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I feel like noone actually knows anything about the cryptos they're invested in. And the few who do are autists who only focuses on the nerdy technical stuff and know nothing about market opportunity.

Is there a single person here that can explain the use case for your favorite shitcoin and how it's actually better than what is currently used. Shill me on stinkies, wtf are they actually for?

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You’ve had two years op. I unironically have a complete understanding of basically everything about link from setting up nodes to staking to the tokenomics. I don’t wanna share any of it with you though. Good luck.

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>I feel
Faggot, stop talking like a woman. Either you think or you believe something but you are right, most bagholders are ignorant. If you ask an average linkie, what it does they won't be able to answer you in their own words. They can tell you from memory but whatever explanation they give is all Greek to them.

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You're pretty much bang on.

The only people who understand this garbage on a technical level are the people starting and running their own ICOs and pump and dumps and making breathtaking money from the bottom-feeding sit-sniffers like /biz/ that sit at home with one hand on their balls and the other on a mouse, hoping to get rich having done nothing and not really being clever at all.

Crypto investors are the dumbest mothertfuckers with the least finance savvy in the entire retail investing community.

Shit, even forex fags and option cucks are twice as smart as the average crypto retard.

That's why this market is nothing but fraud, P&Ds, open criminality, vaporware, scams, garbage and gravel.

The ONLY way to play this right is to jump in when the markets are heating up again (maybe in 2021) and getting out before the game of musical chairs stops.

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If the use case was so great and you understand it well, you should be able to explain it quickly and easily. But you don't or it's actually shit which is why noone is talking about the potential and everyone is just memeing and hoping to make it big so they can tell their boss mr shekelberg to fuck off.

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Nailed it again.

Your IQ is a little too high for this place.

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Knowing that you know nothing is pretty valuable.

People have done a lot of "research" reading shitty writeups and think they know a lot, when a lot of that stuff is written in bad faith. All that matters is the pump and the dump. Let's face it, it's EOY 2019, and everyone was swimming in money and experts during 2017/2018. If they had something magical, at least a prototype would be out by now and being used even in a crude way, if it's that much better than a fucking excel sheet or mysql db.

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Ill give you a single example.
>Ethereum exists with no access to outside data

What is considered outside data?
>tracker.gg api - gaming statistics
>locu restaurant api
>flight prices and times
>produce handling statistics such as fridge temperature on the truck
>derivative prices
Etc etc

Eth can’t access any of that data as it stands.

Chainlink changes that.
And not only would just one person provide the data, multiple people (or nodes) would. This means if someone tries to fuck you over, they lose their staked chainlink, and the other nodes get paid for reporting that their data is wrong.

K get it?

So if I’m trying to make a smart contract that autoreleases funds upon the arrival of my baby food at Walmart or target or fucking wherever, now I can. As soon as the minimum wage mother fucker scans the barcode, the details of the entire trip are reported to a smart contract which judges them to measure for a proper refrigerated road trip.

Okay? There’s one. Now fuck off.

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the people who have managed to strike a balance between the two things you described have moved on to less volatile investments. they don't need 1000x's

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Uh oh, retard alert.

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Stegos not a shit coin.

Confidential transactions and messages.

Run a light node on your smartphone and earn tokens through mobile staking.

P2P trading with atomic swaps with BTC

Horizontal scalability

State and transactional

Thousands of transactions per second

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Decentralized gravel, rock agnostic

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>So if I’m trying to make a smart contract that autoreleases funds upon the arrival of my baby food at Walmart or target or fucking wherever, now I can. As soon as the minimum wage mother fucker scans the barcode, the details of the entire trip are reported to a smart contract which judges them to measure for a proper refrigerated road trip.

Everything you wrote before this doesn't matter if it doesn't fill a demand in the market. Your example I don't understand, what exactly is the point with that smart contract again? You want to measure for a proper refrigerated road trip? What?

You can buy baby food at Walmart today, there is absolutely not issue. You can even have it delivered cheaply no problem. What problem does it solve?

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Algorand is very solid tech.
It is created by Turing award winner that developed the zero knowledge idea. Uses its own pure PoS consensus, does thousands of tpm and have high profile companies supporting it

Price is absolutely low, fill your bags while you can

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Sorry OP. Can’t fix a Low IQ and I’m not explaining something that made perfect sense again. You’re just gonna have to try harder. Good luck.

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Self fulfilling prophecy.
Too many variables.
Only integrally intangible asset.
Historically decisive at 1776 level.
Massive has mass in it, unfair to evaluate the nature by the number. See Zipf.
The only civil sane (as in achievable) solution to the money problem. Expansion instead of extinction but leading to the erasing of monopoly of power present since inception.
And so much else.

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Maybe it's because English isn't my first language I didn't understand. What exactly can the person using linkies do in the future the nolinker can't?

Woah... It all makes sense now, just bought 100k.

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well played, sir

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It’s like if computers existed but there was no internet. I don’t understand what’s so hard to understand. You’re just retarded, either buy some and listen to us, or don’t and stay poor. You don’t need to understand it. It can literally be fucking used for anything. It doesn’t even need blockchain, it can automate USD payments too. It’s quite literally unlike any other shit coin you’ll be shilled here.

It’s for automation. Not some gen z slut that got knocked up and is trying to buy baby food at Wally World. It’s for the big guy who is buying the baby food to sell to the slut. And he wants to assure his food didn’t sit in 90 degree temperature without refrigeration for 3 hours and go bad only to have the minimum wage truck driver lie to him about it.

It’s for the guy that is trying to sell his home and doesn’t want to fuck with real estate fees so he sets up a chainlink smart contract that contains the title to his house and auto transfers the title to the first person to send his asking price to the contract. It’s literally going to cause the fucking singularity and you’re probably just a 95ish IQ brown person who is lucky enough to stumble upon it. Take your chance or leave it. Either way I’m done spoon feeding you.

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>Your example I don't understand, what exactly is the point with that smart contract again?
Imagine not understanding the value of trustlessness
>You want to measure for a proper refrigerated road trip? What?
Imagine not understanding the value of censorship resistant and immutable supply chain data
>You can buy baby food at Walmart today, there is absolutely not issue.
Imagine not knowing about the baby food problem in the rest of the world

Just imagine

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>use case for your favorite shitcoin and how it's actually better than what is currently used
you idiots are so obsessed with use cases. How about the math behind the token and it's supply?
How many are minted and who gets them?
Use case is the biggest fallacy in cryptos. BTC goes up because market scarcity not use case

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this meme is practically a one size fits all representation of every human interaction at this point, with OP sitting comfortably on the 110 spectrum, glorious

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I dont even know what link does all I understand is smart contracts dont work without chainlink and link does something like uh bringing off chaon data to the blockchain uhm idk lol thats my shitty description xdxd but i know it solves the lambo problem and so for that reason im all in =DDD

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Explaining computers before the internet is easy. "You can use it for work and to play advanced electronic games". I think the use case for computers was obvious for everyone.

Your examples are vague. The shop owner can't make sure he doesn't get a spoiled product, not with link either. What he can do both with link and without is refuse to pay, or demand money back later if he has already paid. But the example is shit to begin with because the supply chains work great as is.

You can sell your own house today if you want, without any fees. You don't have to go through a broker.

If this is the best you can come up with, I guess that says a lot.

Bitcoin does have a use case. It can be a store of value and an online currency. But the problem here is the transaction fee will rise over time unless the protocol is made less secure.

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Alright nice bait retard. You got me. I fell for your bait.

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Your examples suck dude. Don't bet the farm on this scam coin, you are going to be financially ruined.

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Oh wait. I get it. You’re a boomer aren’t you? Fuckin lmao. Sorry you can’t understand the millions of uses that would save people time and money. Enjoy being poor and dumb. Goodluck.

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>financially ruined
Hard to be financially ruined on a coin I bought at 17 cents, but once again, nice bait.

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>Bitcoin does have a million use cases
fixed it for you.
Acting like transaction fees will kill BTC is 2017
you idiots think being a good currency means a good store of value. Spend cryptos and save BTC you newbies

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even if you're right, that's far in the future. I need actual adoption from LINK before I'll buy it short term

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>I think the use case for computers was obvious for everyone.
Completely false, even through the 90s tech bubble, in which people were chasing theoretical gains, not investing in or even knowledgeable about "obvious" uses. Learn your history. Hindsight is 20/20, but it's much harder to tell "obvious" in the moment.

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Usecase for image is tshirt.

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Vitalik is the king of use cases, now he needs to add scaling and fast secure, upgrades

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And access to external data, but a retard like you wouldn’t understand that

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i like to make oracles for my gravel rocks using chainlinks

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lurk for minimum 2 years before posting. go to the archives. everything you want to know has already been discussed at length. lazy faggot

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well good thing a retard like me isn't coding for ETH.
I hold the coin in 2nd most only to BTC so I hope they take back the dapps and users they're losing to other smart contract platforms

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Enjoy cause it will be bumped down to third soon my friend.

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Linkies should go buy this coin since it's a low cap, low supply, econ experiment instead of a huge international company trying to lure bigger international companies. It's a hedge in the opposite direction, tokenomics vs future promise.

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By what coin?
Give me that gold

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and why are the sub 100's in bed with the 130+'s? ignorance is bliss? and the 120's know enough to know they're not at the level of the 130's, which is crushing information to have to carry. and the 110's are just a bit more clever than average, and through that info they have convinced themselves they're playing with the bug boys, but in reality are, like i said, just a bit more clever than average.

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Wow you are literally retarded, and I'm not even a huge linkfag

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everyone here owns LINK. We need new buyers before it moons, BTC hast to 10x at least first.

Do you guys really not understand how crypto works?

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My IQ is 135. An entire board of linkholders and not a single one can come up with a single good example of use case.

Teams have worked several years now on thousands of different cryptos and not a single one has had significant impact on the real world. Ever considered you might be wrong about these internet coins?

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The year is 1991. Explain the internet.

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Easy. It's a huge database of all the knowledge in the world you can access within seconds. You will be able to communicate with everyone for free and you can share movies and everything else. Almost everyone with a 120+ IQ would have been able to understand that the internet at least would have some usability if they thought about it.

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>demands a "simple" explanation
>complains that there isn't enough detail
cringe and gravel-brained

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We’re not. And your internet IQ test doesn’t mean you have a 135 IQ. If you really couldn’t understand the simple examples I gave then you are clearly in the good ol 110 range or lower. And your contrarian denial attitude doesn’t make you intelligent either. It just makes you closed minded and stupid. If everyone was like you the human race would still be rubbing sticks together for fire. You had two years. Stay poor retard.

Fuck off ethereum shill. Try again when Eth 2.0 comes out
>oh wait...

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Once again straight up dumb as fuck.

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Coping bagholder.

>I-Im up 20x!

Oh Really? Why wouldn't you take profit then. Either you are full of shit, or even more dumb than everyone thinks you are already.

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No one in here thinks I’m dumb except the two double digit IQ retards who can’t understand simple chainlink usecases.

>bag holder

One again implies I haven’t made profit.
Lmao selling chainlink at 20x would be like selling google or amazon stock in the 90’s. Please for the love of god can you low IQ ethereum shills fuck off back to plebbit? You’re stinking up my chainlink board with your NPC echo based thought processing. Get some ideas and comments of your own and we can go from there.

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I want to believe in crypto. I'm an investor looking for opportunities, and I love a good moon shot like everyone else, but it doesn't seem like the crypto world has produced anything worthwhile yet.

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is op just trying to do a weak chainlink fud or what

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>Noooo it's fud asking what my shit coin can actually be used for. Stop ruining my pump and dump!

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Well when you have a minuscule tiny walnut sized brain you’re using for judgement of such “worthwhile moonshots” it isn’t very surprising. Just try a little harder anon. Maybe go watch some YouTube videos about API’s cause guess what... the companies wouldn’t have programmed the APIs if there wasn’t demand for them. And I can guarantee you a system that executes autonomously and trustlessly will also find demand in these APIs and demand in the system as a whole.

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this is fucking MEGA cope from someone who hasnt hit their first 10x yet and is super butthurt

get good pussy every1 who did their due diligence did a 10x at least

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>Teams have worked several years now on thousands of different cryptos and not a single one has had significant impact on the real world
BTC has created an ecosystem with billion dollar companies around it. How can you ignore the impact? Many of us quit because of nerd coins, giving me real estate and $ to retire early makes BTC god to me.
>Fuck off ethereum shill
usually I'm called a BTC shill, anyway, ETH is the platform LINK is on you dumbfuck.
it's early and we still haven't figured out BTC yet. Wait until the banks and govts fight over BTC, shit will get real wild. Everyone wants to control the gold. Venezuela was the first central bank to start stacking it, it's begun already

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>He thinks LINK requires ethereum.

And I’m the dumbfuck

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You are extremely insecure. If you aren't coping then why are you cope posting? Is it weird not having your cult hugbox here to reassure you?

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didn't say it requires it but it's currently on it. Is link going to separate from ETH?
Go to sleep bagholder

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I’m probably too secure if we are being honest about link and irl anon. I don’t need shills, I have actual Understanding of what chainlink will do and don’t need people to shill it to me for me to know it’s worth. Zero cope. Don’t need cope when you’re up 600%. I have fun interacting with retards sometimes so it keeps me entertained desu. I like the child like ignorance.
Not separate but it will operate on other chains eventually and will be able to separate if it needs to. It’s literally a json parser so it could operate on whatever it needs to.

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>it will operate on other chains eventually

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If I bought a bunch of lemons, I'd shill all day about how you should also buy lemons, because I can sell those lemons to you and make money.

If I bought a bunch of crypto, I'd shill all day about how you should also buy crypto, because I can sell that crypto to you and make money.

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Hi, anon. Stakenet is my favorite altcoin. Pic related. This post should sufficiently explain why it's worthwhile and has a bunch of potential in the near-future. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.
>Instant one-click private swaps between BTC, LTC, and now Tether via LN swaps. Goods payable with BTC can be bought with LTC, Tether, or XSN.
>Re-establishes privacy that LN routers potentially compromise while re-establishing privacy for otherwise-traceable BTC funds
>Truly decentralized DEX - run by MNs, secured by the network - that hosts every blockchain for every coin available for trade so the end-user doesn't need to download them individually
>Pioneered TPoS (trustless proof of stake) - stake 24/7 while your computer is off or even from cold storage
>Working to make TPoS a one-click option
>Trustless MN hosting services payable directly in XSN. Run several MNs while your computer is off and receive a 16% annual ROI in XSN
>DEX Aggregator that intends to pool together numerous other DEXes that suffer from low volume
>CCPoS - stake XSN, receive BTC, LTC, Tether
>Dedicated hardware division.
>Intending to pool MN hardware into a collective supercomputer secured by the network. The DEX is the first dApp.
>No KYC to use the DEX, perform LN swaps, or use any of the other features mentioned above.
The X9 Developers are working to obsolete centralized exchanges. They've routinely delivered on all their ambitious goals to do so.
They're doing it in a way that honors the original cypherpunks that built Bitcoin.
Stakenet is being built for the collective benefit of the entire space.

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holy fucking brainlet, lurk more or go back

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Known scam. So is link. OP should only invest in solid and established projects like xrp and trx. All these other shitcoins are gonna die off sooner or later, and only the few established coins and tokens will be left standing. The world doesn't need several thousands coins that all basically try to do the same thing. Xrp is extremely quick and already pretty established comparatively. Btc and link is gonna keep bleeding all the way down to a few cents

>> No.16071682

>Known scam
Pure lies. Do you think your cheap drive-by FUD is going to do your XRP/Tron shill any favors?

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Decentralized oracles

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This pic is all you need to know to put your whole life savings in. Chainlink is confirned still collaborating with Swift which provides 11000 plus banks with cross boarder payments. Google and Oracle corporation have confirmed that they are partnered with chainlink. The fud against chainlink has gotten insane the past few months, if you listen to it you will be poor. Chainlink is blockchain agnostic which means it will be providing data to bitcoin ethereum hyperledger tezos cardano and has already partnered with half of the blockchain space (not exadurating) to provide them reliable data. Chainlink owns the rights to towncrier oracle software developed at cornell which makes their oracles the most technologically advanced and helps keep data in the hands of those who need it. Chainlink allows customers to use intel sgx to prevent sybil attacks. They have even created mixicles to add an additional layer of security to give clients variety for how they wish to hide data and prevent sybil attacks. Their whitepaper was peer reviewed by uni professors. They have a working product and connections to big data and big banking which is more than 99.9% of blockchain projects can say. I would be surprised if people didn't respond to this with fud.

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>Known scam
>So is link
>OP should only invest in solid and established projects like xrp and trx.
Shills 2 of the scamiest projects.
INB4 retard, brainlet, whatever ripplet cope you come up with

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>Chainlink is confirned still collaborating with Swift
>Google and Oracle corporation have confirmed that they are partnered with chainlink
>Chainlink allows customers to use intel sgx to prevent sybil attacks.

kek is this why linkers buy Chainlink? Cause they believe all these ridiculous lies? Chainlink has no partnerships with Google/Intel/Oracle/Swift and TEEs have literally nothing to do with preventing sybil attacks. Chainlink still has no solution working or even speced out to prevent sybil attacks. It's literally vaporware with ZERO users. Name a single dapp that uses Chainlink, you can't, there aren't any.

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LINK is centralized oracles lying about being decentralized, hence why they have literally ZERO dapps using it.

>> No.16072897

>there is absolutely not issue

Fuck off poo in loo

>> No.16073092

You can talk to anyone.
>my mom explaining it to me when i was 10

>> No.16073385

>financially ruined
>feigning ignorance only to come out as a filthy pajeet whose job prospects and livelihood is threatened by Chainlink

>> No.16073396

> if i just call everything a lie without an actual rebuttal, it means the other guy is wrong
Big brain arguments right there. Just sold 100k.

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They are literally all lies you lying, stinking Jew.

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How do you know that chainlink effectively solves the oracle problem? And how do you know everyone is gonna use chainlink for their Oracle?

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No one knows that and many cryptos and companies are trying to solve it through smart contracts etc.
LINK is about holding a dream moonshot. You buy LINK as a lotto ticket because it's far away but has great potential. LINKies who are 100% in LINK just want to act like they're the smartest crypto investor in the room. No one should be 100% in anything though.

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>Use case
This phrase is so rare around here that I have literally never considered spending a penny on any of the "investments" this board talks about. I just come here because I like all the memes crying about being poor.

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>he believes in fundamentals

80 IQ;
>doesnt know how blockchain works
>doesnt know what leverage trading is
>buys because a friend or family member told them to

90 IQ;
>believes in fundamentals
>cant explain the fundamentals and how a blockchain works
>does not even know how peer discovery works
>buys and sells because of emotion/forums/telegram/discord chats

100 IQ;
>believes in fundamentals but also some ta
>can explain how a blockchain works, how hashing works etc. Can probably code as well in some script kiddie lang like python/js
>thinks projects go up in price because of "good future use case"
>buys and sells wholly on fundamentals
>actually researches the coins he buys
>thinks support resistance are the best indicators

110 IQ;
>realises that on a macro scale markets function reflexively
>has a full understanding of the fundamentals and can explain things like how ecdsa signing, schnorr work (actually writing out the algorithms)
>realises that the only fundamentals that matter are bitcoin's, ethereum's and various of the privacy tech like zk proofs, ring sigs - these are the only innovations in the 10 years crypto has existed. A new innovation like this scale is unlikely to come again. But if it does then this is the one time fundamentals matter - Sharding is close to this.
>actually understands how the derivatives in this space work


>> No.16075133


120 IQ;
>can spot when the macro trend is starting based on sentiment etc.
>understand keynes' model of "predict what others are likely to think everyone else is going to predict" is what drives macro trend
>Knows that price on a short time frame is not based on fundamentals but simply moves to points of liquidity
>Understands how market makers manipulate human emotion to get filled/move price - Slowly driving down price with small sells on a relatively long timeframe (every 2-3 mins) or vice versa. Market buying into stops. Sucking liquidity to pull orders and create volatility to entice speculators before a pump, wash trading at key levels, fake out pumps to cripple morale etc. etc.

130 IQ;
>understands that trading is far more than just predicting price direction
>has knowledge of Kelly and how it can be applied to multiple markets traded at the same time
>understands the power of diversification, in not just traded assets but through multiple trading strategies to smooth the equity curve
>Realises monte carlo backtesting is retarded unless applied to a trend following strategy
>Not only understands the way price moves but is able to code all of this into algorithmic trading bots
>Knows that support resistance are actually the most important indicators along with some volume analysis

140 IQ;
>Ignoring all this trading bullshit and realising that the returns from starting a business/rental properties are not only better and more consistent, but less stressful and require less intelligence and thinking all the time to make it work.


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Imagine if you will a world where banks own private networks that send money without reinventing a currency. Its already secure and people already trust it. They have tens of thousands if not millions of customers. What is zelle what are echecks. BUT WAIT imagine if these organizations could adopt the best parts of blockchain without giving small developer teams anything.. imagine it..

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This destroys the /biz/.

>> No.16075301


Bitcoin's use case is a globally trusted, un-corruptable store of value and transfer. Not a single BTC has been duplicated or forged.

That's why it's worth nearly 10,000 dollars.

What has your shitcoin done except be a pump and dump vehicle?

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150 IQ:

>Realizes that crypto has no use case or business fundamentals, novelty is wearing
>Realizes crypto is an antiquated peer-to-peer network, from the era of eMule, but for financial transactions, and fundamentally commercially non-viable because of irreversible transactions, will never see e-commerce integration on a wide scale
>Knows that the only value for shitcoins is their speculation potential, and the key to success is taking profits ruthlessly, and ignoring any claims of fundamentals, since there are no fundamentals
>Understands that the windfall gains from crypto shit should be quickly extracted in a tax efficient manner and deployed into real assets instead, such as owning shares of REAL business with REAL products and REAL cash flows.
>Forget crypto entirely after achieving net worth over 2 million USD, let the shit smeared idiots and underage roll around in their feces on /biz/

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Picture unrelated, obviously.

>> No.16075513

I am all-in in RSR and I can perfectly explain every technical detail AND the catalysts for adoption. And this is probably why I am all-in

>> No.16075557

Wow I can’t believe this garbage thread is still going.
Actually link only has centralized data in the case of large companies like google big data.
Anything that is being called from an API (which is going to be a majority of calls) is calculated on spot. So if 3 nodes are using the same API, they all have an external adapter they are using that calculates the required data once it’s requested. This actually is decentralized.

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Because it already has solved it...
And if you’re a company trying to get your data to blockchain some how, are you going to invest a dick ton of money to pay someone else to set this up, or are you going to use the open source network that may or may not already have other people offering the data for you? If they aren’t offering it, then YOU CAN GET PAID TO SELL YOUR DATA.

It’s really a no brainer.

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>think 110 can tell you about schnorr
>think 140 does investment property at the peak of the housing market
>makes a post like these:

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