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>he sold the dip

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What’s bear Brussels? La Hulpe

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Actual futures contract w/ Google. And nubizlets are chasing the RLC PnD.

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Alphabet is the parent company now. Google itself is worth far less than you think. This news is that good, so don’t expect any pumps

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This is great

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>google hq yes sir nice partnership sir

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Derivatives by EOY. Just like Sergey said.

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Gravel shills out in full force again I see.

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Alphabet has always been the operating company for Google you fucking moron.

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Let's be honest, nobody was actually stupid enough to fall for that atrocious shilling campaign

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Strap in boys... it’s happening this year

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This is the build-up to the upcoming crescendo. Do you hear it? The symphony in the crackling flames of the alchemic fire? The flames are about to roar with the most magnificent intensity, and when they do, I will cast myself into them and be remade. Don't delay or be frightened by them, my fellow linkers, be prepared for them to swallow you whole, whether you or willing to give yourself over to their recreative power or not.

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In Belgium everything is near Brussels.

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We made it

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>trying to pump LINK in 2019

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The dopamine release was small and lasted about 2 minutes. Thank you.

based alchemy poster

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Can you imagine if chainlink operates even just a quarter of the derivatives market?

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I wonder if AssBlaster will attend

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ahahah Sergey trying to connect to wifi

simpler times

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Good thing we're talking about Google, not Swift.

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Anyone can book a room at google HQ. This coin is literally dumping rn.

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>muh "Google isn't actually working with chainlink"

Apologize you no-linker cucks

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>can't even book a meetup in the US AHAHAHAHAHA STINKIES BTFO YET AGAIN MY SIDES

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US citizens can’t hold linkpool

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Don't tell Google but we do anyways.

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It will "operate" all of them. Non smart contract based derivatives trading will be completely uncompetitive once smart contract derivs are up and running.

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holy mother of all gods and goddesses nd lesser entities.

Now, for the communication from google

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he wasn't lying niggers shit

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kek fudders btfo

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>derivatives implemented using Google big Query + chinlink
Never saw that coming. Just brilliant

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we already have it, fren
look more carefully

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>data source: Google
>data connector: Chainlink (as endorsed by Google)
>data use case: financial instruments like futures

Normies are going to lap this shit up.

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The problem with LINK is that they constantly announce partnership but no real usage. This turns actual news into diminshing returns on price, eventually anything except actual adoption will only serve to lower the price. We might already be enterting that phase.

more news about partnerships, collabs, but no real usage = dimishing returns first, then tanking the price as continues news with no product = scam

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It's not difficult to spot a shiny rock amongst dog turds.

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based alchemy poster. I prefer this so much more than WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER, I can't stand the caps lop screaming bullshit

to put it another way, based alchemy poster/posts

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>no product = scam
You don't know what the word scam means. Not that it is even relevant in this stupid context, but they do have a functional product. Also, nobody with half a brain gives a shit about short term price movement. The price will come with usage.

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>they fell for the gRaVeL fud

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fud time is over

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this this link is scam scam big scam do not buy it

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>Fourcast is a Google Cloud premium partner focused on enabling people to collaborate & communicate better using Google Cloud solutions. They will be represented by Niels Buekers, co-founder and Head of Cloud Services at Fourcast.

Seems that there will be no communication from google about this, which makes this a meetup about ideamongering about Chainlink. Not as major.

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LINKBTC on the rise!

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Gravel is very important

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Can anyone enter these? I actually live in brussels

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is that a giant dipping his hand into a huge pile of normal-sized gravel, or is it just a normal guy doing the same to a small patch of very little bits of gravel?

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Chainlink will go to 100 per coin eoy

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One might say you sprouted from Brussels

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Reddit is that way >>>

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Just bought back in when pump

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i wonderhow much money these scammers are paying google for this shit. pretty pathetic of google to participate in this shit

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>”Sirs you have to listen to me, Chainlink $1000 EOY, Buy now my dear.”

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eat shit nigger

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still possible to buy into linkpool or no?

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>Wait for October.
>Wait for November
>Wait for December
>Wait for January
>Wait for February
>Wait for March
>Wait for April
>Wait for May
>Wait for June
>Wait for July
>Wait for August
>Wait for September
>Wait for October
>Wait for November
>Wait for December

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First one.

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yes im the one coping. Me the one is pointing out that this has taken six years and 32 million. Yeah you got me. I'm the one deluded

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Poomp it

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guess you probably shouldn't buy any then. Glad we got that sorted out

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holy shit

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>December 18
that’s a month and a half away, I assume we’ll be seeing more news about derivatives contracts in the coming weeks?

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Thank you king, very powerful endorsement

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>things that affect the entire infrastructure of society take time and money to implement

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>six years

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Now thats stinky 1000 EOY

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>entire infrastructure of society

Zoom zoom, zoomer

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Hopefully, or I'll kms. Hackathon pocs are due tomorrow, so maybe Friday we will finally see some actual uses.

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yep, and every delusional linktard who held since early 2018 beat the entire market and has seen up to a 1600% ROI. BTFO!

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Delet this tread now

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>Brussels sprouts coin
Ohnonono hahaha

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>Can you imagine if chainlink operates even just a quarter of the derivatives market?

yeah they're just gonna throw a quarter of it onto this new unproven technology

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sauce. i need to coom.

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With the google co-sign they’ll easily capture 1%. Which lucky for us is already 2-3k status per Chainlink.

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Death to swingies/nolinkers

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>six years

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the only acceptable pajeet desu

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Is mr. meater attending?

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Gravel coin will eat market

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It's disappointing in the normal pics imo. Ps and angles are a bitch.

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Why do white women love fucking dogs so much?

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>With the google co-sign they’ll easily capture 1%. Which lucky for us is already 2-3k status per Chainlink.

i have coomed.

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See the us is yesterday’s jews

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>holding dog's paw under her pussy
Disgusting roastie

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U mad whyteboi?

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White men became based and learned to say buck a fitch

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It's Sergey reaching for Big Macs

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>this dog gets more pussy than you

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Seems like a lot since it's more than a third of your life, doesn't it? Fucking impatient spastic go eat tidepods.

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Extremely based

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I'm actually thinking about it. I don't know if it will ever hit $2.80+ again and I think the recent news with the startups hurt it. omega kek

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top kek

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Si señor es muy bueno!

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because it's amazing

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this is some shit a fucking 12 year old posts thinking they're geniuses for figuring this out

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wtf are you talking about you filthy nigger it has been just over 2 years

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>He bought ze dip?

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Which of the 19 localities? Etterbeek & woluwe-Saint-Lambert here

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Remember the yellow tangerine.

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>Sending Johann
Oh no, dump incoming

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Oh, a IT person certified in Google tech. Not Google employee.

It's just tinkering like anyone here could do. Nothing official or implying a final implementation of derivative. Fake hype material

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This guy is a major cuck

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Checked doubtfulfag

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If you say so bro
See you on the shores in 5 years while we is kings in yats (rich botes)

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>implying I don't have a top 40 wallet
silence cuck

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Fuck yes can't wait to hear about horse rimming and zee oracles in December it's like an early Christmas present

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> No existing relationship with swift
Hmm time to move on I guess

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What the fuck is going on in this thread?

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>Identify, negotiate and sign deals with new partners ranging from emerging startups to multi-billion dollar
Your missing the bigger picture doubtfulNoLINKER

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Google is unfuddable, tranny

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> Bigger wins
Lota big words there we're but simple shit posters here. What is it about?

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Infinite Keks by David Foster Wallace

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how big do you think gravel is?

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this, its turning into every other shitcoin. e.g., vechain ("muh walmart"!), while the token price dumps to oblivion.

>> No.16092652

every other hypecoin had those % returns and then some in 2017 (besides link). and of course no one sold, just how linkies will ride their stinky token into the dirt. same shit different year. aren't biztards supposed to be smart? their pattern recognition (and IQ) is demonstrably bottom tier

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>horse rimming

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>The problem with LINK is that they constantly announce partnership but no real usage.
>some faggot says in response
>to an announcement of real usage
>rather than a partnership
You look so stupid right now.

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Google is hosting the talk. It’s like Sibos hosted the space.
My emo band plays at the knights of Columbus that doesn’t mean the city of Columbus sponsors my band.

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Google is actively working with Chainlink though. This is an ongoing relationship that has been confirmed to be ongoing from both sides. You retards can stop the "fake partnership" fud

>> No.16093051

I know I was just being silly.

>> No.16093096

>chainlink is only doing bull market returns during a bear market dumb linky!!!!
How do you COPE at night?

>> No.16093211

Yes they can faggot. They just couldn't invest in the presale.

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Replying to the pic.
>it depends entirely on the marjet cap of linkpool vs the market cap of link. If you think the first company producing train tracks are going to be more valuable than the only company that will use them you are sadly mistaken.

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ive been trying to tell them this but they keep saying "drns"

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You are a MANIAC

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w-what a-about s-sergey....?

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where/how? all I saw when I looked around was that us ownership was a no-no. Why did they block Americans anyway

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this is based af. and unprecedented. people dont understand.

i always go back to the email vs. hand-written letter example, or the excel, vs manual spreadsheet accounting.

those changes will happen because of the disruptive technology.

the cost of adoption is zero, but the cost of non-adoption is going broke that same week.

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motherfucking digits

>> No.16094965

underrated gets in this thread

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Top kek