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got fired yesterday for calling out a tranny coworker. Basically the creature tried to banter me saying why I don’t ever talk or mention if I have a life or gf and I just plainly said “there’s always the rope” and walked away. When the day ended I was called into my managers office where he fired me for coworker abuse, harassment and bigotry - his words. Luckily i get EI but I suspect I won’t get severance, need to call in about that. Thoughts about losing my $60k year office job?

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Lol 60k a year office job
You’re not losing anything important

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>i would rather flaunt my power level than have 60 large

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Curious about what the tranny was probing you about exactly? That you dont talk about your personal life at work?

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Could've fuck with the tranny by confabulating a life and mixing your stories constantly

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I would have said I was talking about myself so if you fire me you're saying fired for refering to my private life and also called out his defending a tranny when IT was clearly harassing you and mocking your life. Sounds like a comfy to be lawsuit settlement

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>Implying normies would know what “there’s always the rope” means
bad LARP, mi amigo

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>I just plainly said “there’s always the rope” and walked away
man why you gotta be THAT autistic

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the tranny was bantering, why don’t you talk anon? Why don’t you tell everybody about what you do outside the office? Do you have a gf? in rapid succession and my comment could be taken as a half way of it killing itself or me killing my self since I don’t have a gf or a life really. But yea I’m not taking shit from a fucking tranny so I don’t care, I’m not devastated. It’s just surreal how the west has fallen. I’m looking to move out to Eastern Europe.

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you know those are demons the bible talks about
this nonsense clownworld is going to create hard times as society's functions degrade
I don't see a point in saving anything in clown world so I welcome it

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Quiet Jew, people are talking.

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This is Canada bro.

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>participate in alt-right virtue signalling
>get called out on it
>come to 4chan to whine about how oppressed you are
/pol/fags are just SJWs. victim complex faggots who use grand social conspiracies to explain the simple fact they can't function in society because they're socially retarded

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>my comment could be taken as a half way of it killing itself or me killing my self
Haha I love it. Anon thinks he's mister subtle wordplay and gets absolutely blown the fuck out.

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Your reply was autistic but the fact that there was a tranny working there in the first place was a huge red flag. Better to get the fuck out of there regardless.

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there is more to your story than youre telling us. what did you really say to the tranny?

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he said exactly what he said but he actually screamed it off the top of his lungs

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Baste and indeed redpilled.

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you understand this faggot was into you right?

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this, why didn’t you just fuck him in the bussy op

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>getting banted on by a tranny

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It looked like a dude in drag. Fuck off faggots.

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getting 5k a month isnt so easy in some places, but I guess most areas with trannies pay well

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so you offered to suck him off in the office toilet and you got fired for sexually harassing degenerates? and now you're complaining?

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ah carry on then, I was imagining a petite 5’ feminine trap with cat ears

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/pol/ was my home board years ago but all the refugees there now get triggered easier than actual sjws of the tumblr days

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>people are talking.
all I see is OP crying that he's an autist
"there's always the rope" is not even a good comeback

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>a tranny bullies you and gets you fired for bulling

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>This is Canada bro.
>as for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them

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Just wait til Orange Moron gets thrown out. The place will be like an Asylum full of Chimpanzees on crack.

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there's always the rake

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>there's always the rake
we're going to need more than a rake
a fumigation is in order
too many creatures lurking in the shadows of our body politik, they've paid off the talking heads on the moving picture box to run interference for them and cover up for their crimes

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>they've paid off the talking heads on the moving picture box to run interference for them and cover up for their crimes

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when you're the one printing the money
you can buy anyone out

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OP don't forget to use your sick weeks in EI. Every 2nd or 3rd claim say you were sick/injured monday to friday for one week. You don’t need a doctors note for 5 days or less and it bumps your claim a week. You get 15 weeks of sick time to use

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notice how Scheer didn't bring up any of this during his (((opposition)))
want to know why?
because he works for the same people
>hint: we all work for the money printers

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Justin legalized it duuude. Cut my man some slack broo

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and the shrunken heads parade through town and even pay for the (((privilege)))
>pic related

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>Justin legalized it duuude
mfw 360 noscope headshot 420 blazeit faggot
>pic related
>filename related

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>pic related

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Duuude just chill and hit this grass brooo

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The USA needs to leave cuba alone
Viva la revolution
Son of Castro is the leader we need to take us into a communist utopia

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>Duuude just chill and hit this grass brooo
we're (((scientists))) bro
just trust us
we're the priestly class that has exclusive access to reality
who needs God when you have us!?
who needs God when you have the state!?
who needs God when you have bureaucracy!?

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>who needs God when you have us!?
>who needs God when you have the state!?
>who needs God when you have democracy!?(demon-crazy)

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Ok schizo
Canada has free mental health care for you if you ever decide to use it and get help

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Tell them the joke was actually about you being suicidal, and accuse the tranny of being inconsiderate about it. Threaten to sue the company for discrimination and unlawful grounds for firing you.

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>Canada has free mental health care
(((free mental health care)))
look how well it worked out for pic related
>ex military
>on a diet of psychotropic drugs
>weird (((incel))) rant that reads like t was written by CSIS

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>get help
the most dangerous thing you can hear is:
"I'm from the government, and I'm here to help"

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Like this?

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would suck & fuck

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Say you were referring to committing suicide yourself because you don't have a life or gf and contact an attorney. Say you're even more suicidal after getting fired after getting bullied and suffering from it

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Canadian sex cults are (((schizo)))
there's a reason it isn't reported in the news

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No anon you just have actual autism, hopefully you dont breed

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>It’s just surreal how the west has fallen
spare change for a $10?
>pic related

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why not degrade the currency, the money's fake anyways
why not devalue your productivity for their benefit
this way you can buy people for cheap

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At least you lost your job. We are all human beings first and foremost. Learn this.

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>Justin CASTRO

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Normie here (formerly autistic shut in teenager).

While I understand that you don't like when others peek into your lonely life, I believe you coworker may have been motivated by genuinely good intentions. Maybe he (she?) was just trying to know more about you. Maybe you look like an interesting guy and, when you talk, you usually say smart things. Sometimes society demands interesting people to participate more often in social situations so that everyone benefit from their unique insight.

Just a few thoughts.

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*human beans and crossdressed fetish sexdolls

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My workplace is infested with leftists and gender neutrality as well as the dogma that comes with it. For those reasons, I keep my personal life to myself for the most part as well. Fuck that job, anon. I wish you best of luck in finding a qt 3.14 wherever you may land.

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>trans person reaches out to office autist
>autist tells them to commit suicide
>"I don't know, you guys really think I should tell HR? He might lose his job."
>"Fuck him. Literally everyone here hates him."

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Should just have replied "because it's none of your business" desu.

I don't believe you just got fired for that either.

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OP's face when he actually got fired

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Hire a lawyer and sue for unfair termination because of your mental condition.

The tranny would.

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>there’s always the rope
>coworker abuse, harassment and bigotry
How are these two correlated? His questions about your personal life were just as inappropriate. If you haven't said anything more than that, then look for opportunities to sue the shit out of them.

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All you can do is say the truth teller is crazy. Nice try glownigger

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I think you're in high school. adults don't do this.

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Didn't even read any of it, just saw 15 posts in a row about political leaf shit. Don't care

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oddly enough, I've never seen an employed trannie

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>Basically the creature tried to banter me saying why I don’t ever talk or mention if I have a life or gf and I just plainly said “there’s always the rope”
You have autism

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Wow, I get annoyed when people I don't want to talk to me talk to me, but you just went full spurglord on them.

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Someone has to keep track of the grifters (also known as bureaucrats)
Not like the leaf media is doing their job

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