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i've seen this picture floating around ever since i bought chainlink, around the toilet fud days. it just occurred to me how strange it is, it tooks me a good year to understand maybe half of whats on it. who made this? how did they know so early?

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It's certainly strange, thought provoking, and hilarious how much this meme has described my relationship with Link and describes the community as a whole. I've only dipped my toes into the final stage after the 42 McDonalds fiasco.

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now you realize why biz is shit. everything is already known.

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I went from frame one to bottom frame in a single day reading through the archives. LINK was the first crypto I ever bought

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Funny how obscenely accurate the last frame is. The cult is actually truth

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It was the cover’s of klaus schwab’s books (the clover-like cell, and the hexagon). There is also another version with a cover that looks a lot like the aggregator design. Creepy af, he definitely holds link.
Also the announcement that gonser would do a fireside chat sent me over the edge. I’m probably going crazy and it feels amazing

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>ari juels is the antichrist
Then his reddit username is arij216,
and sergey’s canoe has 216 on it.
He actually is the antichrist or he has some sort of reverence for Satan/Saturn.

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It's certainly strange...I know every single one of these.

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I've actually put more thought into this than someone should recently. What the behavior here reminds me of is something modeling a type of religion where Sergey is literally Jesus and we're all his followers.

This idea sounds crazy. I'm not religious. Don't believe in god. But...I have not been able to refute this comparison. It fits too well.

I would have never known about anything related to link without 4chan. Too introverted and irl fiends can't match the quality of conversation this place has. Part of the miracle is that /biz has provided a platform for a bunch of autistic introverts to speak openly with each other. The "hive mind".

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The synchronicities are certainly ramping up for me.

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really putting the crypto in cryptocurrency

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It feels really good having independently found all of these connections through my own sleuthing.
Also it feels really bad now that I think of it. Am I autistic?

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>link cube

>black cube saturn worship

im all in

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>who made this?
I made this.
>how did they know so early?
did my research

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red pill me on ID2020

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What is meant by "golden copy"

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ID2020 was made to push the 2030 Agenda:
>It is the world's first truly global policy, complete with targets, indicators, implementation plans; monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. Ratified by 193 Member States of the United Nations, the 2030 agenda commits nations to working together towards a shared vision based on a human rights approach to sustainable development.
>Goal 16.9 of the 2030 Agenda is
>16.9 By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration

and this is also interesting:
>In May 2016, the first ID2020 Summit was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The summit brought together 400 people from 150 private sector companies and 11 UN agencies to discuss how to “…provide a unique digital identity to everyone on the planet, including the 1.5 billion people living without any form of recognized identification.”
>Some of the companies in attendance were Bloomberg, Brigham Young University, Cisco Systems, Cornell University, Ernst and Young, Forbes, Google, IBM, JP Morgan, Microsoft and NASDAQ.

these are the guys that will make the mark of the beast system happen. if you are not a total newfag you will see a lot familiar names in this post.
check this out:
>One shortcoming of current systems is that the data in these systems is often siloed. John Edge, cofounder of the global ID2020 initiative - a collaboration between UN agencies, NGOs, technology companies, and banks - points out that ID systems are frequently disconnected from one another, making it difficult to track people across borders.
who could solve that problem and who has ties to many of the parties involved with ID2020?

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omg Blythe Masters is AB

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check this out
>“Through use of DLT, all TIW’s customers could have an exact replica of the golden copy of record kept at TIW.”
>The prototype enables the issuing of bonds as smart contracts that specify at what dates coupon payments are made, for what amounts and when repayments occur.

check out who else talks about the golden copy:
guess what oracles r3 will use

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My favorite meme of all time. Makes me smile every time I look at it. You're a true artist anon.

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pretty dank

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when op makes a post that has little to no chance of getting noticed by the original op of an image but then that op shows up and drops a huge fucking redpill

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>assblaster = blythe master
get fuck lol, as if she would visit this board

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thats a meme see pic related

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this is the shit i come here for

godspeed anon

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You are a true genius, mate.

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Other than wealth, what can holding a sizable amount of Chainlink tokens bring me by 2030?

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Fuckin based. How do I become an autist research like you? How do you even connect these dots. I got the feeling Link or XRP would be the mark of the beast but your research is at another level

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>what can holding a sizable amount of Chainlink tokens bring me by 2030?
how does global financial elite sound to you? new era rothschild?

assuming you've the titanium hands required to make it that far...

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Looool it’s a retard guys point and laugh

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dude youre a genius or something. how big is your stack? and do you know anything more then just your research? thanks for the meme its really funny how my life has evolved liked that. its just crazy to me how early you went through the stages. i guess im dumb and it took me way longer.

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>since i bought chainlink, around the toilet fud days
this is younger than that
fuck off delphi

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SWIFT Prison Planet theory

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>I got the feeling Link or XRP
Its 100% Link.
chainlink is the middleware of everything (literally) nowadays they even post blogs about it
read it and then read about the golden copy and the 2030 shit above
>How do I become an autist research like you?
just be redpilled and know how to use google

>how big is your stack?
sure I managed to accumulate a nice stack, I was really early.
>and do you know anything more then just your research?
like what?

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>using google

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Thank you for confirming yet again that I will be filthy fucking rich. Have a shitpost, created by me commemorating mainnet

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just look at their logo, looks like a prison planet to me.
SWIFT is also run without a doubt by you know (((who))).
startpage.com better?
thanks fren.

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any inside info? like is link really being suppressed? i feel like we should be at $10 right now. also, when do you think these big connections are really going to start coming out?

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Damn anon in your pic related got some kino digits.
The serenity prayer is gangster

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type in joe biden kids on (((google)))
now type it in on DDG

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cherish your ability to concentrate fren

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Here we go again. A token that should be $58 on Coinbase is approaching $2 and we're circlejerking/shilling our heavy bags to newfags

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why isnt it the price it should be? who is doing this?

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Put me in the screencap

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The goyim know, flush it down

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>any inside info?
I dont work for chainlink or know anyone there, so no idea m8.
>is link really being suppressed?
in the early days it sure was
>when do you think these big connections are really going to start coming out?
when chainlink fully works, with staking, TEEs etc.
the algo is shit and I never find what I want with duckduckgo
but I do with jewgle

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My dopamine was running low, and I have no sources of adrenaline. I unironically have a disease that benefits from occasional surges of either dopamine or adrenaline.
I actually feel a bit better because of your posts. I’m a research autist myself so I know how hard it is to succintly drop breadcrumbs and hopium.
Thank you fren, you made me feel better, here’s a (You), and a hug, love you we will all make it. We will all be able to provide for our loved ones, take care of ourselves spiritually and physically, and start our lives.

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and I know some wonder what that spoopy fish at the bottom is
its from here
was on the template before I modified it tho.


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>knowingly using google because muh better searches
kek’d, enjoy your compromised IP, passwords, searches and RAC

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>that spacing
Chainlink is a fucking scam you brainlet, now go back to the fucking hole you came from (plebbit)

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>he thinks I use 1 machine for everything

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>he thinks his other machines havent been compromised
>he thinks theres no backdoor

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20022 gematria?

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> He actually is the antichrist or he has some sort of reverence for Satan/Saturn.

I did a translate lookup once; Sergey means "shepherd", Nazarov is a eastern european last name that means "of Nazareth"
Sergey Nazarov is the shepherd of nazareth -- effectively Jesus. I just thought it was such a weird thing that I couldnt forget it.
There are a lot of strange coincidences around chainlink, and lately they've been getting even stranger.

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I should have linked to you too. I think you're right.


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You know Google et Al tracks you across devices and it is challenging to prevent this right?

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My relationship with Chainlink has played out almost identically to what is depicted in the image.
This picture echoes an old 4chan meme but has been recreated and re-skinned to fit that of Chainlink.
I am officially at the 'Ari Juels is the Antichrist' part of the picture and I've followed all of the dots (they can almost all be found in warosu) from 2017 until now.

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banking initiative to implement blockchain by end of next year, majority of banks are ahead of schedule meaning as we speak Chainlink is being implemented

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Gematria (/ɡəˈmeJtriə/; Hebrew: גמטריא or Gimatria גימטריה, plural גמטראות or גמטריאות, gematriot)[1] is an alphanumeric code of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase based on its letters. A single word can yield multiple values depending on the cipher used.
my linkies are safe thats all that matters
just never be the lowest hanging fruit and you will be fine, and always keep important stuff on a offline machine.
sure one of my better memes

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> 7Dob doesn’t have a grasp of opsec hygiene.
At this point I could give a fuck b/c link is all or nothing (cue lose itnall or end up with nothing)
If we make it we will be like the Clinton’s, totally immune from prosecution because every country will want us to be their residents. We’re either high iq autists or low iq brainlets with the wherewithal to follow smart money, so linkies will at worst all sudoku, second worst (low iq) make it and NEET for life and pay taxes, and the high IQ will keep seeing the future and and found enterprises that bring joy, efficiency, or the 5th Industrial Revolution; in any case linkies will either give the cordage industry record profits or we will become modern day royalty.

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lol I'm the guy that made this gif.
goy reporting in

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If you know that Sergey is a false prophet bringing about the mark of the beast do you want to escape unscathed with the money made from linkies? Do you ever worry about the cult of chainlink dragging down anons that fell for the conditioning once the curtain is pulled

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>lol I'm the guy that made this gif.
fuck its really just me and like 3 other guys making all the memes

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are you the same dude who make the dank link memes in the (gay) delphi discord?

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no I'm CRG and CRG isnt discord trannies, we telegram

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Is there any way to get into the telegram?

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where is the chainlink discussion now? biz is dead...

>> No.15962370

Bro link volume on bianace has dropped from 2.6 to 1.6 in less then 24 hours, link is dead.

>> No.15962375

Volume goes up, volume goes down

>> No.15962379

By a 1000 bitcoin?

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only way to get into CRG is when a CRG member vouches for you.
discussion slowed down everywhere a bit
but yup /biz/ is dead.

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Fuck. So I invested in the mark of the beast, great.

>> No.15962411

>one of us

>> No.15962437

revelation 13:16-18?
golden copy?

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There's a lot you need to get caught up on, bro.

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This 4chan hivemind shit is freaking me out. I still get fucked up thinking about the 2016 election.

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Chainlink started to be controlled by them the day the logo was changed
Sirgay was told : Great job son we
will take it from here

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basically (((they))) whorship Saturn and the Hexagon, there is several theories why they do that but you probably wonder how the fuck this is chainlink related, well its simple, chainlink has the hexagon, the cube and it has the connection to (((them))).
today these symbols are used by (((them))) to communicate with each other, kinda like the pedos do with their dominos on pizza shit or spirals etc.

>Revelation 13:16-18, mark of the beast
16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

>golden copy?
explained here >>15961761

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yeah i knew it was the occult symbology, just was looking for some new info.

>The Vanguard FX platform uses blockchain technology developed by Symbiont, a New York-based company that’s applying the technology behind Bitcoin to capital markets, said the person familiar with the matter.

anything to redpill on vanguard ?

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here the pic in full resolution

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based, thank you anon

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Segey's body doubles. Btw congrats on this meme, seriously.

>> No.15962610 [DELETED] 


Sergey's body doubles? was a question

>> No.15962615


Sergey's body doubles?

>> No.15962635

I made that up because I thought it sounds funny
Had other ideas like
>Happy Meal Whorship
but already had cube whorship and didnt want to use the same word twice and the joke felt kinda cheap
other one was
>sergey time travel conundrum
but felt like too much so I didn‘t include it

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Is 42 from your group? Do you consider him based or larp?

>> No.15962746

WTF can someone tell me how the McDonald's thing is possible without them literally fucking with us. Honestly I'm starting to think I'm Schizo.

>> No.15962747

I used to make memes for jpmc coin. I miss those days.

>> No.15962748

Why do (((they))) give us a chance to buy link? If (((they))) truly owned/have connections with Link wouldn’t (((they))) want to keep it for themselves?

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File: 13 KB, 280x373, BDABA027-D36A-40B8-B203-9F070BDB4E63.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is pic related some sort of nod/joke meant for us from (((they))). Or am I a fucking schizo

>> No.15962767

what mcdonalds thing pls spoonfeed I missed that one

>> No.15962772

I must have sub conscientious read your post but not processed it wtf

>> No.15962779

Isnt this a bad thing though? We will literally be hooked up to an intranet with unique biological ID which can be tracked globally and binded to the blockchain. And if you ever speak bad about the government your unique ID will be blacklisted and you wont be able to have a job or buy things...

>> No.15962794

Nothing is beyond our reach

>> No.15962795

That's for us, yes.

>> No.15962902

FFS no, this is retarded and I see it everywhere among new fags.
AB stated that his name was a parody of his boss’s name.
IE Blyth Masters was or is ABs boss.

>> No.15962911

Weaponize your autism fren

>> No.15962914

this. he got even doxxed because of he posted his twitter pp (@creatine if i'm not wrong)

>> No.15962932



Better picture of the McDonald's hexagon big data + 42. The date was also Sept 30th if that matters.

>> No.15963040

what made you come out of the shadow and talk about your group?
CRG, also where do you guys lurk, been here for a long time this is the first time i hear abou this group

how many members are there and do you still recruit?

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