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>be a black lady
>take out 100,000 in student loan debt to study museums
>get an 80k/yr job as a diversity hire at the National Parks Foundation "preserving African American history" (the government pays for you to travel the country so you can take pics of museums and upload them to some .gov site nobody will ever look at)
>because you are a single person at the "median" income the DC government agrees to lend you 67k downpayment at zero interest for you to buy a 2 bedroom (?) house, this loan will be forgiven entirely if you stay in the house for a few years
>Federal government agrees to forgive your student loans entirely if you keep your 80k/yr job as a 'civil servant' with the National Parks Foundation for 5 years
>buy 2 luxury gym memberships and still be fat


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How is the loan forgiven?

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This is why you can’t trust black people in career positions. How do I know if they got there by merit or by affirmative action?

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>This is why you can’t trust black people

you should've stopped right there

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The loan on the downpayment (Washington DC Home Purchasing Assistance Program) gets forgiven if she stays in the house for 15 years

Federal Public Servant Loan Forgiveness Program will take care of her student loans if she keeps her job with NPF and makes minimum payments for 10 years since they are a "non profit"

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Its another angry white incel thread

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Black privilege

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Imagine being jealous of someone with 15 years of required waging

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you should've stopped right there.

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I saw this and was just like awesome she got everything from being a bureaucrat, I mean it is what it is but I won’t lie I’m slightly salty about all the gibs

But this is why I always say geography usually is the biggest indication of outcome

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>80k/yr job as a diversity hire at the National Parks Foundation "preserving African American history"

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She has a nice set of tits, would def smash

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She can always sell the house and pay off the 62k. Her house has tripled in value since she got it because the government is subsidizing the market with gibs, she will still come out ahead.

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On the one hand, who gives a shit? She’s an outlier. On the other, do they have to run our fucking faces in it?

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She’s not really an outlier with respect to the housing issue. Nigs and spics were basically the reason for the 2008 housing bubble. I’m sure they still have really nice laws if you’re an ‘ethnic minority’ trying to buy a house.

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Really? Why? Because they gave them loans that they shouldn’t have? Seems like the banks fault, not theirs.

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In their boomer minds they are not even rubbing our faces in it, this is supposed to be aspirational.

>Hurr look how an underprivileged DC youth was able to bootstrap and overcome all obstacles by getting scholarships and Federal aid money to land her dream job working in our nation's capital as a civil servant, now she can give back to the country that has given her so much. If she could do it, any millenial can, they just need to quit complaining and get to work.

They don't even see her as an affirmative action gibs vacuum

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It was the democrats buying votes, yes. However they still bought houses they couldn’t afford though and the spics came here illegally. So I don’t like either group of people. Mainly it just shows how fucked the current system is and if you work you’re a fucking cuck faggot.

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The Bush administration forced the banks to give minorities loans that they were highly likely to default on because of the "disparate impact" of only giving loans to people who were likely to pay it back. The banks came up with a Jewish scheme to repackage those loans and sell them as AAA rated which made the problem worse, but the whole thing was doomed to fail as soon as it became a federal crime to deny a 600K loan to an unemployed crackhead with a 382 credit score.

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have sex

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Would suck titties desu but man what an ugly cunt

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To be fair a white person could qualify for all of those bureaucratic benefits but the issue is d.c. is already overinflated and what does giving people 70k in down payment assistance do to the housing market? Seems like all liberal policies have good intentions with catastrophic consequences

Student loan crisis is because “muh access, everyone should have access to paying for university” and now the administrators at the universities will just increase tuition and raise their salaries every year because they’ll have an infinite supply of money thanks to government backed student loans

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its another dumb nigger

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found the capitalist bootlicker

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Who cares that seem fair and at least she's smart enough to take advantage of it. I'm going to do something similar in VA as a first time home buyer. This isn't that bad. People owning their own property is good, espically a a black person. Hopefully shell inspire others like her.

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I have never
Had a positive experience in dealing with a negroid within a government position

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This. Get back to work incels, she can’t get a free ride without your tax money. Chop, chop.

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Probably because they're diversity hires

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nice bait cuck

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>>buy 2 luxury gym memberships and still be fat

I'm going to predict what she actually does

1. Eats multiple meals throughout the day thus fucking up the process of autophagy
2. Only does "aerobics".
3. Walks a fucking treadmill as if that does anything good than fuck up your gait.
4. Eats shit with seed oils in them
5. Thinks "fruits" are healthy even though they've been cultivated to have mulitples of the amount of sugar "natural" fruits have
6. Thinks "fruit juice" is a health food even though all the sugar in it fucks insulin sensitivity over time
7. Thinks "fats" are bad.
8. Calorie counts like a dumb chump and assumes nutrition labels are the product of magic as opposed to retarded measurements using instruments which don't reflect actual metabolism and chemical synthesis.
9. Speaking of calorie counting, you can't trust anything packaged as a blend of something. They don't measure a finished baked cookie. They measure THE SEPARATE FUCKING INGREDIENTS prior to being "processed"/cooked into a single product! That's fucking insane!

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With that said, I'd ravage that booty if she didn't have such a butterface. Thank god for ghetto hos with big cocksucking lips.

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Stopped right there

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I don’t think this is real

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Maybe not, I linked a youtube video of her explaining both of those things but maybe she is just lying about taking gibs and she is actually paying out of pocket?

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Shes making money while you're here seething. Now fuck off back to your wage cage incel.

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