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imagine just holding your linkies and they grow, imagine staking, imagine being paid to hodl, also imagine nolinkers begging you to sell imagine free money imagine chainlink

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i have

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Comfy comfy

Schlop schlop schlop

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Good thread brah

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It’s all so tiresome

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Imagine hodling link up to $1000+ just to watch it fall back below $100. This is unironically the biggest fear I have...

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It will crash from 1k to 10k

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This could be possible. Hyperinflation causing link to crash in sats but skyrocket in dollars. A crash to 10k

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imagine selling the golden goose

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Imagine being such a shameless pathetic and desperate cuck you larp about getting rich off a meme coin heavily shilled on 4chan and then spend your free time fantasizing about how it’s going to make you rich I can only imagine how pathetic people that actually do this must be

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No linker for sure

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Priced out huh?

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Sad that only those with big stacks will be able to stake. Small stacks will have to sell if they want profit

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I will make 900,000,000 a day staking.

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>tfw no imagination

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It’s so comfy fren. I’m 22y old and I’m retired now thanks to Chainlink. (and eth 2016-2017) I’m so happy lately. My studies are going great. I can finally pay for therapy. I can pay for nutritious food, nice clothes, a nice place to live in, arts and culture events,... I can buy all the cbd I want. I have time and go the gym, I go on walks, I have time to read books. I write and I play theatre. I’m a lot more sociable and just chat up a lot of people lately. Sleeping is so comfy too. No financial worries at all really makes a huge difference. I love it and its thanks to all of you /biz/ link marines. I truly love you frens. Truly love you. Thank you so much for being here <3

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You sound like a normalfag

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Check this and thank me later



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imagine the comfiness of this anon

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imagine free, literally FREE MONEY!

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Wait what? Not every linkie will be able to steak? How big a steak stack would a stinky linky need for tendies?

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>imagine staking, imagine being paid to hodl

w-will we be able to make a fuckload of money off a small neetnode. can i get paid to rent out my linkies to some futuristic node operator?

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What do you study?
Further future plans?

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