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vitalik chimping out at linkies

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>dont need oracles

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Based non giver of ether

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he's absolutely right. the entirety of chainlink's business proposal can be done better with a simple merkle tree.

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>simple merkle tree

try and explain a merkle tree you fucking faggot

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He's bullish on LINK.

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I love how he actually responds to anons
Vitalitk is fucking based

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Why do people keep saying that? What does she have to do with crypto at all?

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why does this guy always try and one up everyone.

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A merkle tree is the outer shell of a secure network that allows millions of lines of unsigned code (aka refugee code) onto the system. Therefore a merkle tree would allow data onto the etherium network without chainlink scamware. Money skeleton is right once again.

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Because he's a little bitch and the spotlight is no longer on his project but the next big thing (LINK). He has a massive fucking ego and can't stand the idea that ETH is an absolute shitcoin without secure data

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what a fuckin idiot

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It's an NDA. If vitalik hates sergey and chainlink, he's the type of person to make it known. all of this dodginess can only mean NDA.

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mommy buy me some ether mommy!

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Shes a jannie. Fuck jannies.

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Has vitalik said or written the word Chainlink since the Toyota Twitter post?

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>is it looked at as competition? Is it the frogs?

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I almost wanted to hate that stupid boomer for overhyping that eea shit, and wasting an hour of my nap...but at least he's a smart shit stirrer.

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Literally nobody has mentioned "merkle" EVER in the history of chainlink fud. You don't know what you're talking about bub. Sad!

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new fud material

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Are there really people who think 20 lines of json parser can't simply be coded into ethereum?

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lol, you sound almost as retarded as VB

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I see. You're completely delusional. Enjoy your vaporware token.

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99% of linkers have an iq under 100 so are you that surprised? most haven't even read the whitepaper

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I hate that autist so much

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did he just bend the knee?

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Imagine actually believing ethereum is the only smart contract platform

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?? That's not even what he said. And his statement is right.

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vitalik is obsessed with the idea that legacy data is obsolete.

Every major world changing figure has some kind of hubris, this will be his

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Need I say any more?

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what does he smell like bros?

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like rancid hamburguers and french fries

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big macs, and a hint of big data

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Pretty spot on

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yup. most of these eth devs are low key socialist and can't stand enterprises and capitalist using their products for their own.

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Topkek. Please be real

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Still trying to wrap my head around this concept. How the fuck do you make the future of corporations """decentralized""" when the only thing decentralization helps is data security, even splits of resources, or usually virtual items in the first place? You can't decentralize physical objects that would be retarded, and most corporations are in the business of selling physical objects.

Because you know, we're not all a bunch of AI programs floating in a simulation. Or at least our simulation requires us to use , you know what forget it vitalik is a retarded gorilla nigger

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Hes a communist pedophile, of course he hates sergey and what hes doing. Chainlink will further cement the wealth of banks and corporations, vitalik hates banks and corporations. I do too but I cant stop saturnian worshipping kikes from implementing this tech so I might as well make money with it.

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low key?

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You guys realize they have been working together all along right? There is no bending the knee here, eventually it will become obvious they are part of a team.

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wtf is this

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VB is too autismal to hide his feelings, and he shows his cards all the time. It's the frogs that get to him, and the pivotal nature of a network like Chainlink. He wanted it all and he's fussy about it.

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Anyone with a smart phone can participate in investing. For example, tokenized real estate. Would be amazing if I could buy properties, or part of properties all around the world without having to even leave my room.

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Have you read a single white paper in your entire life?

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waste of quints

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There's more


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I have 90k link and I've never read any "academic" paper related to blockchain. And I'm going to be fucking rich next year.

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When this socially inept 22 year old kid believed he created a revolutionary invention that would have impacted the lives of billions of people, he stopped thinking rationally. He started to become delusional, and was surrounded by yes-men telling him he was a god. Vitalik dreamed of a techno psuedo-communist world in which the powerless were suddenly the powerful, in a decentralized collective manner.

And then... nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. Except for a plethora of scams that enriched the rich even more before finally the whole crypto market imploded.

Then from the ashes emerges chainlink. It doesn't replace the system. It just improves on it. And it doesn't depend on the success of ETH.

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>just use a pointer duh

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Oh I'm sorry, was I supposed to read whitepapers made by these people? I can't hear you over vitalik's sick rapping

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>and most corporations are in the business of selling physical objects.

>what are banks

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Its saying let corporations compete in the decentralized space.. Not become decentralized themselves.

It remains to be seen if the decentralized world could somehow grow larger than centralized institutions. It's surely possible. But it would make it easier for the old money if an Oracle could help them get integrated into the space. So that's all that's being discussed there I believe.

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You obviously have seen exactly what they wanted you to see...for now.

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Holy fuck what a brainlet arguement

>> No.15998974

>Vitalik says "Chainlink isn't needed for on-chain data" which is objectively true

>autistic schizo twitter tranny stinker-LINKers absolutely chimp the fuck out and start flinging shit everywhere

pump & dump vaporware shitcoin with solid trading volume.

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I used to believe this but I honestly think this is giving him too much credit. The more I listen to this guy the more I realize that he's so autistic he's a brainlet on a lot of things.

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A true renaissance man, this guy.

>> No.15998999

Toyota twitter?

>> No.15999004


Also, this. If you look at the companies that would build off/are partnering with LINK, they're all the companies that should be replaced by decentralized, crypto-focused better versions of themselves (i.e. microsoft, google)

LINK "partners" with these boomer bootlicker companies. Other cryptos try to replace them.

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He called chainlink the “Toyota” of oracles. I believe he was using it as a derogatory way and comparing himself to a more luxury brand or something.

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how is this nigga a communist when he weighs 300 lbs

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you can't decentralize an object but you can decentralize ownership of an object, tokenized homosexuals my friend

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This is the content I come to biz for

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>thinks merkle trees are difficult to understand
>holds chainlink
You are Literally never going to make it bud.

>> No.15999098

99% of the world has an iq under 100, idiot, that's what makes it 100

>> No.15999105

Why? Do you have a rich relative with a terminal illness?

>> No.15999123

>month old tweet
>one post by OP
>attemp to subtle push the side chain meme
>Hey goys use consensy we will control you for your owm good
Communists deserve the rope, but gladly nobody seems to have fallen for this shit.

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you're stupid

>> No.15999172

No I just don't play the delphi game and will be the one committing the massacre. Enjoy your limited time on this planet, you invoked the wrath of the gods yourself. You didn't thought you could play with black magick without consequences?

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Merkle trees are old invention, those can be used for on-chain data without interaction with outside world.

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Been holding since .44 cents. No need to suggest i'm one of... them

>> No.15999281

And people think it's better to by ETH then LINK.

When I see Sergey doing a stupid fucking dance like this then I will sell my stack.

>> No.15999334

Talked to him at the Osaka happy hour. Hands were soft as a babies bottom and no foul smell. It was rather pleasant.

>> No.15999346

a hyper genius autist like vitalik knows what hes talking about. this guy is smarter than all of biz so you might want to listen to what he says

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t. merkle tree

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You are the 99% apparently.

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>?? That's not even what he said. And his statement is right.
You're right, but there's either a lot of idiots or people willfully lying about it.

>> No.15999829

>Vitalik stating the obvious about Chainlink
Woah, you don't need Chainlink for on-chain data... woah...


>> No.15999847

You know there are people on here who contribute to these projects, and others that are more complex right

Having an idea that got to market faster than other similar ideas doesnt make you a super genius

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Twitter would be fun without the JANNIES

>> No.15999863

God damnit no wonder the chainlink guys put an emphasis on “blockchain agnostic”

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All I know is I put half my btc in omisego because of Vitalik, and the other half in link because of /biz. Only one of those decisions is preventing me from slitting my wrists.

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Have they proven Chainlink can do this yet? If not, why even buy any until they do. At this time, Linkies aren't worth the price they have. I don't care if chainlink went to almost $5. There's a reason why and it's not because of what solutions it brings to blockchain and exchange of data. There's a bunch of whales that bought a large stack and choose when to bring the price up and when to drop it. Just like ETH shouldn't be worth as much as it is since it;s really supposed to be used to pay for gas fees. It's awesome that blockchain is getting light. Still no oracles connected bringing that data on chain.

>> No.16000065

Your stepdad has raised a very resilient young lady.

>> No.16000148

He is a fucking scared idiot.

>W-we don’t need oracles!!
>O-okay sure we need them for THAT thing (industries worth literally billions) but we don’t need it for THIS thing (historical data from his little sandbox project)
>T-there is no disagreement!!

This self centered autist deserves to be left in the dust of greater men

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vitalik is terrified of sergey

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>W-we don't need oracles!!
He's not saying that.

>> No.16000195

That is what he has been implying you goof, and he has downplayed their importance. The panel where SN didn’t put him against the wall for his retarded statements was one thing, but now his being confronted for his retarded pussy statements.

It’s like saying water isn’t important because we get unlimited amounts from the tap. Similar retardation levels

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Lol your shitcoin depends on ethereum you fucking moron.

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>>SIBOS, NEXT EVENT, NEXT MONTH, $10, $100, $1000, $10000, $100000, ETC, ETC

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>>l-le-let me telll you something, our token with paid promotion and 50 million raised on the backs of single moms and neets has scammed, lied and bought its way into its place led by a devious, sub-human, dumbass fat russian and look we made this happen *clap clap clap*

let me tell you something link scum. in one year link will be forgotten and while you fumble to load bullets into your mosin to hunt sirgay, he'll be on a yacht somewhere getting head from chink prostitutes circling the Bahamas as your entire networth shrinks to zero. there are hundreds if not thousands of crypto projects coming and stinklink will be dethroned soon enough.

>> No.16000452

Do your own research, maybe just maybe read the blog, check the proof of concepts, the "hackatons" and all the prices that have been paid out to teams that did exactly that, bring external data provable to smart contracts using LINK

>> No.16000464

>forced meme

>> No.16000521

lmao is anyone on twitter over the age of 16?

>> No.16000526

Is he autistic?

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This thread right here is onyl real LINK fud for me.

>Retards can't comprehend simple conversation (they are talking about onchain and ofchain data basics)
>Retards thinking link can succeed without ETH (but its-its-it blockchain agnostic anon LOL)
>Retards thinking ETH can succeed without LINK (but everything can be done on eth amon LOL)

We cant be same IQ for fuck sake, and I have only 30k strack!!!


>> No.16000632

no, blockchain agnostic, doesn't matter if it is eth, neo, ftm, hyperledger... yes, currently LINK is developed on eth, but lessons learned can easily be transferred onto other chains. And looking at the eth dev community fuck up, very likely the case next year

>> No.16000651


>> No.16000655

It confuses me too. I've had LINK since the presale, not sure why suddenly in the last few months some people started trying to pit it against ETH.

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>learned can easily be transferred onto other chains

No they cant tech illiterate mong you didnt learned shit.
Do you have any idea how software is developed???
Took them 6m to rewrite code to fucking GO back in 2018 and tahts like 1/10 of swaping chain work.
Lets say we go live and stake it 2020 and feed data to world and eth just fucking dies
>yo!! everyone wait up for 2 years we swaping chains also taking snapshots on nonexisting chain to airdrop you new holdings on to new chain
ALSO every link reaserch and idea as mixicles etc is eth-centric

>> No.16000679

They are angry vitalik / eth devs either completely ignore link or dismiss it as useless
And i agree its indeed very strange behavior on twitter from eth fags
You can feel the repressed anger for link

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Because they are cluless retarded nulinkers understanding nothing about any of this shit or just old marines shitpostin and larping

This cant be anons that red whitepaper understood it and went allin back in 2017 no fucking way, from all fuds this is only one getting to me

>> No.16000698

He never dismiss link as useless, like hes literally saying its usless for onchain data and usefull for offchain (DOH no shit!)

What incels are mad is vitalik not pumping they bags and shilling lol

>> No.16000706


>> No.16000730

Jesus fucking kek

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Wtf I hate chain link now because vitalik creator of a worthless shitcoin factory that can't even handle crypto kitties said so!!!

>> No.16000979

Stop lying faggot.

>> No.16001009

>why eth/vitalik don’t talk about chainlink for legacy data?
>huh?why would we? Merkle is enough(Since we don’t care about off-chain-data)
>*autistics screeching* we are talking about real world here
>and I was talking about blockchain data (Since we don’t care about off-chain-data)

For once I’m on the side of vitalik here even if he don’t make it clear that he don’t cares about chainlink
I don’t know why people are so obsessed with what vitalik endors
I think he made it pretty clear he don’t thinks oracles are important so why would he care much about chainlink?
Also chain link doesn’t need vitaliks approval or anything so why is this so important?

>> No.16001043


Yes you anons are right but it's not "repressed anger" or "incels mad vitalik not pumping they bags" it's rather simple really:

Its fucking 2018/2019 nulinkers still unable to comprehend big picture and carrying bags of "next eth" and only way they can excuse himself in the head for owning "next eth" and best project on eth same time is this "blockchain agnostic" bullshit without any comprehension how the fuck would link swap chains this alte in development

Also fuck nulinkers and shitcoin peddlers

>> No.16001068


Because as anon above stated vitaliks aproval would 2-3x price on spot so to pamp there bags lol

>> No.16001082

>Come on join the fudding anon
>I haven't yet reached my goal
you are priced out and that is a good thing swinger

>> No.16001194

They meant legacy data as in off chain data stored on legacy systems

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>> No.16001285

>most corporations are in the business of selling physical objects.
Ever heard of Google or Facebook?
Data is the new oil

>> No.16001307

im just surprised there are real life people still buying shitcoins

>> No.16001331

reminder that money skelly was fan of omisego.Actually bullish as fuck

>> No.16001334

He literally said you do need oracles for EXTERNAL data.

>> No.16001356

Casually mentioning an aspect of your Russian shitcoin is not a "chimpout".

It's hard to believe that you faggots are this deluded.

>> No.16001363

It’s funny because ETH is a russian shitcoin too

>> No.16001365

>what data is external to blockchain
Pretty much all data, kek

>> No.16001367

>you didn't thought

I'll let all the magi at Delphi headquarters know there is a homeless pajeet with down syndrome masturbating in the parking lot waiting to massacre them.

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File: 2.56 MB, 322x178, DD51B6F0-DF48-492D-BEA7-5FB9A8340753.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thinks LINK cannot move to another blockchain platform
>thinks LINK will not move to another more secure more performant more decentralized more scalable blockchain platform

>> No.16001393

When are his Kleros shills going to MOON PNK FFS REEEE

>> No.16001564
File: 630 KB, 673x406, COOM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> attempting to deflect because he has no idea what a merkle tree actually is
I see they really have the big brain fudders on shift tonight

>> No.16001594

the fuck. merkles are obsolete

>> No.16001762

>Its fucking 2018/2019 nulinkers still unable to comprehend big picture and carrying bags of "next eth" and only way they can excuse himself in the head for owning "next eth" and best project on eth same time is this "blockchain agnostic" bullshit without any comprehension how the fuck would link swap chains this alte in development

Yeah your right look at them
>fomoes into next eth shitcoin
>fomoes into link at 2$
>but link will go to my shitcoin chain right guys?

TOPKEK the cope

>> No.16002437

wtf I basically just feel bad about myself now idk why after watch about half that I couldn't finish

>> No.16002438
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It just says oracles are not needed we can just merkle tree it over and over again.

>> No.16002447
File: 301 KB, 1067x1600, SIRGAY3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Literally who

>> No.16002470

Sounds expensive

>> No.16002503

holy shit are you ok??

>> No.16002516

Unironically yes

>> No.16002529

>there are hundreds if not thousands of crypto projects coming
Bullish for Chainlink

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im telling you right now, shit lile this will trigger vitalik into an adderall binge to create his own oracles for ethereum. you retards are playing with fire, you will regret being so smug

>> No.16002857

is that why he dumped 2 mil tokens a couple of weeks ago?

>> No.16002865

so he's going to create a centralized oracle?

>> No.16002909

Chainlink isn’t a decentralized oracle network. KYC shit is all it is, which anyone can do.

>> No.16002954

>he thinks moving to another blockchain is done with a click on a GUI

Don’t invest in fields you have no understanding of you retarded zoomer.

>> No.16002976

>which anyone can do
Yet they haven't

>> No.16002991

>people actually think this shithead has an original thought

if your here data mining for you're twitter account you need to kill your self

>> No.16003775

>I’ve held link since presale
Apparently not, cuz there has been LINK-ETH animosity since the beginning.

>> No.16003819

Not really. People were all pretty positive about ETH at the end of 2017 when LINK came out. If you got in the presale, chances are you already were holding ETH too at the time.

>> No.16003861

LOl nulinker

>> No.16004775


>> No.16004948

My thoughts too

>> No.16005330

>he'll be on a yacht somewhere getting head from chink prostitutes

>> No.16005341


>> No.16005968

wtf i love ETH now

>> No.16005985

don't underestimate the power people give to social constructs

>> No.16006070

Pick one

T. Not historically illiterate

>> No.16006090

vitalik spotted

>> No.16006091

>what are REITS

>> No.16006129

The traffic of the LINK token will go through Ethereum, but this traffic will only be from staking and node payment. This is inherently low-intensity, even with hundreds of thousands of nodes. The actual oracle and smart contract part is off-chain (ie. node’s hardware) and/or on-chain on any platform (ie. a blockchain) the smart contract creator wants. Chainlink will not be bound to Ethereum, at all. Eventually, all smart contract platforms will just become databases for the Chainlink network.

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Remember that when you are right about an early trend, almost everyone will tell you that you're wrong and deluded. That is part of the test of being a very early adopter. There are not many like you.

>> No.16006191

Don't spoon feed these faggots. They had 2 years

>> No.16006198

Should be jelly is the skelly

>> No.16006356

cope harder kike

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