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Ive never had sex and im 25 year old

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same but 48 here.

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What do you think stops you, OP?

I was always very good looking growing up, like one of the top 5% GL men in my school and uni.

But I was VERY nervous and weird around women with some fucked up moral issues and shit.

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people in here have to face the truth, you are faggots, once you stop denying your lives will become better

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Anon women are a lot of the time more dirty than males. Their vaginas acquire a BO odor over the years of neglect. Not to mention if she’s “thick” she most likely has a yeast infection in her entire body. They are truly disgusting creatures.

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wanna know what it smells like?

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How often do you ask women out?

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Same, waiting til marriage.

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Different girls smell different. Asians have a sour taste but it’s succulent

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What powers do you have by now?

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Statistically speaking, you have a very high iq

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Case in point.

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how much power do you have

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This describes me fairly well as a 22 yo virgin. When I was younger I felt women were less beast-like than men, that they're loving and compassionate nature was more complex and closer to a god's cognition than man's. I felt unworthy of love from these creatures. As I got older and interacted with women as a grown man, they showed me their true nature as creatures of instinct, a cheap imitation of man, and all of the flowery ideas about their nature were of my mind nothingmore. Dealing with their fall from grace has been incredibly difficult, I see why Tesla avoided women all his life.

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I’m 34 and I’m fucking a 23 year old. Hope that helps.

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I’m 33 and fking a 50 year old Hispanic milf

Adderall, no fap, hair pulling and coooming deep inside her

She smokes me out
Then I leave

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High value
keep holding
wizard by 2025

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I have a beer belly, a bald spot, and an average penis. My girlfriend is a 7/10. Very wholesome and loving. Many young women want an older man to take care of them and fuck them like they need to be fucked. What can I say? I also have a good sense of humor and I’m not a manlet.

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I tried with younger girls, but they're just too much work.

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How did you meet?

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>be schizoid
>have no interest in sex or relationships

I pity you smooth brained neurotypicals

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OkCupid. She messaged me.

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I've noticed a good number of younger girls or girls in general want a dad/father figure.

32 here, haven't banged in 7 years. Been turned down by some girls for being too skinny. Now I'm just all anxious and terrified of girls.

Met a girl recently and maybe it'll go somewhere. Keep thinking about the girl before her ai went on a date with that made me weak in the knees and feel horny, but she is dating another guy.

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My girlfriend calls me daddy when I fuck her it’s true. Start lifting weights and don’t be scared.

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>My girlfriend is a 7/10

She's with you because she's ugly, she knows she can't get Chad and settled with you. Only thing good about her is she realized young that's she a hopeless hoe

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She’s not ugly or a hoe. I’m the third person she slept with and the first to come in her without a condom. Cope.

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tell us a joke

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Yea, women are absolute garbage. Closer to nature, sir. Closer to animals. Never to be relied upon or "trusted", as such.

However, they are the greatest challenge to catch and manipulate and highly rewarding when you do.

The only games worth playing, if you're going to play games, are pursuit of money and pussy. Other stuff is hobbies. And other-other stuff is spiritual/religious but while we're down here we might as well play at being human, eh?

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don't sweat it man
it's probably just because you had a bad work/study environment
if you want to start a family you can still easily do so in the next 10 years

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Was your school full of inbreds or something?

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Single mummies do their shopping in low income areas. Go get em, tiger.

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Post her then.

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Based grandmaster wizard

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im not desperate but im getting there

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>a good sense of humor
Make me laugh, faggot

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>bags of sand

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Same, but 30 here.

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I don't think im ugly, i get looks but when i talk im awkward and that ruins it.

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>“might as well play at being human”
okay, Lucifer

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>bags of sand

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>not a manlet
you're probably under 7ft tall so the claim is very doubtful, faggot

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>the first to come in her without a condom
i'm going to need video evidence

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i'm 33 and i'm a virgin and prolly will never become not a virgin
such is life for us wizards

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>TFW active sex evasion because of my anxieties

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don't worry about the sex part, just learn to talk to women first, why don't you start off my meeting women that are either your league or lower, no sex or anything, just to learn to talk to them, then progress up. Don't you ever dare date a single mother, being your whole life alone is better than being with a single mom!

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I've been lifting. Gotta increase my weights and reps, then not care!!

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She is fucking lying to you lol.

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Stop lying

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If you don't lose your v card by 20 then there is something wrong with you. Sorry bro

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>t. Incel

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>tfw lost virginity at 19 to a redhead gamer thot when I was a bading dyel with a gay voice
God exists and he loves us.

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>smokes me out
I have never been more sure that someone was a faggot than I was when reading that phrase.

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Based boomer incel. The era of mankind has come to an end.

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>Lived in a singlewide trailer, bathed once a week, wore the same tattered clothes with holes in them, wore a hoodie or coat daily unless the heat was unbearable, occasionally spent lunchbreaks hiding in bathroom stalls, had moderate to severe acne, hair looked like a mess, was skinnyfat, had fucked up teeth, made failing grades, only had a few friends and they were all low status nerds like me, did nothing but sleep in school and spend as much time as possible gaming or screwing around online
>Still had girls giving me their numbers in highschool
>Turned them down because I was literally too lazy to bother and figured I'll deal with it later

And now here I am looksmaxxed, gymcelling, working a STEM job making almost twice as much as the average here, have outdoorsy hobbies, etc. and I'm lucky if a girl so much as acknowledges my existence.
Either tinder/social media has destroyed society or I am being punished by some sort of angry god for not losing my virginity in highschool and he decided to make me live forever as a wizard.

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Would've been shit anyways if your source of shame is never having fucked rather than never having loved someone.

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I was treated like shit by them as if I was a subhuman. Didn't understand why, as I grew up I figured it out, it's because they lived lives on easy mode, they could treat me like shit because I couldn't do anything about it, they had higher statuses in our circles of aquaintances, but not because they earned it, just because the demand for girls/women in any social group is a lot higher, they are in a bubble created by thirsty men.

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I used to think like this, now I'm a 26 y/o incel and can confirm this

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The time for Orcs has come!

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Schizoids still have interest in sex

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Lost virginity at 17 but havent had sex since. Am 28. Sex is fun but relationships are too much trouble

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No they aren't if you only pretend to love the other person. Big brain here.

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This can’t be real.

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does adderall increase your libido?

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but you cum everyday so it doesn't count

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I am sbhizoid too
I now that feel..

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same experience here top kek, makes me cringe how easy it was to get laid in HS and i didn't realized

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>33 pog


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>believing that

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>tfw too intelligent for sex

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based tbqh. i've had shit tons of sex. didn't get me anywhere in life

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Sex is the destination not the car you massive faggot

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Incel detected

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in an ideal platonic sense, i'd prefer a girl which doesn't want to have sexual intercourse at all. i mean you can delude yourself into accepting "muh sex." but you don't inherently want a person which wants to have sex. you want a virgin that isn't naturally asexual but never wants to have sex and becomes asexual via reason.

at least in some reality. if your waifu turns out to be a cute and loyal girl, then it's okay to delude yourself into being "sexual". though it depends? it doesn't really matter. there are more than one character type you could wife up, i am sure. still it holds true that you don't need to have "sex" with a character that is spiritual and maybe philosophical or a science nerd. as opposed to a more cute waifu which is more emotional (not in a negative sense) and "stressed" out... for such a waifu you could delude myself. and fetishize sexuality on an empathetic level. but otherwise... sexuality is generally a delusion. because you don't need it. cuddling though... i feel as if that's actually more of a bodily... i don't know whether it's a "need" either. but some guys say so. you don't need sex. some do need cuddling. not all, but some.

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Gandalf! Fireworks, Gandalf!

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>Sex is the destination not the car you massive faggot
well yeah it feels good, but then she leaves and you go back to feeling lonely and alienated. after awhile you start thinking about thots you fucked years and years ago and wondering where they are now and what it even meant

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Congrats you were able to read the thread faggot.

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lost it 3 years ago at 24.
can confirm am a fucking weirdo

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oh i do want a relationship. but prove to me that sex, or even a relationship in itself, isn't just a schizoid projection like anything in this universe? granted how even buddhism, and the rejection of all desires, might be a schizoid delusion in itself? (it's in itself a schizoidly perceived projection to want to reject the schizoid)

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eating a pussy? a succulent chinese pussy?

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language is a virus
you need to use your own willpower to subdue language to your own desires (or lack of them)

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If it makes you feel any better, if tesla was born in our era he'd be the biggest beta male imageboard dwelling cretin like us. Theres hardly an excuse he could have back then Women back in olden times were far closer to your idea because that was expected of them. Now, post 1960's western women typically have an insane god complex from the start. Nowhere else in the world are women given such pedestal treatment but here

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Same OP. I'm 26 and I've never had sex, only been pegged. Since I'm not gay I don't consider that sex.

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I am 27 and I am NEVER having sex.

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are you me? we must be connected somehow by universe

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I got a girl neked one time and ate her pussy and fingered her, but I was too drunk to get hard and pumped like 4 times before calling it quits. I didn't come even, does it count or am I a loser?

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IMO it does but you're still a loser

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I am 25 years old and I never even kissed a girl

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Based. I want to be you some day.

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Pig girl experiment.

Black Pill

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24.5yo kv here. my face is very ugly and defomed, i need jaw surgery and implants to look human.

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