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You know what's going to happen

Chainlink $1000 EOY

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wtf is that spain?

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I feel like I'm going to get robbed through the computer screen

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Stop spamming your fucking car you faggot we dont give a fuck we're only waiting for someone to rob you

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>defending a literal redditor from Ecuador who puts crypto symbols on his car for normies to see
Never gonna make it faggots you didnt even get digits and Kek will punish your attention whoring

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filename related

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always love a good comfy 42 thread

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>always love a good comfy 42 thread

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The MANIAC actually did it

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he must have missed these threads:

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$1000 EOY

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"Chapel perilous" is also a term referring to a psychological state in which an individual is uncertain whether some course of events was affected by a supernatural force, or was a product of their own imagination. It was used by writer and philosopher Robert Anton Wilson in his 1977 book Cosmic Trigger.

The term "chapel perilous" was used by Antero Alli, in his 1986 book, Angel Tech: A Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection which is based on Timothy Leary's eight-circuit model of consciousness. In Alli's book chapel perilous is a rite of passage, when moving between the four lower circuits of consciousness to the higher circuits.

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fuck the (((IMF)))
>IMF hands (((4.2))) billion in loans to Ecuador in exchange for Julian Assange


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Isaiah 3:12
>As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.
pic related

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>As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them
wow, it's almost as if this bible verse was just written today

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>IMF arrests Julian Assange for exposing the crimes of the money printers
>IMF puts little Greta on the stage so they can tax you further without calling it a tax
as far as I understand it, there is no money
if you deal in their pedophile papers you automatically work for them and are their slave

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>if you deal in their pedophile papers you automatically work for them

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regarding psychedelics like this post:
I would urge strong caution when dabbling in these substances:


excerpt from the link:

>If you'll humor a bit more speculation here, I strongly suspect that whatever it was that I encountered has been around for a very long time, playing the exact same game across human history (and the history of other non-human intelligent life). Based on striking parallels I can draw to my own experiences, it seems obvious to me that they have left their mark on human culture in the form of all kinds of religious, mythological, and occult portrayals, sometimes vilified, sometimes glorified, with varying degrees of accuracy and of course muddled with all manner of flawed human interpretation. Many works of fiction also seem to contain embellished (or even dumbed-down) elements inspired by either direct or secondhand contact with them, including the likes of H.P. Lovecraft, Lord Dunsany, and Edgar Allan Poe. Maybe such influence is more in the form of indirect cultural tropes combined with human creativity, though, who knows.

>There's no need to mince words, these things are absolutely demonic. I really don't like that term because of all its associated baggage, but that is the best way I can think of to describe these beings and their true nature. This leads me to the part most of you are probably going to like the least, so I'll keep it brief. This is based on my own limited experience and perspective, so I'm not making any kind of authoritative assertion here, but I'm leaving this here as food for thought for any of you who might be experiencing these things. In all their attempts to portray themselves as "divine," I think that they may have been imitating something real, and they have a violent aversion to the real thing, whatever that may be.

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good thing I invested in link just yesterday
we are all gonna make it bras

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some more copypasta regarding psychedelic trips:


As you saw in that joe rogan clip, He was terrorized before he was given 'beautiful wisdom' I believe this is a deception tactic. IN the interview he said he was quite shaken after just being totaled for the whole trip, and then was brought beautiful knowledge. If these entities were really good, why would they feel the need to terrorise him? I feel like this ignorance of terror is due to the hypnosis. You will often see users of DMT with the same fake enlightened look in their eyes.

TO SUMMARISE, these entities should be considered nothing else than an APEX PREDATOR, their cunning and trickery knows almost no ends as different types of entities are being discovered daily. The hypnosis is perfect for deceiving its spiritual prey, its pretty lights a great distraction from its sinister intentions, and often times looks like a predator, (even though they can shapeshift into anything they want almost) It seems like these entities are truly demons posing as gods with every predatory gift of any animal on earth at its disposal.

2 Corinthians 11:14 "And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light."

There is so much more I simply didnt have time to discuss today, I really encourage you all to do some digging as there are some questions about these entities i havent quite been able to answer yet.

Kubrick characterized the future he envisioned through his depiction of "A Clockwork Orange" as a psychedelic fascism.
The political implications will be much more prevalent in the near future than most people are aware. A psychedelic uproar is about to take place very soon.

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be the smart man, you see quant there?
its fking 50m marketcap

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Quant and Link are brothers. Everyone laughed when assblaster first leaked NDA

The car is a giveaway anyone still in doubt deserves to stay poor

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They remind me of that south park episode with the anti smokers

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it would be funny if the consequences weren't so dire
>pic related
If government NPC agents aren't trying to haul me away then I am not doing my job right

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>As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

1900: Who needs God, when we have government instead!
>over the next 100 years, the nation states of the world proceed to sacrifice their citizens (aka hostages) by the millions to their new god
2019: Why did the world wars happen!?

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>over the next 100 years, the nation states of the world proceed to sacrifice their citizens (aka hostages) by the millions to their new god

the sacrifice rituals, commonly referred to as world wars, were actually sexual fever dreams induced via hypnosis on an unsuspecting and godless population

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>Check out this old painting depicting Buddha and the wheel of life. He’s pointing towards the moon which has a rabbit in it. Is he telling us this is where the secret to escaping the cycle of death and rebirth is found? And is that a tiny Saturn behind his head?


Nick seems to have taken the 42-pill
he most definitely was lurking and maybe even posting in the 42 threads back in June (as you can see his posts start towards the end of July 2019)

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speaking about the 42-pill
this guy definitely was introduced to the 42-pill back in 2010
he even appeared on Jimmy Kimmel afterwards
>pic related
>what does this mean?
>honk-pill from 2010

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After Tesla died in 1943, the US government seized his property, which included documents relating to his inventions. Considering his death happened at the height of World War II, it’s reasonable to say they probably didn’t want his knowledge falling into the wrong hands.

According to files released by the FBI, those documents were handed over to the head of research at MIT to see if they had “any ideas of significant value.” Supposedly they did not and were returned shortly after. However, after the exchange, some mysteriously went missing.

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what's most interesting to me about all this time travel discussion is the possibility to change the past
this concept is called "retrocausality"

>Time is certainly relative
>you can change the past from the future can't you?
>is this what is happening?

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at CERN the particles are being accelerated at close to the speed of light
that means that time, from their frame of reference, is moving slower relative to their surroundings
that means these particles are arriving in the future (similar to how in the movie Interstellar, the main character comes back to the "present" only to find that his daughter is now very old while he hasn't aged)

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body: I stopped questioning the script.
A rift in this world opened.
I clipped.

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hope youd be so kind Mr. 42, is there going to be a collapse like Venezuela in US and Asia?
will gold and silver will still be valuable 5yrs from now?
also, if the holy grail shows $81000 per link in 2026, is there a chance that it wouldnt happen?

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>will gold and silver will still be valuable 5yrs from now?
look at what gold did in 2008
they printed a shitton of money and this was responsible for the increase in gold price
the problem however is that stocks and shares rose much more than gold did
the thing with any rare commodity is that pricing always calibrates such that the average person will always need to work 40 hours a week to self sustain
Milton Friedman talks about the gold rush and how the price of gold initially rose
however some years later, due to inflation, the prices (in terms of gold) calibrated and went up to reflect the increased supply.

see this video:

>if the holy grail shows $81000 per link in 2026
but actually I don't know what the price will be regarding link in the short term, let alone the long term
we'll have a better idea once staking comes online and the otc (over the counter) supply of link diminishes as people lock their link in collateral smart contracts

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did you say
song related:
>my chainlink, my chainlink
>don't you love my chainlink
>young gucci mane, and I'm poppin' off the chainlink
>and my chainlink is so fruity
>call me gucci mane
>or you call me gucci gucci

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>wake up, sleepy head
>ohh baby wake up
>get out of bed
>ohh baby wake up

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Is there any better? I made a promise not to wash until staking. I seeded myself with psilocybin spores and now have growths all over me. They've burrowed into my blood. Into my brain. I'm in a constant state of extreme agony and glorious clairvoyance. The mycelium chews at my flesh and rewards with visions more real than the air you breathe. Chainlink has already reached $1000, it has always reached it. Time is just sinking round and round to that inevitable point and you are scrambling at the sides trying to climb out, but my mushrooms will have you in time.

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>I seeded myself with psilocybin spores and now have growths all over me.
haven't you seen the story for "The Last of Us"?

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>I made a promise not to wash until staking.

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Best way to make yourself a target, kidnapped and beat up until you give your private keys

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you are a fucking retard if you show people that you own crypto. Enjoy getting robbed.

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You guys are fucking idiots.

>be me
>zoomer working in blockchain enterprise space
>invited to Enterprise Ethereum Alliance working group kickoff at 12pm EST
>I put one headphone in and work as Wolpert talks about whatever
>Q&A section starts and the lady reads off the screen
>”Sergey Nazarov from Chainlink has a question”
>Interest peaks
>I turn up the volume
>”Sergey would like to hear your thoughts on the COOM Project”
>A moment of confused silence ensues
>The question girl passes it off
>”Do you wanna take this one john?”
>”Yeah let me look it up”
>wolpert uncomfortably googles COOM Project
>Shock takes over as he is blasted with pics of coomer memes
>”Haha I guess I dont know enough about this”
>quickly changes the subject when it dawns on him that some bizraeli was larping as lord sergey
>MFW biz memed poor johnny wolper

Which one of you fuckers did this? Stay in your lane you autistic fucks.

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Cute we have 1 pajeet using a proxy

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>You guys are fucking idiots.
what did you just say to me!?

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>Sergey would like to hear your thoughts on the COOM Project”

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What's your desktop wallpaper, 42?

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it's funny, I had a mountain range (won't name which one) as the background for a couple years
then I get sent on a business trip to that exact same mountain range and even take a picture from the same spot as my wallpaper
I changed it now though
>pic related

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Today as I was heading home from work

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good interview:

>> No.15998147
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very nice

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was playing the game "Astral Chain" and just came upon this segment
>pic related

>> No.15998783

Kek, the delusion

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>> No.15998824

>skelly doing his thing
i have never seen this before. where is this from?

>> No.15998856
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Keep digging

It gets better

>> No.15999745
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Based marine, must be one of the high IQ shit skins. The shill poos in this thread are seething.

>> No.16000527
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You mariners are subhuman pieces of shit that have devoid any other coin of a real chance. You fell for lies and scams of a literal russian neckbeard and proceeded to advance in tech you didn't understand. your money alone is what has advanced this nepotistic fat fucking asshole. you alone have pumped this piece of shit and alone on your backs he has cashed out. be realistic. look at the world for what it is. you really think this fat mongoloid didn't browse the forums here? you really think you just found a fucking token? bitch please, you got lulled in day one by these fat fucks and other anons and then the meme became a dream and now it's crashing. you faggots deserve whats coming, a literal exit and the rest of your tendy money crashing into the sea. fuck you all.


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