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Chainlink link sergey

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0 users

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Solid fucking read. These articles are good material for those who don't understand the space or who are sitting uncertainly on the sidelines.

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It's not for you. It's for gigantic businesses with boomers at the helm who don't understand anything about blockchain and have a hard time navigating the space. It's to open the eyes and pockets of billionaires. You can call it what you want, you're insignificant in the equation.

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Still under $100

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Fuck this piece of shit

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based, indeed, and Sergey isn't larping when he makes those blogposts, BIG things are coming, the derivatives blogpost and now this are announcing that the team are going all in! and the gates are now open! only great things are coming!

Chainlink is the best fucking investment, the team is so fucking productive and never disappoints!

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what's fucking insane about chainlink is that this shit is not speculation. it's literally doing all of this on mainnet right now. there's almost no other project like this in crypto.

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0 users

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Pink ID fuck off

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You mean there is no project like this in crypto.

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shoo pajeet not buying your bags

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oh, don't buy stay cucked LMAO, you think I care? i'm like already up 1000%

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i mean now it's just a matter of time and patience, you and thebrainlets like you will eventually beg us to get our bags, i'm like super smug right now...this is the best investment i ever made, and I get surprised every single day!

you could call me deluded like in 2017...but now i know and those who know already know, now it's just us those who know, and retards like you that refuse to buy the equivalent of bitcoin at 5$

stay cucked man I really don't care, just sharing the comfiness with my fellow link marines

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yet makerdao doesn't even use this shit and they're like the ONLY people on Earth who could actually make use a decentralized ETH price oracle, yet they don't.

If they're not willing to use it because of internal politics, what hope does anyone else have?

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Nice shoutout to Quant.. Any Linkmarine here thinking about buying QNT?

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>proof me that god exist

how about you give evidence that there is actual usage, but you cant so there is none
im waiting

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>he doesn't know

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fukin noice

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The thing that gets me out of bed every morning is that pretty much everything the larpers said here 2 years ago is coming true, and more such as google. Speaking of 2 years ago, this shit would probably already be $100 in that market.


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I have thought about it. There are a few others on my list, but my thoughts always come back to "if I'm investing in these bc of LINK, why not just buy LINK?"

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so basically i can buy a share of the next http

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ID = tXn+wk13
transaction week 13
pink ID
kek confirms this anon is a doomed bitcoin maximalist

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yes and if you didnt buy already ur as dumb as a pajeet

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literally nothing has come true. Chainlink has 0 users and all partnerships are fake. The only thing that came true is that they faked even more partnerships and the price pumped.

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0 brain. There are literally thousands of users idiot

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You are going to be one sad, embarrassed, ashamed and self-loathing man one day very soon in the future.

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Ultra brainlet here. I read the whitepaper and I like it. but is it worth buying link in the US? am I able to stake?

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Chainlink is, at its core, a general-purpose communication standard that can be used to securely route input/output data messages between all systems. When all the protocols in the DLT stack are able to interoperate seamlessly, smart contracts 3.0 emerge as fully connected end-to-end solutions able to uproot many current business models.

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i see that i had 2 years but i am not from biz. i just ventured this way because i am poor

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>yo guyse, diz iz big stuffs ya know

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when do we transition from blog posts to price action?

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yeah you can buy it off binance US or coinbase

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>yet makerdao doesn't even use Chainlink
Are you retarded?
Rune literally said they're looking at using Chainlink months ago:

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>Chainlink is the first decentralized oracle network that acts as an all-purpose HTTP protocol-like equivalent (or HTTPS using a TEE) for messaging at the protocol and application level both on-chain and off-chain.
>Chainlink is, at its core, a general-purpose communication standard that can be used to securely route input/output data messages between all systems. When all the protocols in the DLT stack are able to interoperate seamlessly, smart contracts 3.0 emerge as fully connected end-to-end solutions able to uproot many current business models.
We're all really fucking future millionaires aren't we?

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>but is it worth buying link in the US?
> Is it worth buying a literally piece of the internet tokenized?

Why are you making excuses?

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im not making excuses. im just retarded and need help understanding if passive income is possible within the US

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everything is possible in crypto, that's the whole point

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If Chainlink does succeed, do you anons think it would be more profitable to cash out or to stake?

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dude you have no idea what were in for lololol enjoy it while it happens

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Ctrlf F 0 user

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ctrl f have sex

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kek name a single dapp with users using Chainlink. There is not a single one. Only fake partnerships that don't use it.

And it has a 2 billion valuation.



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yes, they're looking, and decided not to use it because it's shit tech kek.


Name a single dapp in production using Chainlink that has users.

Not one of you can name a single one.

The test net has been out for 1 year, and it has a valuation of $2billion.


How dumb can you all be?

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Nice spacing though.

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bigquery/google is not using Chainlink. Users would use Bigquery with Chainlink IF THERE WERE ANY.

But there isn't any.



Learn to code brainlet, Learn what Bigquery is. I just BTFO you and the entire board. None of you can show A SINGLE APP (with users) using Chainlink in production.



I just destroyed you. Nice non-reddit spacing though, congrats.

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>bigquery/google is not using Chainlink.
That's literally their node.

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That is literally not their node. Google is not running a Chainlink node.


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Could chainlink sort out brexit border troubles?

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Why not just buy a suicide stack so you dont have to nervously post on this board for hours?

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no apps using chainlink in production but almost half a million chainlink runs have occurred on main net. weird.

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anon you can still buy some, relax

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>That is literally not their node.
1) go to Google's blogpost about Chainlink
2) look up the hyperlink called "OUR documentation for requesting data from BigQuery via Chainlink"
3) click this hyperlink
4) woopsie

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Here's the link to the blogpost to help you out:

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