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just fucking dump already

who the fuck is buying at $7950??? Do they not see the chart?

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>who the fuck is buying
Whales. The dump already happend. We are in the accumilation phase.

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only newfags thinking AT works

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OP, This anon is buying from these 2 >>15972642
& >>15972650.

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>>15972625 (OP)
OP, This anon>>15972635
is buying from these 2 >>15972642
& >>15972650.

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bobo utterly btfo

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yo we're back above $8k again

back to $7950 soon

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>this is a suckers rally.

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This exact post always makes me laugh whenever I peruse bobo threads. These bear fags don’t understand... they cannot stop the infallible halvening. It will happen, and we will moon again. And the the justers shall become the justed.

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I have no idea why anyone in their right mind would be buying bitcoin when its so objectively overpriced.

We haven't even began the real dump.

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>punchable faces

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Literally EVERYONE is calling for lower lows, we already dropped 40% from July...this is the bottom

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The whales are almost done accumulating and will soon pump it big

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This was a bear market rally and it is an echo of the last major bubble. Its obvious we are going all the way back and putting in a lower bottom.

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People only want it to dump so they can buy it.

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Nah, this chart seems to be pretty accurate at calling bottoms. We never go below the blue. So it says the bottom should be around $6K

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Only the smarts do. Cuckfag brainlets buy them only when it's pumping

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Fuck we really are going to have to wait until 2023

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garbage meme chart, tell me which idiot made this. its not even proper log scale.

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According to your shit fag chart, it can easily still go down to 1-2k. Get ready for the true bottom.

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why do you think the chart matters?

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but it is

log scale

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