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TWO years.
Why didn't you buy?

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You fags told me it was a meme

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>1000 link meme stack literally cost like 200$ at one pont, and under 500$ for most of the 2 years.

you do know many anons bought a meme stack right? even those who didnt believe

>> No.16016812

I did. 21k

>> No.16016816

Positive vibes only, everyone!

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Its ok I'll buy when we go under $2

>> No.16016826

I unironically fell for the caymen island meme.
visited a thread and read that and thought, "welp thats it, its a scam to trick people" What an idiot I am

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> why didn't you buy the thing that presented itself as a joke and was actively FUD'd for the entirety of those 2 years.
Why indeed faggot anon. Why indeed.

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Because it’s just another low cap shitcoin scam that has no chance of delivering on what they are promising at the price is 100% shitcoin shilling and speculation ?

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I consolidated my shit coins into it and got 1800. Wish I did a fiat buy but didnt want to risk dumping more into crypto.

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Cause i didnt know about this like 2 or 3 years ago, i found out about it recently and never too late i invested in Coins like BTC,ETH and also Telecoin..

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>taking anything you read on /biz/ at face value
anon, I...

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I wish I browsed this board way earlier

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I wait one year until it reaches 0.2 bucks

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I'm all in on BTC. FUCK LINK

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Because I’m going to have two more to buy, that’s why

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It is a meme, theres nothing behind it except a chubby bearded slavic man in plaid with a lot of empty cheeseburger wrappers but a discord group memed it into prominence on /biz/. I expect it to tank rapidly without much notice one day.

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Because it was literally a filter for complete retards who wouldn’t fact check. Lmao
Brainlet. 10 mins of research was all it would have taken

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Let it be your lesson. Currently the only crypto, that could net you gains as high as LINK would be BSV, if Craig is in fact Satoshi. In other case there is nothing, that will have that kind of gains.

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i had two years bought 60k links

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I did because I'm not a dumb nigger. I'm Grade A comfy with my 30K.

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we told you that the meme was a meme

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