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Okay /biz/ here's a hint:
If this goes up again, we will see 100-200k bitcoin, if it doesn't, BTC may be fucked.

Good luck

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>if this goes up
I wonder what causing this rise.......

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Woke , that said the fact that btc did 4x this year with a decaying monetary base means we will see btc 200k if it starts to grow again.

Time is on bitcoin side.

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Too high IQ for most of /biz/

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Doesnt everyone know this. You're basically repeating btc supply cap meme.

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I think the lack of responses either completely proves you to be 100% right, or very wrong. I feel like it’s just been a few individuals who have been tossing this around. Most of the people on biz are just here for the memecoins, they aren’t considering global socioeconomic events their outcomes. Probably 85% of the people on /biz/ couldn’t even tell someone what QE means.

The fact that these correlate so much leads me to believe BTC is a government thing now, but that’s probably just me.

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>tfw Bitcoin's monetary policy is to multiply the effects of fiat inflation on price

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Shut up sub 120 iq brainlet
Everyone knows this shit.

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got 1 or 2 more legs down left before the 100k journey starts. sell buy the floor or hodl and buy the floor. 4k before 40k

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Now you are getting it anon , this is why btc all time high is at the top of the chart here


Also next year btc inflation will be bellow fiat.

The revolution won't be centralized.

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BTC is not a gov thing btc is reacting to the monetary base movement of the usd because it's the dominant currency and btc is still flowing above it.

Look when btc was born( in the big blue dildo in the chart in 2009).
ATH happened when the chart started to collapse in december 2017.

Brainlet bobos may not believe but btc has forced central bankers to self moderate , now they are terrified that every time the monetary base is flat or growing btc grows even more.

Satoshi defeated keynes in december 2017 and the world only saw btc collapsing , this chart tells another story.
QE infinity was stoped by bitcoin and next year btc inflation will be bellow the fed inflation goals for the usd.

What happens when the currencies in which btc is meassured are lossing value faster than btc itself due to having more inflation?

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Imagine being a meatloaf tier IQ fuck head like this that adds 0 substance.

That’s the thing. Most people thing crypto will just go to multi trillion market cap via direct value, but it will get that mainly due to hyperinflation of the dollar

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nice digits, fren

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Explain please

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I dont think anyone is surprised that at some point in the future btc will be 6 digits on a fucking crypto board

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What does this mean for link?

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All things being equal, around $325 per Link

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Heres a chainlink hint, i fucked up the arrow position but you will get what i mean

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EOS 21 nodes is bad
but link 21 nodes is ok?
what will be guarding the data? protecting it. A decentralized blockchain/ decentralized blockchains.
without blockchain like ethereum link is nothing

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usd monetary base is shrinking and every time it's stable or growing btc moons.

The good thing is that it can't shrink forever without triggering a recession so in short btc will go to the fucking sun.

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85% of posters here absolutely know what QE means, but they’re paid two rupees to shill to the 15% not to educate noobs

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Are you saying the fed holds LINK?

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>multi trillion market cap via direct value
>hyperinflation of the dollar
You’ll earn entry to the Citadel when you comprehend those are exactly the same thing

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Imagine if the little blip on the right stays par for the course its on right now for a year or more.

We will literally reach Weimar levels of inflation when China stops buying our worthless treasuries

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Stop, that is too high IQ for /biz/

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The 200k/bitcoin dream died in 2016 when you cucks refused to increase the blocksize.

Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin.