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Get ready to buy!!!

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Fuck yeah. I got a loan that hasn't cleared yet.

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Massive stop losses about to be triggered. You have no clue what you are talking about. Stop trying to get nolinkers to pump your bags. No one cares about your russian pump and dump meme

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Buying the RLC dip sorry

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>paycheck doesn’t come til Friday

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This and unironically.
Where should I set my long?

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I’m going to profit off RLC a bit longer... perhaps I’ll buy back in at $2.10 or something.

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What's rlc tho?

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why would i buy an asset that cant perform? gravel kek

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when did your paid shill shift start?

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Chainlink has zero true Fortune 500 partnerships.
If one can call it partnership, the biggest to date has simply been Oracle and Google allowing clients to use Chainlink as a tool provider.
This is akin to making a Chrome extension and calling it "Google partnership" or perhaps getting listed in the AppStore and claiming "Apple Partnership"

Sergey Nazarov Experience:
Sergey created Secure Asset Exchange. Less than 1 year later it shutdown with virtually no clients:
See: https://trade.secureae.com/
Archive History: https://web.archive.org/web/20160801000000*/https://trade.secureae.com/

His other startup "CryptoMail" never made it to public beta before it closed down.

This is their list of confirmed partnerships to date. Notice something? No true Fortune 500. They're all small time partnerships with crypto companies.

Everyone loves memes but sooner or later, fundamentals rule.
Remember Pepe Cash? It was worth $96,000,000 USD at one point. Now it's worth less than $4M.

The team constantly dumps LINK tokens on new 4chan bagholders:
"According to etherscan data there have been 14 chunks of 700,000 Link sellings for a total of 9.8 million links so far, or an estimated $30 million."
"For some 40 days Chainlink seems to have been selling, by going through a small chain of addresses to end on Binance, this huge amount of funds."

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I am a god at entering Link. I will tell you when to buy. Look for my trip

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meanwhile btc and eth are also down

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This shit is gonna tank.
>Massive Stop losses at $2.53.
Whales will target these SL's and then tank the price to sub $2. Whales have had their fun. What do you think that the pump was to $3 before the announcement? Whales are exiting their positions as we speak at this premium. $2.50 is coming. You honestly thought that price action was completely normal? About as organic as a McDonald's Chicken nugget. You fucks are going to be taught a very expensive lesson. Blatant insider trading....
Notice the sell off after the pump to $3 just before the anouncement? Fernando or someone at Oracle or someone within ChainLInk core team is fucking with you. If they are fucking with you it also means the whales are.

If whales are fucking with you then the CL team is fucking you as well. The fucking symbiotic parasitic relationship between the two is well known. I hope you sold anons.

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Is it about to dump or pump back up?
It's pending...

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either way is a win
buy more
kek @ nolinkers

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How can I make 300$?
I have 750$

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when did your paid shill shift start?

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based. gravelshit rlc fudders GET THE ROPE

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>paid fud starts their shift


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I need money...
Here's a pic for attention..

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No thanks lol

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fuck if i knew how to get paid in link i absolutely fucking would buddy
im just a working stiff with a small stack of link trying to make it, chief

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Its crashng. Get out. Buy at 5am Pacific time

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You need to buy ALGO whilst it's cheap and stake it while you can. Secure future side-income now!!!

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Third worders are still priced out. Why are Link holders so rich and racist? If you are not fudding Link 24/7 you are literally Hitler

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I know where you work nigga

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Where then? Say it