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50% retracement into $2.50 resistance, heading down to 0.618 eventually unless bitcoin pumps.

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the sanest thing I've read today on this board

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i dont understand your moon speak

link up or down?

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Why don't you try zooming your meme lines out a bit more and add the 30 day MA to it nigger

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keep coping faggot
youre price out and you missed the train
spend the rest of your life regretting after you miss this one again

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Give me a reason to zoom out.

Sounds like you're coping because you missed selling the top (again), unlike me.

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based swinglinker

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Your levels are bullshit OP. Sincerely, someone who knows how to predict pumps and dumps


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I pity you and your dead thread.
Thanks for bumping mine.

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So, you're telling me I'll be able to buy far more Linkies soon?

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thanks adrian, very cool

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Please livestream when you KYS. That'll happen when StainStink hits $0.10

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so much fucking cope and brainlet tier logic. Kek this dude is likely right and I cant wait to see you retarded faggots seethe and post your pink wojaks again. Thank fuck I stopped coming here on a regular basis.

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Adrian here. Your meme line is not correct.

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Based. I have the same anylsis and plan to buy back at $2.06. Yesterday we had a nice retest of prior support lost and are now already dumping.

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Swingers get the rope

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Learn how to trade faggot

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Swingy linky always cope
Swinging all day have no hope
Swingy linky gets the rope

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Why would I learn to be a degenerate gambler?

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agreed. make a move up or die short term at least.

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To answer your question: to make more money or increase your stake or whatever you want. You confuse trading with guessing, read up on the topic and learn, it will serve you well as it's a lifetime skill.


See you at $2 faggot.

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if you have a small stack it's better to hodl and accumulate
>[ ] true
>[ ] false
pick one

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It doesn't mean you have to trade.

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Yes the lines mean it will go down. Unless it goes up. Then obviously it wouldn't go down. Different lines will then need to be drawn to take the upness into account.

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That's not trading but guessing. Price action is never wrong, what may happen is that you oversee something and make wrong analysis based on that (you combat this by learning more), but price action is always right as real trading is seeing areas of buying and selling which repeat time and time again.

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going to laugh with todays upcoming news at how your shitty TA is thrown out the window

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Oh look it's another thread that predicts an unlikely huge dump
Sorry you got priced out

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Please show us your amazing swing link sells. I can't wait to see the pic of selling 100 link at $3.50

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I'm really wondering if i should sell 50% if it goes back up to around 2.50 and then double up once it drops back down to 2.35 or so. it's not really gone out of that range for a bit now
but i have such a small stack that i feel like it'd be smarter just to buy more if it goes down again.
i don't think it's gona moon any time soon, probably just going stay in this same range for a while
what do you guys think

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Its all guessing. Those areas of buying and selling are super important and meaningful until they aren't. And that's the problem. Price could dump below support on high volume, retest the previous support as resistance, confirm resistance and the downward movement then immediately pump back up above "resistance" and run away. Ive seen it hundreds of times over the last decade.

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>doing TA on an asset directly tied to another asset and not doing TA on the base asset
Amateur hour on biz, big surprise.

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Swing linkers win again

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>2h time frame

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This, soon as I saw the thread I knew it’d be the fucking USDT pair

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Smaller stacks are easier to swing. Also if you are accumulating you are just buying more anyway. Swinging always makes you more money

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so hold
i always do the opposite of what /biz/ says
it's the safest bet

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>LINK/USD pair
Ask me how I know you're a faggot

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New fag here been on this board 2 years but I am YET to see more than, mmmmmm TWO PERCENT of people’s meme lines be right. Anyone reading this, let’s be honest with ourselves. We’re here for hopium. But I think it’s time we gtfo of biz and go live our lives. I’m just as bad as the next guy but fuck the fud, only time will tell.

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Only thing you need to do TA on is grandpa shitcoin. Will it shit the bed = link goes down. Doing TA on alts is fucking useless.

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this entire site is fud and fomo
if you have a large stack and can afford to play with %20 to swing, do it
if you have a small stack, hold and buy @ dips
don't take out loans or max out credit cards
this is the best advice you're gona get on this site
avoid larping faggots

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Still on track for 25k.

BTC is ranging.

TA and understanding of it on /biz/ is generally bad, as evidenced by the morons ITT.

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There's no good TA supporting the drawing of that line

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Broken support is being tested as resistance.

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Oh no not a post from some other literal who claiming that link will dump into the abyssal depths because reasons.
I've never seen this before. Definitely not back in the pre-mainnet days.
I'm just going to have to sell 100k linkies. I can't take it anymore. Thanks for being so helpful and caring about my investments anon. This board knows how reliable TA scholars are - it only takes a few dozen guesses but it's not a big deal as long as they get something right eventually and can claim they knew all along.

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>abyssal depths

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hey man, ill take those links if you dont want them :)