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> BEng Mech Engineering w/hons
>1 yr to find employment, find draftsman job
>3 years at job, 55k aud (35k usd) salary

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Awesome, never finished school.
Worked at a supermarket still living with parents.
Played games online only with my friends.
Friends a beta cucks just like me no drinking no alcohol no party no woman.
We invest out money in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.
We cashed out when it started to hype in the media.
Bought a 3 houses live in 1 rent the other 2 out bought shitload of stocks that pay dividend and got a nice bankroll.
Never have to work in my life again and without debts.
Thinking about buying a wife from some Asian country and impregante her and just live the life.

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then your penis clapped

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I don't even know what that means, is this some peasant joke?

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fuck off pajeet

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Graduating civil eng in a few weeks, already have a graduate job organised in the new year for 65k aud.

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>BEng Aerospace Engineering (First Class Honours)
>Unemployed for nearly a year after graduating.
>Now work as Warehouse Storeperson
>~$70k AUD a year with OT and KPI Bonuses

Could have been worse

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Not really. Make $160k as a mechanical engineer. Though, Australia sucks dick for engineers except for mining.

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>draftsman job for 3 years
Yikes, we have some engineers like that in our firm, boomers who only do drafting for years on end. They're basically low iq people who got a degree by sheer force even though they aren't smart enough to be an engineer.
Do you even have any other skills? Like fem structural analysis, python automatization, fluid flow analysis, any form of design expertise?
Retards like you get an engineering degree and think that they immediately deserve 150k for a little bit of drafting, ye fuck of cunt, shoulda got a job in maccas.

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>failed 10th grade
>barely graduated highschool because the teacher felt sorry for me
>2 year mechanical engineering technology degree that took me several years to get because I kept dropping out and taking the wrong classes
>most of the classes were pretty much if you show up you pass, failed the math ones a few times anyway
>hired 3 months after getting my degree for $40k a year
>raised to $50k 6 months later

That's what you get for being an overachiever

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Guys I have 2 days to write a CV what do

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>spend years in school, going into debt
>study lots of difficult engineering subjects
>get a job in HVAC
>your coworkers are tradesmen who barely graduated high school
>they literally make twice as much money as you because they're union
>spend all day getting blasted with sludge from old hydronic systems and breathing in glass fiber insulation
>not once do you use your expensive college degree that you skipped college sex for
So glad I escaped the mechanical engineering meme and became a data scientist.

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ee here,
its a total scam. if i could turn back time, id get piss easy degree and study to be a lawyer on my free time.

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How is it being a data scientist? Applied CS student asking.

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Find a recruiter in a town you want to live in, then throw together a shitty first draft and have them do all the sprucing up for you.

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Beyond based

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you're aussie, what school did you go to bro? was it at least g8