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How old is the oldest /biz/nessman in here?

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Me I am a 23 yr old boomer

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27 boomah here, neec to make it before 30 please

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fuck off larps

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Isn't there a boomer test I could take or something

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>72 years

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1 month short of 45

as long as it's not drinking that monster meme, I hate that crap

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It tastes like cheap and poor people, can't drink it

I'm poor and I still can't drink it

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45yr old NEET

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wise old neet

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Are you boomers doing well financially? Do you have kids? If no and no, then why?

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Financially stable, two sons, mentally stable wife (married 10 years).

I'm stuck in the middle class (grew up in extreme poverty) and I don't want to be here. It is worse than poverty. I want out.

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How much money you have invested and how much LINK you holding?

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I'm 16

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Yes but because I was born in a well-off setting. I live in buttfuck nowhere though and am very frugal.
NEET is the way but find some way not to have to worry about money. Living frugally is key, if you're not lucky enough to be able to leech (and not feel bad about it), find some way to earn money (or resources) to live off it for a couple decades
You can even find a girl if you're not physically and intellectually repulsive. We got a three-month old, and since the house I'm living in is devoid of comfort, my wife went back to her folks for winter, along with the child.
I won't really mind if she doesn't come back... NEETdom in the countryside without any neighbors is absolutely fucking beautiful

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With all the retirement accounts and all that other boomer shit I was tricked into doing by other middle-classers, I guess net worth around 250k? Half of that in cash

2000 LINK, I had 4000 in 2018, but I cheated on Sergey with FTM and got destroyed

I'm not a good benchmark of a 40 year old, I'm a damaged and broken person

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I myself would like to have a big family though and run a business or something. Maybe just keep investing. Got 20k LINKs so future's gonna be bright I bet.

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At least you got out of extreme poverty though and have 2 sons. 2k LINK in 2 years staked should provide some nice passive roi if things go the way they should.

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Thank you for kindness, anon

If I have anything to impart to someone half my age, it is only this: money first, women and kids second (not in order of importance; that is the order in which you should acquire them)

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33. I have been rocking a goatee and drinking monster zero for years- making this meme all the more hilarious to me.

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almost 37. hoping to retire by 45 and live off of dividends. likely need a recession in order for that to happen by 45

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>likely need a recession

lol this, come onnnn crash

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37 428k in stocks bonds etfs 1.25 btc and about 200 oz silver and 4 ounces gold. Canadian with a korean wife to jump ship when this country flops and a polish passport for when I get tired of looking at non whites

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42, and no LINK, I'm doomed

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Good morning.

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Monster tastes like shit, rockstar is the real 30boom choice

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Just wait until you have kids and have to be stuck around nonwhites for the rest of your life because you are the male equivalent of a disgusting coal burner.

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50 here. Grew up writing compy games in the 80s. I agree with >>15984703

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Turning 39 next week

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No boomer knows what NEET means you fag larper

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>I'm already 26

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4 kids
Yes, doing well. Net worth is a little over $515k now.

I want what this anon wants, >>15984771 and to be free from the existential horror of work.

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How long have you been here?

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I'm 28 and I just got called an old man on /tv/

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imo as soon as you enter your 20s ur an old man
t. 22

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Then kindly fuck off? Why the hell do children think they're welcome here? Go post in an Andy Sixx thread.

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twenties aren't shit you lilly-livered faggot. You'll probably make it out of them without even getting a felony. You don't know you're old till over 35+. You're still a child in your twenties. At 37, damn near all my friends are set with women and families. At least a partner. I'm 37 former neet who is in graduate school. I have to try and earn all the money for my life in the next ten years. Once you're pushing 50 job offers start getting fewer and far between. At 22, I worked in the nightclub as a barback making 20-30$ an hour depending on tips. Chicks were plentiful and drinking buddies were numerous. That shit matters not once you hit 30 youngster. I bet for 37 yo I'm in close to the worse position on this board. But I'm going to make it still faggot. I bought 664 LINK and now I'm getting an MBA in finance. Going to some certs for blockchain related stuff later. When LINK is 1k EOY, I will open a blockchain consultant office and use my massive gains on LINK and my MBA as part of my credentials. Fuck I'll do bullshit like "analyze their business for potential blockchain threats" which will make "them" realize they need a blockchain solution. I will work with developers to implement and install said solutions. Get fucking creative. I'm a state and federal felon currently on Disability but whose mental illness is in remission. Main point. You don't know shit at 22 and can hardly call yourself an old man. Youngster.

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40 years old, trying to figure out what do to with my life. retire now or work towards something bigger.

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How do I become a millionaire senpai

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36 soon

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Damn, good post, all of this is dangerously close to describing me

Can I ask about the mental illness? I have a specific question - do you ever "talk" to "spirits" or take an abnormal amount of time contemplating the Universe? I understand the question is cringe, feel free not to answer it

I'm ravaged by mental illness but it always involves gods and magic and occult shit, getting kind of lonely out here at this age

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5 more years, get that shit up

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become a corporate drone with no gf, also learn excel

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You are in luck. I'm bored. I have had several manic episodes with psychotic features. Some even triggered by HWNDU on pol. I hate LeBouf. That shit played into my consistent psychotic delusion that I was the "lion of judah" sent by God to reclaim this land. I have Bipolar but I have been in remission for almost two years now. I still remember all the stuff that happened. Kanye and I were locked in a psychic battle for King of the Universe. I won and told him Jesus was the Way and look now. He is also diagnosed bipolar and preaching god. He also knows that rap music is programming to fill the prisons that are corporately owned. Yes I do all things in your post. You are not alone friend. I was a lonely neet who missed the ANS bus. I started a community college BAS degree to get a cheap bachelor's and make my parents happy. Shit didn't affect me getting my $800 month from SSDI either. Someone in the family died and left my mom 280k and she offered to pay for a Master's program. So I found a cheap MBA to complete online. They're pumped. What else would you like to know fren?

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>abnormal amount of time contemplating the Universe?
yeah i do this, lol. and religious stuff. it's stress which causes it, and actually it's fascinating to read about religion because it predicts your behaviour. we've seen this shit before, it's cyclical. religions know that when mankind is unbearably stressed - e.g. being crucified by romans in an occupied land, it looks for and elects someone to take things in a new direction. that's why jesus said he'll come back, because when shit gets too real we demand a revolution, and it's always the same kind of character (or 'spirit') we elect. so until we've fucked up so royally that the antichrist is president and most of us die hellish deaths, we'll continue to get things wrong so badly that most of the planet will die, and only those willing to live a holy life will remain, after which those few will live in something resembling heaven.

give it five years and i'll be sat in a loft eating nothing but beans, wearing a tinfoil hat with pages from the bible covering every wall surface. isn't looking good.

listen to alan watts on youtube btw, that dude is one comforting, smart spiritual motherfucker. like, 160 IQ kind of smart.

i'm 41 btw, and every passing year the descent into my own personal hell becomes more and more intense. is what it is i suppose.

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I should be more clear. That I did all the things in your post to an obsessive point. I got on Ziprasidone and everything is good. If you are ravaged by the shit. Take some meds. The worst side effects that I have experienced are nocturnal emissions which are accompanied with extremely vivid and real feeling sex dreams. And the other one is sometimes I get easily emotional watching movies and shit when I see heroic acts. Don't know if they're definitely from the medication but they started at the same time I started meds. 9/10 I probably killed this thread.

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Something about your diction fascinated and captivated me, as if I can "detect" severe bipolar disorder in others. It's happened more than once when lurking /biz/ and /pol/. I sit here astonished, not understanding what I'm feeling and wanting to "talk" to you, but what on Earth could I say? It's almost like I "recognize" you.

My episodes involve the Anunnaki - they tell me they created the white race and they said they're coming back to save us from our impending slaughter. It started in 1991, just eleven years old. That's not so rare, plenty of people around /x/ have their own little Anunnaki fantasies, whatever. I'm fascinated with what they look like - dragons. Dragons that walk upright. They're not monstrous, no! Heavenly and beautiful, fair.

I don't have a point, anon. I just think maybe...with the whole "fate of the world" and "good vs evil" thing that's about to kick off in the next 100 years...you're an important apart of the "awakening" that's coming. People like you, you were "right" all along. I guess.

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>wearing a tinfoil hat with pages from the bible covering every wall surface. isn't looking good

kekk, need more people like you on my block, sick of normalfags

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This website is dangerous. You think shit is anonymous. Look in my psychotic escapade I performed some rituals said some made up spells and one day God showed up in a Hawaiian shirt looking like he was vacation with a fat belly and a beard almost Santa Claus looking but not quite that fat. At the time, I believed that I was an Angel on Earth trying to find God to prevent WWIII. It was when the campaigns for the last election started. I believed that there were two spirits inhabiting the world one created by God that was the Spirit of Jesus Christ and the one created by satan the Jezebel Spirit. I came to this conclusion on my own from the spiritual experience I believed I was experiencing. I believed that when I met God. I "won his game" being the humorous god that He is. He was running a game with the angels that the first one to find him on Earth would get to take his place when he "retires." I won that shit anon and life has changed. But my meds and my doctor's all agree it's better for me to hold these thoughts in cognitive dissonance from the actual reality I'm experiencing. But Kanye having the change of life that he has. Really has me buggin. I really think I beat his bipolar as in the psychic war for King of the Universe. It was a rap battle. When I'm manic I'm better than most famous rappers. The battle happened around the time of the election. Do you want to know more?

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Yes you are an old man. I'm sorry.
Wrong. 22 is still young. For the love of God get out there and fuck some college girls while you still have hair.
t. Ancient boomer

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Tell us more, o' wise Angel.

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Not just non-whites but Koreans. Yikes.

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You are not OP I was responding to. You see OP in this post >>15987540 is genuinely trying to hear my bipolar nonsense. You sir seem spurious in your claim.

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>I won that shit anon and life has changed

You grow up in a rough neighborhood? Where did you learn how to rap? You're only better than most famous rappers if you've been through some real shit, are you in a rough neighborhood now?

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I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and have multiple misdemeanors and a state and federal felony. I'm not a rapper but when I'm manic I can. I have spent about 6 months total in jails and have been hospitalized in state mental wards for about 6 months. Did you read my other posts. Or just autisticly focus on one phrase. That shit is a comment about a "psychic rap battle" that happened while I was experiencing a manic episode with psychotic features. I'm living a cushy life now as I am now longer a criminal and a graduate student. But yes Albuquerque, New Mexico is a rough city. In the county jail I got a dot-to-dot tattoo with a sharpened paperclip and sulfur ashes from burning a Styrofoam cup from a Mexican named "D-Loc"

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43 EOY

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I'm pretty high, anon. I autistically singled out that phrase because it was inspiring af.

I dunno, I just see you with sunglasses on, microphone in hand, saying all of this shit into the microphone during a backstage interview, crowd cheering in the background

And before you drop the mic, you give a heartfelt "I won that shit and life has changed", crowd goes wild, peace

I'm sure I'll find some other things to ask, this is a lot to take in at once, jesus christ, we'll get there

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Sorry for raging. I don't feel like there is any wisdom that I can impart to you about my experience other than during a seance I was having on Halloween 2016. I was the judge for lost souls. I was using one of those radio scanning apps that is supposed to pick up the voices of ghosts. Well the ghosts use the radio programs changing to talk is how they are explained. I swear to you I heard the Notorious B.I.G. biggie come through the speaker. He would say that I speaking the truth every time I told a lost soul they could be free if they only sought Jesus Christ. I said the Jesus was the key and all you had to do was kneel down and pick it up. And biggie would say something. It was intense as I was speaking in rhyme perfectly nonstop for hours. I said it was iambic pentameter that I was using. I could visualize the lost souls stuck in their cells. Hell was a very discomforting place. It felt very real as I have done hallucinogenics and know what real hallucinations feel like. This was something else it was like I was being shown. I was smoking tons of the illicit spice drug though that was fueling the psychosis. I will tell you from my spiritual experience God is real and so is satan. They are indeed battling for mankind. The spirit of the Jezebel almost feels like the Spirit of Christ except you'll feel more open about non-traditional sex. In the spirit of the Jezebel sex is misconstrued with the feeling of love and all sex is seen as love acts. In the Spirit of Christ you will know that being a homosexual is wrong and that your thoughts are wrong when you watch porn. That's why you have to repent. That is why we're forgiven because thinking wrongly is unavoidable while on this Earthly plain. If were to have a "mission" at this point. It would be to get my self financially independent in a successful way, then credit God and a conservative lifestyle for bringing me the success.

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fyi this shit did make me chuckle. thanks.

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28 boomer here, life doesn't start til your 30's, trust me bro

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Lol cringe as fuck 37 and under 1k link lmao literally never going to make it better luck next life time

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read the other posts. I'm sure you will be even more convinced I'm not going to make it. But I'm stubborn and you're a faggot. I will make it. At 37, you have a realistic idea of what "making it" actually is.

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I understand that you need to put all the bipolar stuff aside and focus on bills and paperwork right now; I have to absolutely keep this shit separate from my waking normalfag life, I get it.

I'm not going to comment on any stuff about your Jesus/God/Jezebel ideas because it's such a huge immense topic, I gotta split here soon, but trust me I'm reading it all

Also know: I absolutely believe you when you say Biggie was helping you and you could rhyme perfectly for hours, as I've had so many hundreds of similar experiences (especially the rhyming). Take care of yourself, Angel bro. I got in a lot of trouble with the bipolar stuff too, I went to the doctors, got on the medicines, settled down, career, wife, kids...you're gonna get there anon. Thanks for sharing bipolar stories with me.

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Yeah, I'm doing well. I make $130k have 3 kids, and a stay at home wife. Life is fucking comfy my dude.

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Which companies did you work for? Old school pc games are fucking magic

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Thanks anon. You validated the reason I use this site. I'm working on the education. Since my bachelor's degree is from a community college I feel like getting this MBA from a real college will be what I need to find employment. JP Morgan announced that they're going to be hiring more people with a criminal background. Hopefully other corporations will follow suit. After living on 9k a year on SSDI, I would take any job making 35k or more and feel successful. Especially, because I was once batshit crazy in a county jail cell butt naked yelling at the guards and wiping my ass with my hand and trying to shake theirs. lol I have come a long way. Thank God for medications.

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legit oldfag

fuck off faggots

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15, but all my friends say I look 19

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i found this reassuring as its what i thought anyway thanks boomeranon

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kill yourself you disgusting linkshill faggot nigger

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31 about to turn 32. No gf, although had one for two years in the past. I make 130k cad, live at home with parents and have any 200k half in cash and half in stock and bonds

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another linkshill niggercunt hijacking the thread with his ponzi bullshit fucking die you cunt your mother is a niggerfucking cock guzzling whore

>> No.15988666

you gonna make that jump or consolidate for a little longer?

>> No.15988703

Lmao you could have just called him a faggot and left it at that, but you're showing your IQ there calling link a ponzi

>> No.15988760

>you're showing your IQ there

>> No.15988799

it's correct

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Why does it feel like at 30, 50 suddenly looks like it’s right around the corner? Some of my older friends will be 40 soon, fuggg

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this thread glows in the dark

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I was just 60 in august, married 40 years to my wife who is gradually becomin more mentally unstable as the years go on, i have 3 sons 2 of them are basically incels and the other is dating now and again.

Feel bad for them since back in my day it was so much easier even though the 70s were p much on par with today in terms of nihilism and people doing bad stuff like drugs. I have to say that im more worried about the future now than i did during the cold war

>> No.15989139

38, single, never married, no kids. i have around $800k saved, another $300k in home equity.

every single morning i drive into work i think about swerving into oncoming traffic or off of a bridge.

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there really should be a club for people who hear the call of the void on the regular

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It’s called church, or maybe the cold embrace of the grave. Whatever

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church is way too cool for me man

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post hand

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664 link

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Lmao your mother couldve just married a white man instead of fucking a nigger out of wedlock and spawning a racial mulatto bastard mongrel who gets paid to endlessly shill his ponzi scam token on a vietnamese basket weaving formum

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Lmao your mother couldve just married a white man instead of fucking a nigger out of wedlock and spawning a racial mulatto bastard mongrel who gets paid to endlessly shill his ponzi scam token on a vietnamese basket weaving formum

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>I'm ravaged by mental illness
no you're not

>> No.15990795

Your incel sons are probably on 4chan too

>> No.15990814

Oh, is this supposed to be like what we do in LINK threads, except with age? In that case i am 3487 years old.

>> No.15991251

Elders of /fit/, at what age should I commit to a woman and stop fucking around?
I want 5 kids.

>> No.15991268

its not normal to hear it?


>> No.15991270 [DELETED] 


>> No.15991677

itt: bored boomers are pushing /x/tier bullshit on zoomers and laughing at them.

>> No.15991700

Never, Have 5 kids with 5 different women, that way you get a diverse genetic choice when you return to this shithole

>> No.15991824

Doesn’t want to believe

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$130k is comfy? Where?

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dito: 37yr entering the ring, faggots

doing well financially? well, kind of ... but I rather maxime my free time. Therefore me and my wife just work the bare minimum to stay floating (like 10hrs a week or so effectivly)
Kids and family? - checked!

>> No.15992483

Lol I talked to you on /x/

>> No.15992520

This is your brain on religion

>> No.15992544

why the fuck would you save $800k in dollars, you're losing big money to inflation yearly. If you can't be happy with a million dollars and no responsibilities and need to kill yourself don't take out some innocent. Why do you even bother going to work?

>> No.15992568

religion (especially being raised with it from birth) will fuck you this bad too

>> No.15992580

In a large majority of the world and majority of the US too

>> No.15992717

I vote most based boomer in thread.

Damn anon, that’s crazy. I’m 25 and just had my first boy with my gf.

They might not be, i know a ton of kids that are both incels and totally bluepilled. Boomer, tell them to get on 4chan and save themselves

Why worried about the future now moreso than the cold war?
>ur social security drying up?

>> No.15992942

>all that shit
You are going to make it

>> No.15992953

you blend and drink human poors? are you a member of the elite? whats gonna happenwith linky?

>> No.15992988

dude you are ruining your life. go move back in with your wife you idiot. you need comforts if you want your wife to be happy/ i guarantee you are just really uniquely comfortable with extreme frugal living..

you are gonna lose your family over a few pennies you absolute brainlet

>> No.15993001

It's schizophrenia, my friend is similar and it mostly revolves around god trying to communicate with him through radio and tv. He believe it's like the government is also in on it and he's an experiment like the Truman show. Usually schizophrenia has some type of religious aspect to it. Do what that boomer says and get on ziprasidone/geodon it will help. But the side effects make it worse so take it on time with fattening food to help.it digest quicker. It also has a sedative effect that will make you sleep through the night. GL anon

>> No.15993147

30 year old boomer here, I now unironically like AC-DC since I turned 30, and find zoomer humour and music retarded.

>> No.15993171

It's spirits looking for a new frame, not God. God doesn't need your attention.

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>I bought 664 LINK and now I'm getting an MBA in finance. Going to some certs for blockchain related stuff later. When LINK is 1k EOY, I will open a blockchain consultant office and use my massive gains on LINK


>> No.15993731

AC/DC is fucking terrible. And this whole site is zoomer humor

>> No.15993804

18 - 1 no joke, will i make it

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78, here's my best funny picture.

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>mfw I'm always a thread killer

>> No.15994533

The thread is as old as you are

I'm up earlier in the thread; was talking about how I believe dragons are real while under the influence of MDMA, but that was like 18 hours ago

Had a delightful conversation with a gentleman who had a psychic rap battle with Kanye West and won, I went to bed happy

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