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Is it really as good as they are saying?
Is it really the next NEO/ETH gains?
Is it really better than LINK? I bought LINK at 0.20$ and will market sell right now if anyone can shill me hard enough on RLC.
I'm just sad I didn't ask this earlier considering the daily +20% pumps

Things I already know:
>RLC can do oracles
>RLC is for decentralized cloud computing
>RLC V4 is in december

Do I still have time???

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Look at the chart, align with their past releases, extrapolate what happens to the chart after v4 release

Its over gilles

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I get that most things dump after releasing new versions sometimes but I also know that past performance does not dictate future results...
RLC could fail until they hit their singularity and then it never goes below $100 and I would kill myself, wouldn't you?

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no theyre not youre one of them smd

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you tell me

>RLC can do oracles
unironically false, no one is using their """"doracles""" for anything
>RLC is for decentralized cloud computing
maybe the only true part of what any RLC shill says
>RLC V4 is in december
top kek, they dumped the last 3 times. their team is a fucking joke.

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Definitely not. It's ppl like you that make me think RLC is actually better

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Okay I will tell you what I think of your post.
>unironically false, no one is using their """"doracles""" for anything
It doesn't matter if anyone is using them or not, I simply said RLC can DO them.
>maybe the only true part of what any RLC shill says
>top kek, they dumped the last 3 times. their team is a fucking joke.
Judging by that chart, RLC never really pumped. It only pumped due to BTC in 2017-18.

I think you actually just convinced me to dump my linkies bro. You actually fucked yourself by showing me that chart. It has never pumped outside of the 2017 bullrun and it looks like it's taking off...

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Well I guess that's it for link huh, time for RLC to shine. Cya linkies, thanks for the cheese

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same shit happens with ultra/sent as well stop buying into that garbage.

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Yeah but RLC actually has legs to run. That's the difference. Have you even looked into RLC or the team?

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>and it looks like it's taking off...
yeah just like the rest of the '17 shitcoin scams that went -99%
really taking off there bro

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You can troll all you want but you look retarded ignoring reality...or you can't read charts.

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just like every other one retard.

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it's so obvious you're a pathetic street shitter invading this board with RLC garbage
try to make it less obvious next time you plan a coordinated raid

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Sounds like a cop out to me.
You come in here yelling about RLC's chart looking bad but in reality it looks great and was a big reason why I considered buying over more LINK.

but now you convinced me to sell as it's clear most LINK investors don't understand crypto

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Yes sir convince me to buy my own bags sir

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Be in enough groups to know who is pumping shit and why
Notice poor language of posts to identify paid shills
Never trust chink coins
Never trust french coins
Never trust Australia coins
Bigger people than you are shilling this, watch the dump in 4 weeks

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Don't you know how to be subtle? Worst thing about biz is the obvious and shit shill posts

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I'm sorry I didn't post up to your standards?
I don't understand what you're even saying, if you're implying I'm shilling RLC you are an idiot.
I want to hold my LINK. I really do, but RLC shills are making it seem like it's gonna pull a LINK.

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RLC is a retarded shitcoin and they either have no idea what's going on or are terrible liars.
Their main duties in future will be making TCF slides, buying their way onto panels, and trying to compare themselves to link (it'll end up going the same way as enigma did, kek.)

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Not to mention pump groups are targeting it for its low volume and easy ability to manipulate right now. There isn't much organic interest for it on this board either. You'll notice that they will make about a dozen threads an hour and it's basically just under 20-30 responses of rlc getting roasted by annoyed biz dwellers while the rlc pajeets can't even begin to defend it from basic questions.

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All of this is garbage...Anon I have an IQ somewhere north of 130. You cannot expect me to think any of this is a valid argument against RLC.

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Yes sir is no valid to say it is useless scam, I have IQ 156, I guarantee it's good coin. I bought my bags now again.

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Lol, how fast you shift from "help me decide guys" in your OP
To "im 130 IQ and RLC is the best fucking thing in crypto"

The state of this shitcoins shills

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> all of this is garbage (but no rebuttal at all)
> iq larp (if i take an online test and add 50 points I can pretend this is an argument)
Kek, Yeah, as I thought.
Best of luck with your next RLC thread. Fucking curry cockroach.

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You don't understand the reason for this post. It's not for you to make the decision for me, it's for you to give me the information I need.
Twisting my words will get you nowhere. I do have an extremely high IQ, however I am quite lazy. Thus, this post.

Anyways, this thread has been confirmation enough for me that LINK has no where else to go but down. I am now all in RLC.

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Hahahah ok anon, you keep doubling down on that high IQ larp of yours. It's very convincing and I'm sure you'll tell the guys at the next MENSA meeting all about the big brain thread you posted.
> i-i don't need decisions made for me
> i just need people to decide what information to feed me so that i can make my decisions based on that
Best of luck with that $500 investment of yours, pajeet.

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It's quite easy to tell that most LINK peddlers here don't understand LINK or RLC beyond the surface level.
This thread was a success. Thanks for being my pawn.

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> l-link holders don't know anything
> that's why I rely on them for information regarding financial decisions instead of doing my own research
Must just be a high IQ thing. I wouldn't get it. Or maybe you're actually a low IQ RLC shill doing a terrible job. I wonder which is more likely.
> y-you're my pawn, this was all part of my master plan
Oh yeah we sure fell for it. I sure feel bamboozled now.