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Is learning to code a good investment?

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No. Sergey never had to learn to code. Just print your own shitcoin.

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only for those who never asked this question

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If you consider it an "investment" and aren't intellectually inclined to do it you probably shouldn't

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not really desu. the investment requires a huge amount of your time. it's not enough to know how to code. to get a job, even after having years of experience, you have to put in a lot of hours preparing for the text book questions you'll get in interviews and cranking out all kinds of algorithm puzzles. developers are basically expected to work a full time job, then go home and study their craft some more to be relevant in the field.
>what? you don't have a personal github full of projects you're currently working on in your off hours? are you even a dev?
this career path will suck the life right out your bones anon. it will kill any love you have for the craft too.

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I'm working 20H a week and I'm making enough to support all of my family + loose everything else to shitcoins.
As long as you're not mentally retarded coding is one of the best career path atm.

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kys faggot if you have not known this yet

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where do you live and what are you working on? I make decent money and am also able to support my family too, but I work more than 20hrs a week.

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coding is literally the best thing a person can possibly learn in the 21st century

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>not mentally retarded
t. sub 90 iq here but my mommy says I’m still smart just in different ways

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Peter Thiel said go after fields that are the least competitive while still high-earning. Petroleum engineering for example: it is basically frowned up on now 'how dare you polluting the world even further you sick fuck, you are the reason GRETA did not have a childhood !!!!! '

Beeing on the payroll of Big Oil Uncle Sam and Saudis will pay good now and in the future...

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I would like to learn. What's the best beginners guide for a retard like me?

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learn python

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oil price is on an almost 10 year low

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Thanks man

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doesnt matter. no cohesive argument.

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why python?

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why? Javascript is superior in every way. Faster, easier to learn, more tutorials, more popular, more versatile, more libraries, more jobs, growing faster, more companies investing in it, etc.

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we need pumpkin-craig version of this.
biz, pls lets make it happen!

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ok. im pretty smart but i dont have any relevant formal education. say I learn to code. how do i actually get a job? does it just magically happen or some shit

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Yeah create a portfolio of your work and people will hire you based off that.

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Not really true. JS is a staple in all things web programming but Python is growing faster and is proving to be very versatile. JS is quite limited. And Python has simpler syntax that is almost pseudocode level in readability, good for a beginner to start understanding basic lessons without having to dig through that.

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what would you use for portfolio? are there a specific brand of projects i should be focusing on?

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I don't know in muhrica but in Europe yes, it's one of the last field you can easily find a decent paying job as junior worker

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It's even better in murica. Easily crossing six figures after 4 years experience, given you know your shit.

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>does it just magically happen or some shit

It depends a lot on luck and your connections. Odds are generally against you. Not only would you be competing against people with proper credentials, you would also be competing against people with non-CS degrees who went through coding bootcamp.

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YEEEESSSSS... Dude i am doing my Masters and in Mechanical engineering and i am stuck behind a MAC learning programms all day... so youi have to learn programming of some kind or invest in Coins so that you dont have to work again ... like you can try coins like BTC,LITE,Telecoin etc..

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Hes really in Antarctica like Owen joked about ?

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Yeah if you know how to apply it. Personally and...well I guess business/third party would be considered personal if it's bringing any income. You're probably not going to create the next best thing out there, but at least it's a skill under your belt that can support other technical jobs.

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you will be replaced by the most simple AI very soon
t. AI developer here

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why is this asked every day?

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you're definitely not an AI dev because anyone knows we're nowhere near being able to do AGI and replace programmers. We actually have no clue how to even start doing AGI.

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youre right its not an actual and complete AI but a program that can write/build/test anything in any language given clear instruction. There are such programs already, but this one is all-in-all. We still gonna call it AI just because muh 500% increased demand from retarded boomers

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And the people who will give it "clear instruction" are not.. programmers? Sounds like another abstraction level.

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literally AI can train itself. Look at adversarial neural networks

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>Troll topic #19304391
>I wonder how many will bite

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I think everyone should at least be inclined to know how to script things. It's insane that there are people still manually working with excel files for 8 hours a day.

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>Javascript is superior in every way
it's one of the worst languages out there only good for quick and dirty hacking

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Read about Paul Lutus, and his motto of doing stuff other people don't do and avoiding stuff other people do. He wrote some of the first software for Apple. Now ask yourself, in <current year> is coding something a lot of people aren't doing? If you do decide to learn, be sure you get to the top, you gotta be the best of the best.

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if they learned how to script things it would take them 10 seconds a day and would get fired
i figured how to do this where i work, automated everything and now only do meetings from time to time or 10min work here and there and play wow all day... i feel bad for the people i leave on mythic + when my boss comes in and i close the game kek

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react is great fren normie management boomers dig the snappiness of client rendered pages even if api calls take time...

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i'm not saying it doesn't serve a purpose i'm saying it's disgusting to code in.

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whats the job, anon?

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Not really unless you enjoy it

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Petroleum engineering is really cyclical. Oil goes to to $100 a barrel and you’re hitting the Rover dealership. Prices tank and you’re on the street though

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Please for the love of god tell me what you're doing. I'm in an office 5 days a week and I'm fucking done.

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No. My teacher in highscool was a coder till they stopped using java.

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You're supposed to automate it to make people's jobs easier, not replace them you autist. Imagine having a squad of turbo normies pledge their allegiance to you because you made their daily stress level go down. That's what I did and now I have a new job offer which will fast track me to six figures before I'm 30.

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whats a good place to learn from? i tried "the complete react web developer course (with redux) on udemy and it bored me to death.

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I'm learning assembly because Unity. Because I wanna make it.
And by it I mean a 2d loli rape simulator where you are a loli being chased by a pedo but since he is a fat Fuck he puts traps and mazes which you have to solve quickly if you don't want to get raep.
I'm betting on link making this a reality.

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No, why would it be? Once I make it, I'll just pay programmers to do whatever I need.

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Either you're full of shit or your teacher was. People who code for a living know more than one language, pretty much guaranteed.

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One day I'm gonna be a CEO and hang a pair of fucking scythes in my office behind my desk

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You need to have multiple streams of income.
Frankly, and I will only tell you this anon, you don't even need to be a coder to make good money from home.
You would be surprised at how in demand people with just decent photoshop skills are paired with basic SEO stuff. I used to make $300 to one time even $500 making graphic designs as a free lancer for people.
Many niches you can fall into, and for this, you would want to fall into one. Comics, horror novels, YouTube banners, etc.

Especially with YouTube, there are a tone of content creators who need digital assistants for creating their thumb nails, or if you have the basic technical know how some will even pay for you to edit their videos. And if you charge like $15 or $20 per video thumb nail but have 5 YouTube channel in your portfolio, you're making some great side cash.
Here's one to look into, album covers for indie artists.

Name some skills your okay or decent in and if the thread is still up I'll try and give you a suggestion. I'm sure there is some angle to break into making money from home for you.

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Hilarious. I've heard other anons say the same, maybe even you before.

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Yes because you can write your own tools for automated trading and make a living with passive income like me.

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>portfolio of your work
how can i have a "portfolio" if I have never worked in this before?

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Hey, before LINK moons you could create a beta of the game, publish it in newgrounds.com adult games section and say that you need patreon donators to continue. If people like it, they will donate. However loli torture / rape / enslave games are a bit saturated, so try to provide some art quality content

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how can I get more offers? I do graphic design and dont know where to get clients for photoshop + seo stuff. also the youtubers thumbnail or editing sounds interesting, I can edit videos and make banners as well

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