the responsible thing and invest. I’ve never been good with money, so I figured I’d trust the experts.

That was when I first found /biz/: my own personal pandora’s box.

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Now when I say this town is out there… I mean it’s out there. The end of the earth. It’s barely accessible half the year.

The ground is permafrost so we can’t put pipes in – everyone here has to shit in a special bucket which is collected several times a week. The food is atrocious – and it’s even worse coming out the other end.

I first bought into crypto in March. I’d read about coins on /biz/, and I could have sworn I was some kind of King Midas. Every coin I selected would shoot up. My wealth doubled, the tripled, and by spring I had lost track.

I convinced myself that I really was living in the best of all possible worlds – there was no other explanation. It was like magic. I hitched a ride south one weekend and went on a shopping spree, buying up all the expensive wines I had lusted after back in university.

I called up my only living relative, my hag of a grandmother, to gloat about my success. I rubbed it in her face. Said I was the happiest man on the goddam planet. She disagreed:

“I doubt that. There’s a mongoloid down the hall from me who is the happiest man in the world. You should see his stupid face. Though I’m not supposed to say that nowadays, right?” I could hear her laughing to herself. She continued: “Life isn’t all about money. That kind of happiness is fleeting. Take it from an old broke bitch like me – without you here, I’ve never been happier!”

“Fuck you, you dumb cunt. I hope you rot in that cancer ward.” I said, and hung up. We never spoke again.

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100% into chainlink, I put 10K USD into chainlink at .44 and never looked back. It could go sub 1$ and I still wouldn't care, I'm just glad I know i'm onto something.

>> No.16110253

As the year ended, and I had to find something to do over the break. I had mentioned my investing success to a colleague, who recommended me to his friend. We’ll call that friend Joe.

Joe was a real salt of the earth guy. Huge. Smelled like shit. But not for lack of hygiene, it was a part of his job. He went around picking up everyone’s shit buckets. He needed help getting the company’s finances in order.

Of course I volunteered.

The work was… unexpected. As it turns out, Joe wanted me to do some money laundering. He and his buddies didn’t just take out the shit buckets, they also ran a smuggling ring. Some of them would poach protected animals. Others would sell opiates around town (what else are people going to do in this wasteland?). They heard about my knowledge of crypto and treated me like some kind of wizard.

Everything was great. But then the dip hit. My portfolio was in the red. I tried to trade again but the magic was gone. I read a few white papers and had considerable assets in coins that just melted away. I was also late on the XRB train and bought in at the top. But I refused to sell, as I didn’t want to succumb the “buy high sell low” /biz/ meme.

I even consulted a local native shaman. I asked her for trading advice. She took some coins out of my pocket and told me that if I challenged them, they would lose all value. Real mystical mumbo jumbo. But I thought – she must be referring to fiat money. The dollar will fall, but only if I challenge it.

>> No.16110265

I thought to myself: fate rewards the daring. Crypto would always beat Fiat in the end. Those bold enough to see that would win big. I started chain smoking and taking caffeine pills, staying up all night trading. There was a period at the beginning of December where I didn’t sleep for a week straight.

But I fucked up /biz/. Like Icarus I flew too close to the sun.

One day, at work, I fell asleep at my desk. My dog Bandit must have wandered off, because when I awoke, he was dead. One of the guys had accidentally ran him over. I was devastated.

I started to drink like I’d never drank before. I’d go through the thousands of dollars of expensive wines, binge drinking and trading and browsing /biz/. In early-January I had an idea: I would invest my company’s money. They had a lot of money. More than I could make in my lifetime if I kept teaching. XRP had been hitting new highs, and I thought it was a safe investment. I went all in.

Around that time I passed out at work after a particularly bad bender. I was also bleeding out my nose after snorting too many caffeine pills. I woke up in a hospital in a city far to the south. I was fine, but I’d been out for a few days. By the time my hospital stay was over, and I made it back north, it had been just shy of a week.

When I got back and checked my crypto portfolio, I vomited. It had plummeted. I came to my senses and convinced myself it was a temporary fluctuation. I spent my time resting and letting the market sort itself out – time in the market was better than timing the market, I told myself.

A few more days passed and I just couldn’t take it. The siren song of crypto was calling. I panic sold all of the XRP. I had lost an unimaginable amount of money.

I put it all into Bitcoin. But I had not hit rock bottom yet.

>> No.16110271

And then it happened. Joe demanded to see the finances. I didn’t see any other option – the guy is much stronger than me – so I showed him.

He and his buddies proceeded to tie me to a chair and beat the shit out of me. I lost several teeth, and broke my nose in a way where it will always be crooked. I don’t have insurance to fix either of these deformities. They also dumped several of the shit buckets on me, and held my head in a trough of sewage until I’d almost drowned.

Joe made me give up my teaching job and start working for them full time. He doesn’t trust me with the finances, so I have to drive around the truck and empty the shit buckets. I asked him how long it would take for me to pay off my debt.

His answer: forever.

So here I am, stuck in this freezing hell, forever. I can’t get the smell of shit off me. And this isn't nice grassy cow shit, this is the product of a diet of beef jerky, canned seafood, and booze. It’s in my hair, under my fingernails. I scrub and I scrub but it just won’t come off.

After leaving the teaching program I lost my trailer so I now sleep at work. I have a mattress I put out on the office floor at night, where I drink bottom shelf vodka and browse 4chan.

But I still have one ace up my sleeve. There’s one wallet they didn’t get to. It’s this really exciting coin that has flown under most people’s radar. I’ve read the white paper and everything. It’s called Digibyte (DGB), and it could just be my ticket out of here.

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Go back to school retard

>> No.16110329 [DELETED] 

How to get some free BTC

1 - simply go to bitcoin-generator dot online
2 - put your wallet address
3 - select how much Bitcoin you wanna receive
4 - click start, then confirm
5 - wait to complete the process
6 - Get your free BTC

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87K here. 100% in 11K fiat debt

>> No.16110900

>12 months test net
>4 months main net
>nobody can name a single dapp with users using Chainlink oracles in production
>Linkers: this is bullish!

>> No.16110929

That monkey is so sexy
The lips

>> No.16110985

or a guy that understand the potential and risks better than you, anon

>> No.16110998

Hey there guys,

I wish I could tell you everything I know but I can’t because you would never believe me.

So I shall just leave you with this:

Tomorrow is going to be the happiest day of your life. The 30th of October is going to be a day that your children’s children will celebrate as the day their grandfather liberated them from financial slavery.

Turn on your Twitter alerts and take a Valium because you’re going to need one to remain calm.

Good god I’m excited for you guys..

>> No.16111116

so a 22year old europoor put at least 30k EUR in a literal memcoin when he was a 20 yo broke student
...yeah right

>> No.16111342

Many of us took out loans

>> No.16111789

I'm fucking sick of all of you not believing me. When I hit 1 million I'm going to make a big thread on /biz/ just bragging about my life and laughing with all of you stinkers.

My dad killed himself when I was 18. I invested the inheritage (€15k) into eth 2016. It went up a lot and I cashed out to Vechain. That went up a lot and then I cashed it all out to LINK about two years ago. Have been holding since. Now sitting on $450k. I had no living costs during the whole period because my mom knew of nothing of my trading and she paid for my rent and food while I was studying getting my first degree (bachelor teacher). Now financially indepent and studying philosophy.

At the moment figuring out how I can actually gain some power in society. For that I am studying political philosophy. Gotta knew the system first before beating it. Or instead of beating it, becoming it. BECOMING THE JEW.

I am a sociopath and I am continually training in my language & body language skills (I write, play drama and study philosophy) LANGUAGE IS MY WEAPON; AND I WILL MANIPULATE AND TAKE OVER THIS WORLD HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHHA



>> No.16112364

I just put all of my NEETbux into chainlink every month.

>> No.16112543

>imagine trading your winning lotto ticket for a parking lot
real estate isn't as easy as you retards believe.
at best you're going to get boomer returns of 5% per year but most likely you will lose money

>> No.16113352

I’m thinking this is a larp

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>> No.16113563

please be respectful

>> No.16113580

Chainlink is 115% of my net worth

I went into debt to buy more link

>> No.16113581

>45% of my networth is chainlink
That's a rookie move anon. Do you want to make it or do you want to MAKE IT?

>> No.16114189

Chad reporting in. Almost $60k LINK. Sub $2k in the bank.

>> No.16114221

$70k in link and about 200k in fiat. I’m thinking about takin the plunge boys, tell me why or why not

>> No.16114225

if this is a larp kys

if this isn't a larp still kys

>> No.16114233

he fell for the meme

>> No.16114250

>I'm a sociopath
>I write drama(plays?) and study philosophy
If you're going to take the time to make this shitpost actually larp as a character who is a sociopath don't describe things a sociopath would never do or be capable of understanding.

>> No.16114317

98% in link, was the best decision of my life

>> No.16114480

I’m in a similar situation. Thing is I can’t really afford to lose the money so I’ll probably bitch out.

If I was just a normie working a job I’d do it without a second thought.

>> No.16114573

You’re an idiot. Sell now.

>> No.16114588

I’ll probably dick around til the price is too high too add significantly to my stack. We’ll probably both just have to wait longer to make it being stacklets

>> No.16114639
File: 4 KB, 107x97, 4F9C11DA-3586-4516-A936-79EAF923F6D6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

only 6k link gonna kms after reading this thread

>> No.16114655

You shouldn't need to ask. Throw 150-175k of your 200 into LINK though

>> No.16114656


May I give u some advice?

>> No.16114686

$20 in checking account
$3k credit card debt

>> No.16115129

Why are you faggots so god damn sure of everything

biz said the exact same thing about JNT and it failed and anons got btfo losing 95%
crypto itself could fucking fail regardless of link’s merits
or it could take 10 years by which point you have burned all of your reserves years ago and are having to wagecuck or sell your Linkies at a loss

>> No.16115130

Lol I lost and made back your entire stack on my second LINK swing stack

Where the fuck did all these sub 1k linklets on this board come from?

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