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how do you reconcile with the fact that you didn't make it in the 17'-18' bull run and you might never have such an opportunity again?

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everything moves in a cycle anon. you will have your chance. but it will cost you much more.

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delete this anon, i've been contemplating about this the past 2 years and i cant justify the greed that prevented me from cashing out

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anon, in 2015 I had the opportunity to buy so much bitcoin for cheap, but i didnt. I thought it was a meme just like most on this fucking website, 2017 comes around and i have no money left to fomo in. which is for the best because it wouldnt be anything compared to what ive put in at 3k now. You havent missed the opportunity to go for it now compared to where its going, you just have to take the risk that it will go up again. the choice is yours.

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amazon did a 10,000x too. And don't worry there will be other stocks like AMZN in the future

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sound a lot like we are having right now about some fat russian

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I will make it in 20'-21' bull run. No prob.

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I still cant handle this. I made like 2-3000$ but could have made 500-800k. this haunts my soul every night

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I'm all in LINK you fucking nolinker. I just need a 10x to make it.

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By realising financial opportunities exist everywhere.

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I've been accumulating crypto for the last year. Not giving up.

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I made it in 2017 but my Life didnt change all that much.
Still living with parents and still doing the same neet things I have been doing before I made it.
I have several million dollars, over 100k Link and I still didnt get laid or move out.
its all so tiresome

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Why are you regards putting the apostrophe after the year. You out it before the number because you are omitting the 20, not after the number

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>i didnt win the lottery
literally how I think about it

why do you expect to magically get rich by doing jackshit?

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Feels OP,
Made it in the 2017 bull run, turned 15k into 100k, didnt cash out, thought i was going to be a millionaire, watched go all the way to 6k

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Do you need to be taught how to have a good time?

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Why the fuck didn't you at least move out? If you're too much of a sperglord to wash your dirty undies, you could just hire a maid.

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how much were you ready at one point to cash out but didnt?

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Maybe look for other shit than crypto, you faggot.
It's not the only thing in the world and there is a shitloads of "I should've done this " in life. Gets you nowhere

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thats not making it, 100k i mean. not even close

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You don't know how good it is to be a NEET with money until you're forced to wageslave again
I actually stopped NEETing and put the rest of my $10k NEET fund into LINK. Unfortunately my timing was... less than perfect.
I only have 3.8k LINK now. But the worst part is that 2 years ago, I had enough money to not just buy over 100k LINK, but also some leftover to keep NEETing it up while waiting for the singularity. But my mindset wasn't in the right place.
The waging hurts, I feel that if LINK doesn't go to $1,000 like I need it to I might as well kill myself. Anyone who isn't coping right now sees that the world's only gonna get worse. Make money or die trying. There is no middleground anyumore.

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>being this new

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>being this new

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Ath 300k for that one day, but it held above 200k for over a week. Sold some shittokens like REQ, but promptly dumped it back into other shit

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it worked out once and it will work out again, eventually

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Like what? Cant really think of anything I want to buy or pay for.
Its too much of a hassle, when you want to rent or buy you need to show proof of your income and stuff and I dont want to admit to anyone how much money I have
nobody knows and I will keep it that way
so cant hire a maid because she would figure out I have too much money and poor people talk a lot
dont wanna be a target

I can be NEET forever now
hell I could neet several lifetimes with my money
kinda doubt I will ever spend it all or use it all up

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Man, I really, really want to NEET it up again. Every day I go back to work is like my life is being taken from me. And I make god-awful money too doing pizza delivery. The only way I can pay rent and have enough money to do anything fun at the same time is by going above 40 hours a week. I'm in pain. I want out. Why can't LINK break $3?

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There is always an opportunity going somewhere. So after crying myself to sleep over it, I am now looking for when the next ones will come, and in what markets.

Crypto is still volatile, so we still have a chansu-desu desu

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Shit LARP otherwise I truly pity you.

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i did make it in 2017 and almost sold the top (17k) but i blew it all on hookers and blow, honestly dont regret it as i'd only fucked 2 women before that.

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Because I still live a very comfortable life with close friends, a good relationship with my family, a job I unironically enjoy with co-workers I like and a wide variety of hobbies. Sure I didn't "make it" but I learned enough to supplement my lifestyle so I never go without. I just wish women weren't so shit.

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Me to the T. I inherited a little money at the exact time the run started. I was too scared and fucked up over losing my nana to risk it.

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What is your job? Employment is the only thing restricting my happiness. I'm not even looking to *not* work, just want to work a job I can tolerate or even enjoy.

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I've seen you post this before. Cheer up, fren. Grieving impacts everybody differently. You may have put the money into shitcoins and lost everything so now you would have lost your nana and the money she left you and you'd beat yourself up over that. I am here for you, fren.

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Are you a burger? Let's be friends. You can help me escape waging, I'll help you get more fulfillment out of life. Don't waste away the only life we know you've got, especially since you've made it.

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I didn't have enough play money at the time to just throw everything into ETH, the few bucks I threw into ETH were all that I could give at the time. I also pulled out early and only did a 4x which is embarrassing now since I bought in at $20. The good news is I still made a bit of money, and I learned a lot in preparation for next time.

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Perhaps crypto isnt about making it, but about the friends we made along the way

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2017 was the testing ground you cannot make it without experiencing a prior bull run so you know what peak euphoria looks like.

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Checked. Many of the people who really took advantage of 2017 suffered since 2014-2015 and saw the signs.
You should be wiser now. Before I didn't know about stop losses, stablecoins (which there was basically only one as well, Tether, and it was FUDded as hell), euphoria, mania, and a lot of stuff.

I know if there's another bull that I'll sell some of my shit way too early, since I have targets now, but profit is profit and it won't feel as bad when it all comes crashing down again.

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>invested around 10k from may 2017- march 2018
>had 90k at one point from holding KCS, NEO, and DBC
>didn't sell
>remember waking up one day and it went down from like 80k to 50k
>it'll bounce back
>kept holding as it slowly dwindled a few thousand each day, tried swing trading shitcoins in a desperate attempt to get my gains back
>lost even more
>i don't even know what i'm at right now, i haven't checked in a few months. i just stopped caring altogether
>at 14k now

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We’re talking about the next bullrun in 2100 anon

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>tfw you spent literally $250,000 USD on a 1/4 lb of weed in 2013 at 2019's current BTC price.

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Are you the guy that made a reddit post about this lmao?

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I do R&D and mix chemicals all day. It's kind of like cooking and I find it relaxing.

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$800B overall market cap is peanuts. Maybe shitcoins won't moon left and right nonsensically again like they did in 2017 but the overall market cap is heading for the trillions. Just have some patience.

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You literally will though, you will have an opportunity like that one again. You need to stop thinking in absolutes and open your mind to opportunities

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Join or die bitch. If i don't make i might go postal

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I know that fell bro. It's OK, money means nothing, just your friends and family matters. I only buy and sell for the trills now.

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give it 2 more years and you come to acceptance

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You seem ok. This is your last chance anon. dyor

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In my short 3 decades I've seen 2 major bulls that would have taken an initial investor into wealthy with little effort.
And I've seen people make it rich on nearly no work at all, and end up in prison, or dead from their heroin habit.
Work, cause the goal is wealth, and wealth comes by labor, even if you have some already.

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What's funny is drug users and other deviants bought this shit back in the day I wonder how many of them are millionaires now

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<3 Thanks, Fren. I have a cozy apartment and a decent wagie job if you ever wanna visit the midwest and play board games.

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Where in the Midwest? I live in PA.

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You're my neighboroonie. I'm in Ohio.

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theres never going to be another bull run, in the sense of prices going up for a sustained period of months. Thats never happening again, in case you havent figured that out. Everything is a heavily manipulated pump and dump vehicle at this point.

however, we may get a "bull day" from time to time, like we did a few days ago. thats your only chance to make it now.

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I don't think about it. You can't change the past, there is no use in thinking about it. Pick up a good lesson from it and move the hell on. You have more important things to worry about going forward.

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Money isn't real, but also time isn't real.

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Nice! I've worked in Cleveland and have friends in Athens.

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It's been hard. The CL mini bull run has helped.

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I made some money in 2017 and I don't give a shit that I didn't make more
you have to be a brainlet to get worked up about all the things in this world that you're missing out on

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