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This is Graig Maxwell, he protects this board from evil BSV scammers, say something nice about him comrades

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he really is Satoshi, isn't he...

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based greg!
yes he is everyone is satoshi except craig, so greg is satoshi.

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He is, but it doesn't matter...truth is it never mattered. What matters is the tech and the work being done to grow the ecosystem within BSV. If the ecosystem thrives, BSV will thrive...simple as. Look I don't expect anyone here to go all in on BSV over some dumb post but ask yourself this, all this unironic bashing of Craig should SCREAM buy to you...but hey, wtf do I know?

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based Grog
Delivering us From Ebil Fuckfrauds
like this cunt >>15996877

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when is the last time greg said anything publicly
he just enjoys his life and codes sometimes, get off his nuts bsv fags

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>all this unironic bashing of Craig should SCREAM buy to you
There are literally multiple videos showing him unable to answer simple questions about the thing he supposedly created, and completely losing his cool swearing everyone out.

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>when is the last time greg said anything publicly
he is moving in the shadows he does not play his game in the open. strikes when you least expect him to. makes whatever alliances necessary and betrays them without hesitation when he must. do not fuck with greg!

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What's funny to me is people are just figuring this out now... It's been obvious for years. I mean, just follow where the angry shill FUD is directed and you find out where the real value is.

Anyone remember back in 2012 when BTC got all the hate. It suddenly stopped when Blockstream hijacked development. Then after the fork, all the "buttcoiner" FUD suddenly changed to bcash FUD. When they got control of BCH and it forked, all the attacks changed basically overnight toward BSV.

BSV is Bitcoin, and therefore it is a threat to to (((them))).

It's so obvious for anyone paying attention.

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Yep, that is Gregory.

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This. They do the opposite of what they intend to do

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Greg will be in prison by the halvening

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the irony is sv cucks start 15 threads a day fudding btc while core cucks only start 1 or 2 a month. so by your own logic btc is where the value lies - it's basically the most fudded coin in 2019 -. which i can agree with.

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Sharing factual information is not FUD.

Any intelligent person can smell your Jewish lies and rhetoric a mile away. You might think you blend in, but you really don't.

What you lack is LOGOS. A totally foreign concept to a Jewish mind.

Where logos is present, the jew will attack.

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Are these threads unironically a siphon for retards arguing with each other?

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His beard looks like a chimpanzee's butt.

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He looks like the type that enjoys smelling other people's farts.

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gotcha! that rustled your jimmies i can tell.

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it's the "isis 2017 most sexy" you are talking about!! delet!

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>everyone who disagrees with me is Greg
>everyone who makes fun of BSV is Greg
cope with the external API

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this is Ernie Maxwell, Graig Maxwell's little brother.

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this is Robert Maxwell, aka The Bouncing Czech
now, Cap'n Bob was a man could have taught creg a thing or two..

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He's jewish and backed by bankers.

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