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>October 29, 2019

I dont know how much longer I can do this

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this has been the most difficult and warping year of my life

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Weak ass marine hand in your badge and sell now faggot

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This shit is gonna tank soon. $2.70 is unironically a good place to get out
>Massive Stop losses at $2.53.

Whales will target these SL's and then tank the price to sub $2.

Screenshot this.

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You will do this for eternity and you will like it!!!

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it 2 more days.
i saw it

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Dont bullshit we went from 1 dollar to fking 20 cents in 2018

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Captain here, chin up marine. You're not gonna make it at this rate

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Same fractal about to occur. ChainLink is just a series of pump and dumps orchestrated by the powers that be.

A lot of angry linkers soon

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It's taking so long that I have long term employment plans and work in earnest to improve my trade and business skills. Move faster Sergey, I was born to be a NEET not a cog.

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Chainlink will never fail

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Yeah we are definitley at the top..............

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#14 and we climbed there through a bear market nigger!

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From #120. Only been one year, we will be number 3 soon.

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>We're going to make it, like next month

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I started doubting him after this
I bet derivatives eoy is shitty crypto derivatives
> introducing options trading for gravelcoin

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kys faggots

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