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I have an announcement, one moment please while I collect my thoughts

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Take all the time you need brother

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We’re ready for you in the back

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Yes of course my good man.

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>here's a vision
>lol dude im evil now

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i think it'll be different this time
waiting with baited breath

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Great I’m saving some seats for anyone who wants them

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*sips* ahhhhhh
whenever you're ready sir

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Take your time, sir

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bear pls go its bull time


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you should have collected your thoughts before making an announcement, cuck.

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A few more moments please my good fellows

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quite the packed evening tonight old chaps,
im glad i still have a VIP seat reserved
it warms my heart that i will partake once again in this prestiges event

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I think I speak for all of us when I say that we delight in anticipation.

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