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I won. You lost.

Bitcoin is mine now. And you let it happen.

Bitcoin is my bitch, and noone will ever accept anything but BTC as legitimate because of what I've done.

Stop complaining. It's over.

I won.

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There is another.

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>26 minute bump
>Samefagging this hard

Just let your threads die if they do not Garner interest don't talk to yourself like a fucking schitzo .

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>shit, we must stop Creg Rite at all costs!!

Quick assemble the social media astroturf team and call him a pajeet and a homo, that will surely change the course of history.

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you assume too much, thinking you know everything will bite you in life

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No Greg you lost already see you in 2020
BTC is a tulip
Bsv is a pumpkin

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