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People with 50k+ stacks are going to have anxiety filled lives. You will probably be targeted. Imagine Link going to $2,000 EOY and you have 100 million dollars. You will be fucked every which way.

Someone with a 15k stack....and 30 million dollars only has like 20 million after taxes. Thats comfy and not fuck you money.

When you start approaching dollar figure levels that put you on par with Beyonce or Harrison Ford's net worth thats when you need to be concerned. You think Bono from U2 enjoys his life? He probably doesnt.

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Bono probably has a security team and 18 year old starlets riding his dick every night

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>Imagine Link going to $2,000 EOY and you have 100 million dollars

imagine being this delusional

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This. Between 10k and 30k is the ultimate comfyness. We're rich but small fishes. We can neet it up in peace.

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Private security

you think Bezos or "Beyonce" live in fear

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Except you wont be Bono....if you have 100 million dollars the best scenario you have is being like Charles Hoskinson.

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how can you guys talk about being rich when LINK is dumping

you're going to be poor

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This is probably just cope, but I have imagined that a lot of 10k stacks will make the same amount as a 100k stack because the 100k stackers will sell prematurely, and I don’t blame them

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Not really. If you have 100k you can sell 50k at 100$ have 5 million bucks and then still have twice as much link as the second tier group of linkies and you can let it ride to 2,000$ without a worry in the world.

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Do you ever wonder why nobody ever combats you on your low IQ posts or do you actually think you're the smart one in all of this? Genuinely curious how newfags think of themselves

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Daily reminder that if you're afraid of wealth, even on meme "muh 4chan irony" levels. You'll find ways to sabotage yourself out of it.

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Holy shit, zoom out retard

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Imagine falling for the $1000 eoy meme and still buying Link at these prices kek. Fucken plebs

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The only way to win is to never sell.

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Unironically sold half my stack.

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im comfy

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