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Finally accumulated my puny 1k stack of LINK.
Fucking delighted.

Any LINK whales wanna come in here and flex their stack?

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Nice job dude. I remember when I get 10k in 2018, such a great day I was fucking happy. Still have them btw

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You will soon want more... and who wouldnt? At these insanely cheap prices?
You would have to be a madman not to go balls deep buying more. Now the dopamine rush fades away upon this realization.

"It is not enough".

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19 yo and I have a 20k LINK stack. Gonna make it while I'm young. Feels fucking great.

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Really happy for you, Anon. I wish I was as smart as you at 20.

I am only 24, though.

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Are you the anon from a majority white country in Europe? I think I recognize you.

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>Are you the anon from a majority white country in Europe?
That's every Anon from Europe?

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Should’ve just bought Tezos pleb

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If I had made it that young, I'd be dead by now.

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