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If you got a job offer for 200k a year but it's in a shitty town in the middle of nowhere, would you take it?

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would you suck a dick for 10k?

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Why is it shitty and what is the nature like in this nowhere?

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is that suppose to be a downside? high paying jobs these days are in expensive cities like sf where all the money you earned is nullified by the fact that you live in sf.

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i got a job offer for 50k a year in a shitty country in the middle of the desert and I took it.

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I already suck them for free so yes

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That's literally my dream. I'd take a quarter of that to live in a flyover state than to make 200k living in a big city.

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where do I sign?

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Let's assume base cost of living is at $1500. Would you take 200k job with cost of living at 1000% increase or 100k with 250% increase.... hmmm.

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the only plus of living in a city is making more money (on paper). everything else is a meme

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short path to your food supply, different food, hookers, transportation

jeah just a meme bro

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cities and highly populated areas are degeneration zones

- shit food
- shit water
- high rates of radio magnetic frequencies ( cellphone towers, wifi etc etc
- high light polution
- no nature to heal in

The middle of nowhere is a healing place.
Don't be stupid.

take it.

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> short path to food supply
Lmao you can get it right from butchers in 10 minutes
> different food
Get a cookbook faggot
> hookers
> transportation
Takes 40 minutes to go 2 miles

Also most pertinently you forgot that cities are now filled with subhumans.

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>would you take a high paying job in a low cost of living area where you'll own a fuckton of land for peanuts and live the way god intended
gee i wonder

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Do I get high speed fiber internet?
Air-conditioning and heating?
Uninterrupted electricity and clean water lines?
Nearby supermarket or grocery store?

That's all I need really.
Would probably spend like less than $20k annually in living expenses (just like I already do right now).

That gives me $100k in Bitcoin and $80k on traditional retirement investments annually.

Would probably be retired in like half a decade, a decade tops.

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Yep. Work for a year. Live in my car or the cheapest possible apartment. Buy a house after a year and live off a low stress part time job until death. My mental health when I'm working 50 hours versus 25 hours is drastically different. 20-25 I'm just naturally happy.

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Nigga I have a 200k offer but I'm in fucking New Jersey...............

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100% yes, that would make it even better.

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That's still decent nigga stop bitching. I make $50k in the NYC area

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Literally cares about the town he lives in... Never going to make it...

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define shitty? like small town where nothing ever happens? or like small town where your neighbors are on meth and fuck their own kids?

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yes you moron. take the job, relocate with new skills in a year or two if you dont like it. your upward mobility is the most improtant thhing if you want to game the wage cage

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The army?

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Depends if I have relevant contacts in my current city.

They valuable in the future. Being rootless isn't a good idea.

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only vacuous normies care too much about "muh city life experiance"

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With this slut in town yes!

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cities are overrated

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Arent jobs like this kind of available in the middle of the country?

i think they have some attractive deals

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Don’t do it

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Depends on what it entails and the hours.

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Suck mine pls. I’m so hard rn

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Cities are a fucking nightmare, what's the downside here. Only reason people live in cities is because its where the jobs are.

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depends on how shitty the town is and how pleasant the job is

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the world isn't particularly interested to know that your salaries are 10x higher than everywhere else, annoying niche burgers thread

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Better gyms and more accessibility to hobbies and entertainment. More shit to do. Good luck finding anything decent regarding sports, martial arts, etc outside of cities.
More likelihood of meeting people with the same interests as you
More women. Dating apps only really work in bigger cities. More events and places to meet women as well.
More opportunity in general (jobs, education, etc) if you're a young and ambitious guy.
Free estrogen in the water supply
More wagies to laugh at as life goes by.

What's not to like?

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army contractor

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id take 200k in a rural town over 400k in a city

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Without hesitation.
The 200k would just be the cherry on top.

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Found the martial arts faggot.
Been looking for you.

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>muh hobbies and entertainment
>muh dating apps
spoken like a true city dwelling bug man lmao Im comfy here in my small village in the middle of nowhere, friendly people, no shitskins, top notch food and local produce, plenty of sportsclub here and in the surrounding villages. enjoy getting mugged by negros and please stay in the city we are full

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City rats.

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What can I say man, I just love the hustle and bustle of the big city. You don't have to live anywhere near niggers if you make enough. Think that when I say city I don't mean any of these MegaCities full of drug addicts and crime. Any city with a population in the low six figures is generally more than enough.

Living in bumfuck nowhere only works if you're very well established there (plenty of friends, very good job there, etc) or if your only aspiration is to be a neet and live life through a computer screen. I lost so many years of my early adulthood because I was stuck in a shithole with little opportunities. I'd rather get all the downsides of city living but get skills and improve financially and move later to the outskirts or a smaller town than stay all my life in the middle of nowhere and miss out on so much.

come 1v1 me faggot

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>Get payed to live in a quiet rural town where you can find a qt virgin, dont need t live in a shithole multicultural city raped by rent and traffic

sounds fucking great

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>What can I say man, I just love the hustle and bustle of the big city.

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OP is a dumbazz

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>low cost of living
>white rural America
dear God yes. Worst issue would be heroine/meth dealers trying to prey on depressed people. Get into local government and get as much federal grants as you can to vamp up your police and skullfuck the dealers.

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If the trucks cant get through the distance to your food supply will rapidly increase. There's a formula to calculate it based on the square of the number of niggers currently rioting but I was never good at math.

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I'd do it for 40k

Someone please gib me a job

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No because I make $260k/yr in Manhattan

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If you make $260k instead of $80k and your rent is $4k instead of $1k then don't you still come out ahead?

It's NYC (city PLUS state) vs southern state taxes that kill me. But it's the price I pay to have fun in an active city while I'm young. I don't plan to live here forever.

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The idea is this:
If your expenses are 90% of your pay in the middle of nowhere and they're still 90% in an expensive place, then you'll still save more money and thus come out ahead in the more expensive place, because saving 10% of $200k is better than saving 10% of $80k.

It's even better if you're saving 30-50%.

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Implying that cities aren't the shittiest places to be. Only people with NPD love cities.

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What's the dollar amount that you can place on your life?

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Actually this is not true.

There are high paying jobs in small rural towns that require skilled labor, and yes, they are dull as fuck towns and really far away from everything

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>- shit food
The exact the opposite. All the best restaurants are in cities. If you move to a city, you’ll think all the restaurants you used to like are shit by comparison
>- shit water
Literally every county in the top 10 for clean water is a city
>- high rates of radio magnetic frequencies ( cellphone towers, wifi etc etc
K Schizo
>- high light polution
Tfw “you can’t even see stars” is an argument
>- no nature to heal in
Better hospitals to actually heal in you hippy faggot

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You have to have no life if you need to get paid to have no life

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YES! My money would go so much father in bumfuck egypt. Sign me up!

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I was raised in the middle of nowhere. I hated it and moved to a city at 19. The reason why I hated it was because it offered nothing to an 18 year old except vastly increased difficulty. No transport, no opportunity, little choice/variety across an inevitably high cost of living, no easy exposure to anything interesting, fun, entertaining etc.

In a city you don't always need transport, you can access a lot of jobs and opportunities, at least there is a variety in potential cost of living. It worked really well for me for a time.

I'm not stupid enough to say that I always know it all and that my current mind is basically the only way I will ever be, but the countryside didn't work for me and eventually the city didn't work either. I live in ... don't want to call it suburbia, it is a village that has started to be absorbed into the edge of the city, it was a village before there was a city, it isn't just residential, but I guess that the city is now so important that it might as well just be a place to live.

This too has worked for me for a time as I've needed extra space, a garden etc room for projects and hobbies as I've been more invested in the home rather than going out.

Even now though I am outgrowing that. I want to get back to a rural location. Because I've got resources now. The city is horrible for me at this point in my life. I rarely interact with it unless I have to.

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Dont forget taxes you stupid nigger.

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So 200k a year but in an area where a middle-class house comes in at something like $160k and has an acre or so of property that goes with it instead of costing $800k-$1.2mm with no yard?

That's almost a no-brainer if you're a salary chaser.

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