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>low volume pump
>suddenly 3 days of constant coordinated shill spam by iExec pajeets
>same pajeets fud LINK relentlessly to garner attention to themselves

This is the most aggressive and low quality raid /biz/ has had since the EVE raid a few months ago or the BSV raid last November.
What group is behind this and where are they coordinating?

For example, the pajeet squad have a shooper who churns out material constantly. Half of their memes are targeting LINK.
They spam them but they all have the same filename scheme, see:
>>16086952 44CE182D-0C64-4ADE-8142-65B48090C23F.png
>>16087387 47D220D4-A149-4F34-A234-1996A7B83756.jpg
>>16087207 8F0F087D-D47C-4B66-B77F-2CFE33FE9C99.jpg
>>16087309 96BE0DEF-50E5-45BB-837E-88D39E7BC5FF.jpg

This street needs to be sweeped, the stench is unbearable.

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>slide it
Bump to spite these brigading faggots.

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Same filename scheme? Are you fucking retarded? This is how an image saved on an iPhone gets named. Jesus fucking Christ.

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Low IQ fuck.

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There's no point Anon, the wave of newbies post 13k will have to learn the hard way like we did.

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>the pajeets blatantly spamming RLC are fucking iphone posters
Just a funny coincidence in this very natural, organic pattern of posts. Painfully choke to death on your curry.

Poor newfags, imagine falling for this or fucking UDOO. So it shall be but the mass of spam is annoying. They're harassing LINK related people like fernando on twitter too.

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FOMO is over, Gilles is dumping to get more trannies.

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Back to work gravel nigger

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credit where credit is due I guess, the iexec shills are dedicated lmao

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More like lifeless neet faggots

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those who shill iex are really bored linkmarines having fun shilling a terrible coin

but really linkmarines are bored digimarines having fun shilling a terrible token

and the true digimarines dont hold any digi but really pooled their money and started a gravel quarry

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Idk why they keep coming back to biz, there's no way anyone here falls for this shit.

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There's an obvious pump and dump campaign going on with RLC but that doesn't mean you can't profit from it.

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Pajeets don't have the money to have Iphone, they all have poorfags brands like Xiaomi.