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Futures trading are derivatives. This part is obvious but then I remembered crypto exchanges like binance who works with link and is in bed with link, trades futures. The reason why crypto price calls like ETH and BTC are key is because the derivatives that will be used first is the futures market on binance.

Daily binance futures volume for bitcoin is around 500 million. For bitmex it is around 1 billion to 14 billion.

If just 1% is used as a chainlink fee then that is 5 million USD a day MINIMUM through the link nodes that are staked.

Lets say 90% of circulating tokens are staked.

That means every chainlink token, just off binance bitcoin futures " BTC price-getting" would make 0.015 per token per day.

That means a 10,000 link stack that is staked just to retrieve the price of BTC (not even other futures) just for binance's (not even including other markets like bitmex) bitcoin futures with 90% (insanely high since more than 10% wil be on market) will bare minimum generate $4500 in passive income per month.

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Enough with this FUD! In your assumption that would make one link worth only $4.5

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When Chainlink?

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>that picture
The ducks is a nice touch.

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So, when will this happen??

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Don't forget, that the $5 mill in fees are not paid in USD but are $5 mill worth of chainlink tokens. Where are they getting this supply of tokens? From the market, aka that 10% still for sale. With so few tokens for sale as they are being staked, the price goes up.

Example: you are placing a $100 futures bet in the binance btc "will btc go up or down" casino and you pay the dealer (chainlink node) $1 to get insured, decentralized info backed by google, intel, swift, oracle, etc. However the $1 fee is paid in link tokens, but there are not many for sale as they are being staked. Now your $1 can only buy 0.001 chainlink tokens, but that is fine because that is how much insurance you need.

But then you will say, "Wait! What if the number of tokens staked goes down and the market gets flooded? Wouldn't the lrice of link go down?" It sure would, BUT the fewer tokens being staked means the passive income in USD (not in link tokens) goes up as that $5 mill USD fee is now being split up between fewer tokens and nodes.

This then drives more people to stake and fewer in the market and the cycle continues until it reaches an equilibirum. Except this equilibrium only increases in price with more volume. Imagine if it was bitmex futures for BTC AND ETH amd not just binance and just BTC. That is 0.57 USD per token per day. Or $171,000 USD per month in link tokens in passive income from staking.

Again, this would NOT be link in the $2.40 price. Meaning you don't get 71,000 link tokens a month for a 10,000 link stack and compound it forward. You see why that is stupid right? Instead it will be more like 171 link tokens per month for a 10,000 link stack so next month your stack is 10,171 and so forth, EXCEPT this also would make 1 chainlink token worth $1000 USD. This number was used as an example, as the speculative equilibrium price between staking and sellong can only be guessed, but the USD amounts work. 1,000,000,000 tokens is not enough for $1000 USD.

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The amount of mental gymnastics you deluded linkies do to try and justify these prices. Link topped at $4.50. Deal with it

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JUST BINANCE? Who we are in bed with? JUST TO GET THE PRICE OF BTC? Which we have been doing for 4 months? Whenever staking goes live my dude.

We are not in the crypto business. We are in the casino business. The example I gave is just in the tiny, baby casino of "binance's BTC futures". Chainlink is the dealer at the casino verifying hands and we get a 1% fee for every hand. Jist for this baby casino, we as dealers split $5 mill USD per day in "tips" with more going to the marines with more tokens staked. THIS IS THE BARE MINIMUM. What happens when we add the "guess the price of ETH game"? Or add the casino of bitmex? We aren't even talking about mainstream futures...

We are talking about our own crypto backyard being bare minimum 0.015 USD per token per day.

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I know you want me to delete brother marine, but you have already made it!

For those that still do not understand. Binance is the casino. The game is "will btc go up or down" aka btc futures. The dealer is chainlink getting a 1% fee/tip for every hand played. How much money that is per day is something you can google.
Hint: It is $5 mill USD per day. Spread that across the available tokens and tell me how much USD each link token makes per day?

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1% is insanely high. More like 0.05%. So 10k link will net around 40 dollar a month for binance futures alone. Bitmex would give 500 dollars.

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I can see this happening as some people have been liquidated on some bullshit btc price reads.

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0.05% is it then. I got $225, but let's use your $40 per month. This is compounded and draws people to staking and dries up the market price until the volume allows for a new price per link equilibrium.

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Exactly. We can even use the other guy's fee of 0.05%. Even then we are talking about compounded staking.

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Based thread. Is it possible to stake only 1,000 tokens in the future?

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I appreciate you OP, even as a tripniggerfaggot. You get the idea.

Unfortunately, BTC/USD and all the other relevant crypto pairs are going to be provided as a heartbeat (free), with only the 21 kyc "friend of the project" nodes getting that .33.

This shit will still spiral out of control when commodities come into play; price of oil/wheat/3rd world prostitutes. Just have to wait for the glacially slow boomer retards to catch up and adapt. 2-3 years unfortunately.

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>Three Little Ducks by Serg Nazley, now playing
feeling tranquil lads. we've made it.

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How does a linklet with literally 16 link accumulate a 1k stack before this all goes down??? I need this to happen for me I fuckin need it how do I accumulate realistically while having a wagie job and kids and shit

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Source for this fud. Sounds believable but where did you get this from?

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travel back in time

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>before this all goes down
exactly dont buy into this scam

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I can live with this.

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Nigger they don't have a choice. There's a reason the ceo of oracle just died. There's not going to be much more waiting involved.

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this has been talk for three years, wake me up when they stop making blogposts and actually put in the work zzzzZzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzZZZzzzzzz

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Im sure you could you slow little fucking retard. Go change your diaper you old senile boomer fuck.

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>Buy HD antenna eliminate your cable bill
>Take your lunch to work
>Reduce your 401k contribution
>Pay down your debt
>Switch to prepaid cellular service
>Don't believe everything that /biz/ says

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Get a job

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Hi dogman

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Biggay said it himself last presentation. All the crypto pairs are going to be free, so faggy eth devs can make their gay dapps without paying for data (the only real fud, because CL was never intended for useless decentralized trannybumble ...but to take over the stock market). At least now they have a free currency exchanger/dex to make pay to win furry rpgs.

We need users to show the big boys it works, and the only solidity "devs" out there are too poor to use it. Hopefully the hackathon does it's job too.

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is 114 chainlink enough to make it

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Several years to make it with that much.
Hopefully less if the boomers can sit the fuck down ever.

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I'm just saying the truth. The math looks realistic, just won't be happening from crypto pairs data.

The other concern, and I'm a brainlet so hopefully someone can explain, is the piggybacking of data once it's on chain. I don't understand if everything is encrypted...or if it's only a direct trigger message to a certain SC address, or what.

Ie: binance wouldn't have to pay for every SC to have a feed, just pay once and listen in with the rest. I realize that's not "secure", but we're talking about safu chink scammers here.

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Even then, the negotiated all inclusive chainlink "fee" will be based on the number of SC, the volume, the number of nodes, etc. They might get a discount, bit even then, a fee of 0.05% or 0.0005 would be a steal for the security and insurance from the entire chainlink network.

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To save gas and have less TX slowing shit down, is there a way to only have the oracle "ping" the state change like "oil went to the trigger price you wanted"?

I assume so with some of the lower level and cross chain backend stuff they always talk about. Hopefully people will adopt that system over the constant feed and making the SC interpret the data.

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>There's a reason the ceo of oracle just died.
Uhhh can you elucidate on this statement a bit? Are you implying he was killed?

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I think he's joking. There'd be no reason for the CEO to be killed and he'd been having health problems

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I guess. Of course the leech contracts won't be backed/"insured", which will hopefully be a big red flag for users of the niggertracts... but knowing humans and their ability to be cheap as fuck, I wouldn't be surprised if hijacking free data streams became a thing.

The real businesses will use tee's I guess, or demand the public chain data is secured/obfuscated. Just want to maximize muh gains when normie faggots finally wakeup to the 4ir.

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why would you need to retrieve the price of btc off-chain? just make a smart contract that queries all the other DEX. chainlink is not needed for price feeds in the future

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Checked & rekt

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Your pic is glorious.

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im a 27 yr old boomer living with my parents
ill be able to move out soon that sounds real nice to me.

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That's cool and all OP but there's 0 incentive for Binance to switch their currently working implementation of futures to a solution using Chainlink.
Linkies BTFO once again.

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But why would binance want Chainlink for futures trading if they already offer it without Chainlink. How does it save costs for them?

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stop asking retarded questions, those belong on twitter or plebbit with the other clueless lazy faggots, like (you)

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Yo are you the fren who spoke about LINK usecase in the trade finance industry long ago? Come back, fren.

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2 reasons. The first is that binance futures is not #1 in futures trading, but #3. It is 1/20 the volume. The cost of chainlink is minimal and paid by the user, NOT binance itself. Think of gas fees, etc. This added security and insurance makes binance safer compared to number one and increases the volume making binance futures number 1.

The second is that binance manipulates link and any increase in use or volume of link is beneficial to binance's seedy wash trading and manipulation.

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So when do you think this will occur? Wouldn't they make more money by just manipulating it as they have for some time now? If they use it, wouldn't that lead to a massive increase in the price of LINK which makes it much harder to manipulate?

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Dear diary. OP was NOT a faggot today.

OP, please continue with your redpills.

So, lets say you have 10k link, whats the best case scenario you can get? We've established the low estimate. What about middle and top estimate? Lets say you stake your 10k link. How much dollars per month are we talking if link really succeeds as much as we have speculated?

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Yep. Probably wouldn't back off my linkies.

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I'm not going to address any Binance - Link manipulation conspiracy theories.
But what operation costs are currently being swallowed by Binance and not by the user? Although I've never used Binance's futures trading, I'm under the impression that using the platform charges the user fees already. Still not convinced switching to Chainlink makes any sense for Binance. Stop giving these fools hopium.

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Just tell me, will I make it with 3000 links to my name?

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If you are happy with an apartment in a ghetto in a mid sized city and a used Camaro, yes

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I would be grateful for that. I'm thankful for my health and life, everything else is just a bonus.

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Just fuck my shit up with this thread, senpai

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I typically do the opposite of what biz says but link seems like my last shot at crypto-finances

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Staking will be live 1 year after mainnet, which is end of May 2020. Read the whitepaper ffs.

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What was the low estimate?

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The same white paper that says link is meant to be the price of a cup of coffee, so a $2 stable coin?

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Can we get a eli5? Also, won’t the price of link explode if we handle real derivatives?

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If we get $2 stable coin it will suck honestly but im still 10x so whatever.

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I needed this comfy thread right before tomorrows wagecucking

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No worries fren. We marines are all in this together.

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It is $2 as an example of the "fee". There are how many decimal places again? The chainlink fee will be the price of a cup of coffee, but that could be 1 link token, 0.01 link tokens, or even 0.0001 link tokens, etc.

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If all this speculation was correct why would the price be measly 2.30. Think about it logically. If all this was true this would be accumulated hard af rn, and the price would be moving accordingly

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can you answer this please >>15974358

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2.40-4.50 is an amazing price BEFORE any of this is a reality. If it was 2.30 AFTER staking, you should be worried.

Of course then it is too late. I think about when we were 0.20-0.60. The rapid climb to 4.50 in a bear market made me see the ferocious greed behind the link market. If this becomes a reality, you will have around an hour before you are priced out. I still think about the price surge after the Google and Coinbase announcements.

>> No.15975387

Why would it not become a reality? Isn't this pretty much a done deal at this point?

>> No.15975434

I am not God and I can't see the future. Mainnet was earlier than I expected, breaking 60 cents was earlier than I expected. Google, oracle, intel, coinbase, etc were all earlier than expected. Whatever I predict, this team has surprised me. Who knows? What I do know is: use of chainlink is in the interest of anyone holding it. Binance holds a lot. I do not know what is in CZ's mind, but judging from his prior actions with his IEOs, he is not the type of guy to be comfortable or fine with the revenue as it is. He wants more. He will manipulate more. That is why matic was an easy 10x. That is why chainlink will be kept low until CZ has his ducks in a row. It will moon when the big wallets are satisfied.

My only "proof" is CZ's actions with matic, (for anyone else who made a lot off that trade and followed what happened there).

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Is it? A lot of people outside of /biz/ still think link is a scam. That is why it is not priced in. How many people hold ETH or BTC? Compared to how many individuals holding link?

>cayman islands
>over 65% tokens held
>2 man team
>cup of coffee
>ties to alt-right memes
Etc. There is a lot of FUD, and it isn't that big money believes it, but big money waited for mainnet to function and coinbase to announce before buying. They knew mainnet was coming but we were not priced in at 60 cents. It even lagged, but once it didn't have problems we broke 60 cents, $1, and even $1.2 ATH. Those same people are waiting to test the waters of staking as a viable reality. Otherwise, they are just gambling.

>> No.15975488

How hard is it for him to accumulate? I mean he has millions of dollars, and binance holds a lot of link?

Is there never enough link for him? Probably has millions by now anyway...

>> No.15975531

I mean we are still talking about a token that currently doesn't do much. So 800mil, or 2,4 billion for all tokens is still quite a lot for something completly speculative.

I just hope staking wont be a complete letdown. I think our hopes are maybe a little bit to high. Although I've been here from the beginning and all the connections, breadcrumbs are extremely bullish anyway, and any other crypto is a literal who atm. So yeah what else you gonna invest into? dogecoin? literal meme coins...

>> No.15975550

Hmm, you might be right. Coupled with the fact that this is still under the radar for most big money.

It does not take a genious however to predict what will happen within a month or two. It feels like 10USD + by EOY is a more likely scenario than anything below 5USD (price here being used as a reference point to the projects development)

>> No.15975564

Explain to a brainlet how staking could be a "letdown", it either works or doesn't. The rewards will be unveiled in the future so really its all about the project working as it should or not. What am I missing?

>> No.15975638

My opinion is that most of the proof stake crypos are a sham. They are making value from nothing. Advertising that you buy, and you hold piece of the network/their tech, and from your investment you can earn revenue just by staking your coins, instead of mining with graphics. Graphics require electricity as also initial investment of hardware. And this hardware can mine a lot of different algos, so even if a its not profitable to mine one coin, you mine something that is currently more profitable. Well when you have proof of stake currency, you can only "mine" their coin. And if it has low value, low profitability your fucked.

Well Link is whole another story imo. Their business model is different, it makes more sense. Lets just say that they are onto something, and I think they are currently the only crypto worth investing into. Either they make it, and all the marines are rich, or we were wrong and we all lost some money.

Demand and supply....

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a fucking wall of text and u didnt even explain to him the difference between staking with shitcoin and steaking with chainlink

>> No.15975665

Well, what else is there to say? If hes lurked then he knows. If hes a newfag, he can fuck right off

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So this is VERY rough ..but the Chicago mercantile exchange claims 3 billion contracts are handled per year. Lowballing a complete guess at a .05 to .15 fee per transaction (assuming chainlink makes them more profitable by having less overhead costs...the reality it would be much much more profitable than this, but these are hypotheticals anyways), that's .428-1.28 per "in circulation" link per year.

The reality is that SC and link can effectively replace those legacy systems (cme profits 4+b a year basically just off fees and clearing)...allowing to do all the trades on a dex with instant clearing/payments and opening this stuff up to the regular person instead of needing to pay and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in trades to have access.

So in a *perfect* world, link and SCs cut costs in half to 2bil revenue, everyone moves to commoditydex, and generates 5.71usd per circulation link per year in fees.

Add in ICE (6b rev) and a couple other majors... low teens usd per link per year? Of course the actual jobs would be highly sought after and fought over, and you'd have to be a part of those node's pools.

Then there's insurance, logistics, b2b transactions...some of you smarter than me niggers need to put your learn to code memes to work and start making some proof of concepts.

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Quit alcohol, tobaccoo, weed, and w/e shit you grab while at a gas station.
Tell your wife to start cooking.
No more v-bucks for those kids of yours, homework is better for them anyways.
There you go, put all of your savings in link and enjoy a more wholesome family.

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And get a mortgage. Then you want to go margin trading and use 10x leverage.

>> No.15975721

He wants all of them

>> No.15975743 [DELETED] 

anyone want to donate a measly 100 link to a friend in need?

>> No.15975747

Holy fuck mate, that was one stupid response. I’m sorry for your iq. You missed the point completely, but given your intelligence it is better to not have you reply

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I already autism all the time about logistics, because I'm a trucking fag that knows the industry...but SCs can bump up trucking majors from 3-8% profitability to 60-70% easily, probably more with reduced real estate costs. It would only be a loss of a few thousand worthless office drones per company.

Probably 10-15usd per link per year, based on the top 20 US carriers guessed on a 50/50 profit split. Technically you could give the boomerniggers all of it, but what's the point when you can charge them 200 bucks a contract (x3 weekly, x3-10thousand trucks) and it's still significantly cheaper than the current process.

>> No.15975804

What the fuck did you expect? Shit might hit the fan.

>> No.15975824

:( no.

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Think we will make money if we do?
That's what my heart tells me.

>> No.15975843

;_; thanks anyways fren

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So fully integrated into legacy systems, not accounting new inventions/jewish ways to profit off loans and insurance (which will probably balance out with the lower overall costs of doing business SCs should provide), 30-50usd per link per year? Assuming boomers value that at 5% returns 6-10mil?

2.1 to 3.5 fully diluted?

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And that's not factoring in continued scarcity around the equilibrium point, which I'd assume I need to do actual math on...something that my forgot PEMDAS a decade ago ass probably isn't equipped to do.

So to sum up a bunch of nonsense posts on a thread that will die with no replies

>just hold you fucking faggot, stop being a moonsoi adhd zoomer. Then we suicide pact EOY 22 if it isn't 1k and 5%+

>> No.15976018

oh fug here we go again *unzips pants*

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I hope she's not too old by the time I have enough to purchase her.

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tfw novogratz talks abouts ducks in bloomberg interview. how come nobody talks aobut this


is he in on LINK?

>> No.15976243

Ok thats it
Simulation timeline confirmed
We're all future billionaires

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What will the price of LINK be at it's maximum when it has exploited every niche possible?

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Over a thousand retard. Read my posts.

>> No.15977007

So $1,000 isn't FUD? We're not going to $5k or $10k?

>> No.15977022

The price will stop at exactly 1,000, yes.

>> No.15977095

We're going to $10k eventually but you'll need iron hands

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Thank you for telling me what I want to hear.

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Yes, but only because USD is going to hyperinflate and become a 2nd or even third world currency.

If SCs even come remotely close to making the impact they should, it will be so much easier to keep most or all of your money in some blockchain. No, it won't be slow ass dinosaurcoin.

It's so stupidly easy, fast, and cheap to swap/convert into different coins with a SC based dex. It's why they shut down libra...but eventually one or more will make it through and become the defacto world currency.

>> No.15977454

>SCs will make corporations immensely profitable
>new wave of corporate expansion
>this will render the US a third world


>> No.15977476

I'll be a trillionaire in AUD then

>> No.15977501

Is 55k link enough to make it

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It will render the petro-dollar useless when you can effectively trade anything for oil directly...instead of having to go through the big bully freedom force that backs our jew paper.

Combined with the delay in SWIFT payments (although fast, not instant) and legal kikery in censoring and controlling fiat payments...everyone will simply move to blockchains for convenience. Some physically backed stable coin or PoW that requires something physical to consume (no, not electricity and no, not gayass bitcoin).

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You also underestimate our debts, and what is going to happen the next time one of the slave masters takes power.

No amount of prosperity will produce enough to cover free everything for gibbers. The mcap on useless browns (worldwide, let them in!) is an even worse ratio than team owned LINK.

>> No.15977624

Why do (((they))) give us a chance to buy link? If (((they))) truly owned/have connections with Link wouldn’t (((they))) want to keep it for themselves?

>> No.15977713
File: 188 KB, 1080x1350, 86v62ewkpsp31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're out of touch boomers Idk. Why do they let pol and cripple exist? Maybe they underestimated the impact, or view things on a much bigger scale? Link is still just a middleware utility to make everything they already own extremely more profitable.

Why would you install your own cable TV instead of making some spic go outside and climb the ladder while you just watch and laugh while making tendies? Maybe they view us as mexicans, just as we will view nolinkers as such.

>> No.15977780


>> No.15977810
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Is pic related some sort of nod/joke meant for us from (((they))). Or am I a fucking schizo

>> No.15977836
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They sure didn't use the Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese box

Sergey doesn't eat those

>> No.15977861

What I like about the silly shit you're saying is that serious people will read it one day when they're trying to comprehend early Chainlink investors and why they did such bizarre things. It'll help explain so many news headlines. People will read, "Chainlink Millionaire", and know. They'll just know.

>> No.15977905

Kek already thinking about the headlines. "Chainlink millionaire dies from penis lengthening surgery", "Early Chainlink investor dies after trying to gold plate his balls"

>> No.15977913
File: 174 KB, 1024x865, 1570973696235m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They really do love their symbolism. I've grown tired of thinking about the kike "elite" and what their subversive plans are for this world. It's black pilling and a waste of thought.

I burned out on /pol/ and giving a fuck about (((them))) a while back...which is how I found link in the first place. Sadly, just before mainnet.

Only positive vibes and clear visualizations now boys.

>> No.15977918

It’s meme magic

>> No.15977947 [DELETED] 
File: 944 KB, 2163x3089, 3ZHFLi0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck niggers, trannies, and jannies. Jews did 9/11 and they're turning the frogs gay.

1k eoy '22

>new id, same fag

>> No.15977960
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So is this.

>> No.15978034


The US no longer backs the dollar with petroleum. Christ almighty, 5 million barrels per day of Saudi crude production exploded last month and the American response was jack shit. The US used to invade countries for less, and did so well within your lifetime. The game is changing, Anon. Don't get stuck with last decade's playbook.

>> No.15978041
File: 448 KB, 1075x605, JewsAreReptoids.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oven parties all around.

>> No.15978110
File: 443 KB, 599x600, cube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15978147

^meant for

>> No.15978174
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>> No.15978225

There sure are a lot of extremely positive link threads right now. Wonder what is going on?

>> No.15978368
File: 860 KB, 1366x1920, allthumbs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15978685
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you want saturnian cube imagery?
I got you

>> No.15978719

Same here man same here

>> No.15978738
File: 2.96 MB, 2767x2643, 20191016_163153.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine unironically not worshipping black cubes

>> No.15978763

Check this than thank me later


>> No.15979402
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Makes sense considering we're now pumping with a target of $3 EOD

>> No.15979419

He didn't say for how long. Its reasonable to assume once the market is more developed he'll stop the heartbeats.

>> No.15979427
File: 66 KB, 760x526, 1548793333_anna-kovalchuk-poster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LINK is worthless without proper blockchains to guard it from Sybil attack and tamperage. Link shills are very low intellect. Urbit shills can't comprehend how Urbit is worthless without Ethereum guarding it from Sybil attack and tamperage. Urbit shills are very low intellect. Bitcoin maximalists don't comprehend that technology evolves without Shitcoin holding it back. Monero shills are very low intellect in that they don't comprehend how () is to Monero what Monero was to Bytecoin. Nicolas Van Saberhagen invented the CryptoNote protocol as a true means of fighting centralization and privacy. Anonymity is not needed until it is.

>> No.15979451

New curry recipe?

>> No.15980311
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True, at some point it may get taken off free2play...but https://youtu.be/HX0fIi3H-es

This waging shit doesn't fly anymore.

>> No.15980367

Check but are you telling me chainlink > $1000 USD ???? Uhhh ????

>> No.15980399


>> No.15980522

Ban this stupid nigger

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