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A technology developed for banks will have the same development speed as the banks technology adoption speed.
I heard they are still using COBOL...

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Nothing $10k eoy

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How does smartcontract work? I mean the one bothering me is should the buyer/payer in the contract "deposit" some money for the contract to execute when the contract is fulfilled?

This will jeopardize the cashflow of company.

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you sold

$10k eoy

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The industries this is targeting will see significantly fast payment times. I can't completely interpret your pajeetlish, but yes...it's different in that it becomes pay upfront. No "buying" materials and then "forgetting" to pay for 6 months and 3 lawyer's letters.

On the flip-side, sellers get their money in minutes instead of weeks...giving them more liquidity and less/no need to do trade finance.

Speaking of which, de-fi trade financing (and every other imaginable financial instrument) will be quick, easy, and cheap. So if "cash flow" is really holding someone back, they can get a peer2peer/b2b gap loan for pennies of what a bank charges now. Instantly 24/7.

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Just normal market fluctuations.
$10eoy is likely, but $2 eom is even more likely.
Go on frens, swing a little.

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