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Is this shit only 20mil market cap?

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Wow this looks so unique and interesting compared to the other coins claiming to be the next new digital dollar anon.
I sure don't want to miss out and am feeling that FOMO sirs.

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Yeah how many projects are used by a central bank to issue national fiat?>>15992265

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This is a central bank saying they’re about to deploy on a coin, I don’t think k you retards get it.

What the fuck am I missing?

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Much better than RIPPLE sirs

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It’s literally on the banks website you fucking idiot

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I swear to god, this is why we need flags, not fags. Shill your garbage somewhere else please.

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The question is how such an obvious scam is worth so much.

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kek at this thread

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What part of securing assets on chain requires 1:1 ratio of network value:on-chain assets.

Man I'm in it for the money. Don't care if you buy or not. The goal is to invest in networks which will carry the most value, hence become the most valuable

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Explain this to me, why would a banking network say they’re using fantom if only fantom is claiming the reverse according to you

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Fantom stable coin network is being used by a third party to issue backed digital central bank currency.

Fantom is a utility token not a digital dollar

the value for holders comes from the network

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t. Seething 2017 altcoin bagholder.
Inb4 you larp about holding 100k LINK.

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It si fucking not
KYS rajnesh

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I acually hold 50k link Atkish and can use brain thats why this is so funny LOL

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You can barely write a sentence. I hope English is your 3rd language after Swahili and French, you stupid fucking nigger.

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ITT: Mandeep vs Rajkumar vs Durpinder

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How much do you own man? Be honest. You should have finished accumulating by now no need to continue fudding

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Another jelly pajet peddling shitcoins after missing link

You had 2 years now pray for negor banks pamping your bags buying on dexes LMFAO


What a timeline

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South African banks are still largely white

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That is acually good point anon but ftm is still gook scam and i seen some shit since 2016 lol

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Dude how much do you own? It’s clear fudding isn’t gonna do anything on this board since no one with real cash is browsing anymore

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>still running after the encrypted monies meme
DINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDING its 2019, nearly 20, that dream died

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Half of us neets shitpost here 24/7 while we wait for singularity and this "he fuds to get in cheap" is worst answer to fud ever

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> 100k link is a larp
I actually have 52k
Holy fuck your post just gave me an erection. Please tell me more about how you think I'm bullshit in a thread where I'm shredding your retarded shitcoin.

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Except the one day this turns out to be correct it’s going to be a 1000x return

I’ve also only been holding this coin about 10 days

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So its not just me?

browsing biz getting erections when I see retards who still dont get after all this time drowning in pajet tire shitcoins and living on hopium of most epic tires like: african banks buying my bags in open market


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So if im wrong i get 10 times your bags (and yes for 5x price) and still make it -cool

Whats to lose.

Protip since I can tell you are new to all this: Im not

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It's like a dream.
He could have kept shilling the shitcoin lines his handler gave him but he went out of his way to say that. I never thought I'd be one of those guys that newfags would think were approaching whale status. We're gonna make it, fren.

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I have been here literally every day since dec 2017. Every day. I owned 350k link before I started selling this pump

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Every random shitcoin thread now contains:
"you larp about holding 100k LINK"
"my token does not need shilling like linkscam"
"my shitcoin is next link"

and my favorite

"I had 500k- mil link and sold it for this shitcoin" see I was so smart and this is what smart money does" like this fuck >>15992991

What a timeline anon we made it

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>central bank of SOUTH AFRICA

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Yes, I have sold most for physical silver and fantom/harmony. Do you faggots realize a huge crash is coming? Link will not be spared, and even if it is it’s already a billion market cap

Harmony and/or fantom are the chosen scaling solutions and are only TWENTY FUCKING MILLION market cap. They are at the bottom of their pnd cycle.

In this climate rn link is not going to do more than a 10x. It’s already at a billion market cap you retards, theres going to have to be tectonic shift in the crypto market itself before it pumps hard to where it should be

I’m as strong a link believer as anyone, but rationally my portfolio will outperform yours and you faggots are going to be making necking threads when fantom finally pumps

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Can you screenshot the bank saying it's using FTM pls anon

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Link tier

>> No.15993094


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Jesus what is your problem you fucking psycho?
Doing a really great job of convincing me to buy your bags

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That isn't a screenshot of a bank website. That's just the same stupid image they have on the FTM website about smart cities - a complete horseshit concept.

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Zar network has nothing to do with central bank of SA, dumb cunt. It's a private company with VC investors. Jus look it up on their web.

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You have actually single handedly convinced me not to buy FTM after weeks of scoping it out.
Thanks for making me realise how bullshit these threads are. You have probably saved me a fortune

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zar network are providing infrastructure for banks using fantom

simple really

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Lmao nigger and sandnigger pump coming any day soon, phantom to the moon

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They set monetary policy for CMR which encompasses 5 countries. If your fud is that a central bank controlling a monetary supply in the hundreds of billions is issuing on fantom is somehow not bullish because it is South African, then I don't know what to tell you.

It's about on-chain value vs the necessary network value to secure those assets.

I don't care if it's a south african bank, jp Morgan or the fed themselves who want to secure assets on fantom.

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Listen, it is a SARB initiative which they are implementing through commercial banks with the infrastructure provided by zar.

As simple as that.

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Yeah but wtf IS zar network though?
I could just make a website right now called EUR.org and make bold claims. It doesn't mean anything

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sheeeeeiiiiit biz I’m getting Jibrel Network vibes

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You have to wait, the website is linked to the Zar github

Fantom have issued a statement

>> No.15993323

we have been told that the stablecoin will be backed

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How much fantom? Sorry, findom? I own absolutely fucking 0 dipshit.
Fucking Durgesh.

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Zar network is a start up which developped a technological solution in direct response to SARB's EOI for the issuance of a legal tender digital rand.

Excuse my google links.




So SARB submitted an EOI and suppliers provided their solutions and they did internal testing and ZAR was selected.

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Ok now this is good shit. Thankyou.
Where in the fuck did you get these links?

>> No.15993415

Inb4 not clicking that shit, here is a link to an article containing the EOI PDFs.


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It's on SARB's website. Public info.

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>I sold 1 milion $ of LINK to FTM AND ONE

You are out of your line rajneesh you need to keep shills simple and believable

Fact you claim you are are in link since start but: >there is 0 chance you held since 2017 during fud and lows and still use mcap meme fud
>0 fucking chance someone is not tech illiterate and hi iq to get huge link bags and sell them for absolute IEO scams like ftm and one now after 2 years

"One" part got me hard my fucking ties

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Do you know when they released that info/when did you first discover it? I want to know if it predates the South African Risk analyst LARP on here or if he could have seen that and then based off that started all of the shilling

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This EOI was submitted in May.

Andre Cronje who has been developping Zar network is South African himself and has connections in the banking sector there.

>> No.15993510

Issue date 29 April 2019
Closing date 6 June 2019 at 11:30am

Its in front of linked documents, expression of intrest is public document and you are digging to hard anon use logic and think who bilds future monetary infrastructure of continent on project with shady past and no mainnet?

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Damn. That means it predates the information supposedly leaked by the 'Risk Analyst'.
That doesn't necessarily mean it's bullshit, it just means he didn't leak any private information. That means he was probably LARPing. That means this whole FTM hype comes from basically nothing unfortunately.

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6m ago same shitty insider larp happened around "dubai insider" so duuuhhh

Heres protip:
>dubai mention =its a scam
>central banks on board=its a fucking scam

Or you could like sjut open ftm telegram and notice HALF OF FUCKING INDIA IS THERE

gl on your journey

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btw trips for truth kek wills it

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Yeah. I'm a bit sad now though. I was quite excited about putting my money behind it, and now I'm back at square one with no idea what to invest in.
Perhaps I'll buy Ethereum again. It is pretty cheap atm

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Lmao ok guys... you're too smart. It's definitely all fake.

Or maybe, Andre isn't a fucking liar and what they say they are working on is actually happening?

In any case, put your money (or don't) where your mouth is and see who bet right.

Those indians are unironically smarter than you as they have correctly identified a good opportunity while you are unable to do so.

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>Those indians are unironically smarter than you as they have correctly identified a good opportunity while you are unable to do so.


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These* Pardon my phone posting auto-corrections.

Glad you were able to decipher the meaning, though.

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All I'm saying is that this means the Risk analyst guy was LARPing. And that was the cause of a LOT of the hype. So it does to me that it's built solely on rumours. That doesn't necessarily mean nothing is going to happen it just... definitely seems a lot dodgier.

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I dont mind spelling
I ment calling them "these" is disrespectful to your family

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Yeah the risk analyst guy was always a larp. But the info being put out by Fantom and zar matches the EOI. Fantom's reputation zar members reputations are done if they made something up for a bit of attention in a bear market where nothing pumps. I somehow doubt that's the case

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How does it mean he was larping? He said the coin will be released by eoy and probably by eom

>> No.15993830


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Yeah their reputations are at stake but unless they've done a lot I haven't heard of (which is definitely possible) then they have nothing to lose.
Are these famous companies that have a big reputation at stake? Genuinely asking. I've never heard of either aside from on biz.

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Well because the information he "leaked" was already available publicly. So he didn't leak anything.
He probably just read that information linked above and then claimed it was insider info.
Alternatively both could be true. That it's publicly available AND he really did get told by his boss and he just doesn't know it's publicly available. But that seems unlikely.

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It doesn’t mean it was necessarily a larp: he posted proof he was in South Africa, that is for sure

>> No.15994455

That's true but all the hype was built around his information being secret in some way but it in fact never was so it's kind of irrelevant whether or not he was telling the truth.
The info was always available so biz wasn't ahead of the trend

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It’s just fucking nuts to me that XRP is a 10bil market cap coin, and has no confirmed bank partnerships, here as fantom is 20MIL and actually has an extremely strong possibility of being imminently adopted

We’re going to get a 1000x return in this coin within a year

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>traditional currency

that's like saying my new crypto is backed by e-gold
if the asset your backing with has no back either, then neither do
retarded project

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It's backed with the national currency of south Africa

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clients aren't tho

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