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Ok what the hell?

I swear bogs if you're playing with me once again I won't be able to take it this time

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You have seen nothing yet

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Nah this is it. The real deal. If you had even the slightest idea of what was coming today you would literally shit yourself in excitement.

It was all real. All of it. And today the price will reflect the reality.

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Look what BTC did after 20k you moron

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how is that relevant?

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This. Listen to this Bully. Link is the only thing relevant now. Link is decoupling now.

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Damn I had .2 bitcoin waiting to buy some link at .2700 oh well I still have enough link to make it.

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Nigger please

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I've heard this stuff so many times... over the two years. Its all so tiresome..

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Thanks just bought 100k

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I hope this is true fren

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Thanks for the hopium but you're still a faggot

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I have to admit this is a really nice bulltrap. Well done Bogs, painting a cup and handle to get all the meme liners fomo in, really nice