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I have 100k LINK and 70k cash in my checking account. I'm hoping bitcorn fucks the market and tanks LINK. What's a good fiat entry point on LINK?

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What ever amount you feel like doubling

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Based and checked. I'm trying to rank up so I have to throw in at least 50k. Looking for a TA fag to chime in.

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every dog has its day.
even XVG had its peaks a few years back

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What is with all these larps claiming they have 100k?
You don't have that much, I doubt you even have 1k. STFU.

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If you hodl LINK, pay attention to how much liquidity/financial health the exchange you are planning to cash out at when you dump your bags. If you have a million dollars worth of LINK and it's the middle of the crash below 100 billion BTC market cap and you try to cash it out but can't because there's no liquidity left on the exchange, your money will be lost forever in cyberspace and you will be sucked into the internet like a lost soul, doomed to spend earthly eternity cooming to the latest recommended fetish

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everyday is a good day to buy link

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If he bought at ico price
It’s merely 11k

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Link is a scam

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I have 100k. I bought at 50c.