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They are imploding internally over this one. I wish I could post screenshots but there is no way to do it without them doxing me.
Essentially this is one of their biggest and oldest plays. They have been manipulating this for years and between the core members the accumulation is insane.
They are tearing each other apart now as the market has had zero reaction to their pumps, volume has completely flatlined and they cannot sustain the buys on their own.

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ah yes, the four college dropouts who manipulate the entire crypto market. tell me more.

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>I wish I could post screenshots but there is no way to do it without them doxing me

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>there is no way to do it without them doxing me.
Telegram or discord? Take screenshots and fully black out any timestamps and make sure you appear offline when you take the caps. Help save this board from this raiding cancer and deliver. Any proof will help.

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Ah yes the coin I have been shilling relentlessly for 2 years is all of a sudden "being pumped" by a 10 man team of incels in their mother's basements.


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It's not that fucking hard just dont buy rlc

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Hi, one of the core supporter's here. I appreciate the meme and attempt to make people sell. However, I'm afraid you will fail miserably at doing so.

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So you're responsible for the 100+threads for the last 24 hours. I believe it
It's not about buying RLC or not. It's about exposing those scammers.

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Nope. I am however responsible for many informational posts over the last 2 years. I am the original RLCbro.

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This reeks of gravel

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gravel retard detected. post screenshot faggot. there is no way that you can be doxed unless they send personal emails. now get the fuck out of this board you salty low iq slav subhuman link holding piec of shit

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It's not about you. It has come to many people's attention that the board is raided by shills (as if we didn't have enough of those already) they . Since Jannies are in many pockets they have no incentive doing more than the minimum, so it's time for some of us autists to make this board shit again.
Enjoy your gains m8

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>gravel fag complaining about shills

This is about as ironic as it gets. Fuck off fagggot.

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This. Filthy Gravel cope.

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Post hand Prasath

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Did you 12 yrs old cousin get burned buying rlc?

Coins doing what rlc wants to do have existed forever and they've always been trash because the only useful application for distributed computation is folding proteins

If you buy rlc you are a retard, put your energy into educating people instead of fighting with customer support

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iExec does much more than computing low energy retard. for instance they have oracles superior to link

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Hi RLCBro, RLCPimp here, do you remember me?

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I have no idea what RLC does. I'm trying to show what spineless cowards these shills are. You're right about fighting with customer support/ marketing teams but it's fun to see the EXACT SAME answers on different shitcoins.

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No they dont. Show me an exec Oracle in use, and then tell me why it's any better than chainlinks implementation. I dont hold chainlink.

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Hey what's up my dude. Many gains ahead :D

I never left. I just lurked for a while. Funny seeing RLC get a lot of attention finally.

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you hold shitstink gravel faggot that is why you fud RLC. iExec oracles are better because shitstink, had to use TCF developed by iExec to even have attested oracles.

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It is all post key exchange tor message boards , we PGP exchange on clearnet but the rest of it is decoding blobs in a loop with a specific array seperators for your section.
Not only do different tier users get different data but every user is watermarked in an unknown way in the messages.
It is all setup from the ground up to make it impossible to talk about. The entry fee is not just my name it is a good chunk of BTC and other more sensitive shit. It is blood in blood out, this is not some telegram group of jeets.

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60k RLChad reporting for duty here with my make it stack.

Keep using 4chins slogans incorrectly pajeet
RLC/ iExec wins Chinese blockchain award.

RLC/ iExec shown on Chinese state media television

RLC iExec has set up offices in Chinese version of Silicon Valley

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> i have no idead what iexec does.
> its everyones fault
proceeds to shill link with $1000 eoy memes in the next thread.
how about you do some reading instead fucking your diseased asshole with monster dildos.

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Meanwhile, in reality, RLC has DOUBLED since bought at 0.30 cents. While LINK has had marginal gains for months.

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They're both trash. I hold neither. The only thing their oracles are attempting to do is validate price feeds. That's basically useless.

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Fundamentals look gr8 m8 no b8 pls dont h8

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what do you hold then? what is your vested interest to create shit tier fud?

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first spike is binance listing sanjeet.
we are 45 days away from v4 and there is still a lot of way to go up + actual usage from edf and sidechain staking post v4. fuck off now kranhay

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I'm just sick of seeing your fag-yellow anal beads all over the board, its annoying. Stainwrinkle at least has better memes and a good color palette

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stay poor and mad 2020 faggot

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there is now way that you are not stinkie. just filter out iexec threads transjeet

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Can you please stop posting here and go back to helping my dad fix his cable box?

"Actual usage" in distributed computing? Trash

"Actual usage" in verifying price feeds? Trash

There are countless projects (which are also shitty scams) that do all of this better than RLC.

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>muh anal iBeads

I would make a fortune shorting iexec but nobody even cares enough about it to provide a market for derivatives.

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name one faggot

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Cool. Name one.

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Gee. Which part the distributed computing or oracles?

Oracles are a pretty big joke across the board.

For decentralized computing we have

There are more

Because guess what Sanjeep - distributed computing isnt even a new idea. IBM Microsoft Nvidia and more will all be doing it without ANY of these shitty coins. They dont need your GTX 760 contributing. Seriously. It's not worth the electricity you use to power it.

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none of the mentioned ones are in any way better than iExec. ffs sonm has already exit scammed, golem is 10 years behing schedule. gridcoin?? foldingcoin?? kek
distributed is not decentralized my dear polish subhuman

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Distributed doesnt need to be decentralized, there is nothing to be gained from decentralizing computational power, only from increasing the overall processing power. There's literally 0 reason you need that to decentralize.

Yeah that's the point retard, they're all fucking scams

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actually it needs to be decentralized, otherwise computations would be a single point of failure, also it is needed for fog computing.

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>this is not some telegram group of jeets.
Hmmmm pretty sure that's a lie, Mandeep.

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>shit tier FUD

God damn it, no wonder people are leaving Link and buying gravel coin

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Decentralizing computational power doesnt make electricity any cheaper, it actually makes it more expensive on average. How are you this fucking retarded?

You just described why it needs to be distributed across more than 1 server, not why it has to be decentralized. I can tell you dont understand the difference.

You 2 retards shitposted your way into this, I'm not backpedaling shit. Gridcoin and foldingcoin are not decentralized because they dont need to be, they focus on medical research, ie. The tasks are given out by a central party, and then distributed out to workers. There's literally nothing wrong with that. The medical research field wouldn't gain anything opening those system to your requests to use the network for hosting a quake server, and nobody cares about you enough to help you run a quake server.

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No you got the meme backward rajesha, you're supposed to be calling LINKers gravelcoiners. Do I have to do your job for you lmao

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imagine falling for another satsgang p&d

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what is the point of gridcoin and faggotcoin if they are not decentralised. just use fucking amazon istnances or whatever. no retard, i've described why it has to be decentralised, if you had defi that requires computations amazon or microsoft could shut you down if they did not like what you are doing. also for fog computing you have to have a way to confirm if computations are correct - the most important aspect of iexec.

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Yeah microsoft and IBM have to pay their dirt cheap electricity bills which they write off on their taxes... what the fuck are you trying to argue? That you and your GTX 760 are better positioned in the utilities market to ... compute? The fuck? Starving yourself to buy more RLC doesnt count as "reducing the cost of human capital", dude.

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companies can easily save by switching their apps to iexec, if you work in it you know how expensive it is to get a mediocre setup server from microsoft. aslo iexec allows you to rent datasets for ml training a feature that cannot be offered by anyone in the world currently

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>Yeah microsoft and IBM have to pay their dirt cheap electricity bills which they write off on their taxes
>implying they don't front the cost to their customers


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>>gtx 760

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>doesn’t get it


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Yeah they're pretty useless which is why I said all the coins are scams, but you can already use them for whatever dumb garbage you might want like playing quake. They exist already. RLC isnt doing anything new and their disgusting iconography makes me want to nuke India

And what would you be using their paid-for service that they'd want to shut down?

Child porn? What are you trying to sneak past microsoft and amazon and ibm anon? I assure you, they want your money. They'll even host your quake server.

STOP TRYING TO FIGHT BIG MONEY. You dont even know what "defi that requires computations" means.

Again validation does not necessitate decentralization, let alone your premined yellow decentralized beads

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have u guys seen the latest RLC TA? target is 30,000 sats for the cuup and handle

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fuck off salty retard. there are thousand of cases where people were denied web hosting because they were right wing. the same can go for computations. really stop shilling your gay foldcoin and fuck off low iq transjay

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>iExec is at the forefront of machine learning

I cant, pajeet, my fucking sides, holy shit

That has no bearing on anything posted in this thread lmao

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So RLC is a web hosting solution now?

Cant even keep your terms straight. I pity you.

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i am not talking about machine learning mongol. i am saying that iexec is the first marketplace that allows you to rent dataset for ml training without losing ownership. how salty are you pajeet?

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>RLC devs and insiders wont front the cost of their shilling on the open market

>economics fundamentally changes when tokens are involved because companies are bad

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holy shit

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>I bought at 40 cents
>I'll keep buying at 30 cents
>I'll keep buying at 20 cents
>they will take these brilliant gold balls from my cold dead hands
I'm here with you bro, fuck transjeet

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>RLC devs and insiders wont front the cost of their shilling on the open market
Literally impossible. Now you're just obviously fudding and grasping at straws that don't exist.
>economics fundamentally changes when tokens are involved because companies are bad
Clearly does not understand crypto.

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no it is not. i was giving example of how anything relating to computing giants can be manipulated. seriously fuck off with your low effort fud

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>iExec is the first marketplace that allows you to rent datasets for ml training

>iexec is renting out spreadsheets

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>literally impossible for founders of a token to attempt to artificially increase price with their near infinite supply of funny money


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You are outing yourself as a retard...stop posting

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nice one trasnjay. this is my last reply to you because you are either low effort fudder, retard or most likely both

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Would just like to end with a reminder that BTC is nearly 50% of its ATH while RLC is closer to 10% of its ATH.

c o p e

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why are people getting bootyblasted that iexec is mooning hard?
they had months to buy

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if I wanted to profit off a shitcoin pumping I would have held TRX

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they sure did. and imagine when we are up at 30,000.

cant say we didnt try to help them out of their misery and wagecuck lifestyles.

lets check the chart out. massive cup & handle formation

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This fucking idiot posting is a sure-fire sign you're about to lose your life savings. ENJOY NOT BEING ABLE TO AFFORD CURRYMONEY, MANVINDER, DURGESH AND MOTHERFUCKING PRATYUSH.

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It's actually pretty basic TA...and it's right.

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thank you ranket.

ranjeesh >>16077054
does not believe me.

see you guys. 7000 acheive!

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Imagine not understanding that doing heavy computation off-chain is a prerequisite if you want to scale any smart contract platform out there.

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All of them are shit done by some shady slavs like the SONM faggots.

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Enjoy losing currymoney.
Shut the fuck up, Madhavaditya.

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Obvious pnd

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Sounds like evil people who deserve to fail

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That’s some good gravel you got there stinky