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Waves will be worth $30 per coin in January

Screencap this

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KEK wills it.

but seriously, don't fucking question crypto. Why is BTC worth $700 USD? Why did potcoin fucking skyrocket 10x in less than a week? (mind you it dipped again) Why the FUCK does anyone buy into crypto, if they're all just PnD's? Don't question crypto. It's literally free money if you pay attention.

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I agree

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Do you really expect $3 billion market cap? 1 billion sounds doable tho

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>It's literally free money if you pay attention
Yeah, just like penny stocks.
Make sure you pick the right one.

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Ok I got baited, and looked up waves.

> using financial service providers as gateways

Ye ok this is their main selling point I guess, which providers are backing this shitcoin?

> paying per transaction

Nm, i just lost hope already.

> decreasing processing and transaction time by removing the blockchain from users interface


How is this shitcoin decentralized again?

I guess this shitcoin can be succesfull, but only if a big bank chooses to implement it and ofcourse if waves makes zero mistakes.

30 dollar by jan? Nah, probably not for this semi-decentralized piece of shit.

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>founded by a russian

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A lying russian!

"We will put up the buy walls so inveffftors will feel safe"

Literally ICO price dumped by half at launch.

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Screencapped it, let's see.

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>Pump and Dump
>Retarded teenagers on /biz/ thinking it'll make them rich
Take your pick desu just dont be the chump left holding the bag.

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i would say 10$ is in reach. Sasha seems like a good CEO and a good marketer otherwise people wouldn't invest 16 million in ICO let that sink please...Tai zen is also invested in it ... i trust his sense accept ETC... Sasha will bring crypto to the masses. I have also some insider infos that a big firm is planing to implement it and some atms in mexiko.. GL

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Waves is crashing right now as I already thought, I'll buy in in this dip though.

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are you really that retarded?

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Where do you invest in this shit?

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you can buy waves on bittrex. For bitcoin if you want to buy bitcoin make a Coinbase account to get bitcoin

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Thanks senpai

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Someone butthurt that he missed so many happening trains while everyone else got out some money of it.

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Look at that sexy logo and tell me it won't be worth $10 each (it won't)

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Yeah, I'm going to buy some waves too soon, worth about 500 Nazigold

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Waves working with NASDAK.
This is Information not tell person secret information.
BEY now!!!High profit GUARANTEED

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220 btc sell wall at 50k. Guess that's it

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>falling for a fake sell wall put there by a cheeky whale
>didn't buy the dip

why are nowavers so dumb?

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Some savvy investor did buy the dip when someone dumped to 43k,now back at 50k

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Nice complete recovery.

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BUY buy buy
Now now now
$50 Waves price next week GUARANTEED!

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Noice. I will hold for another week aince you seem so sure

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Good choice next week Full node and Poloniex.
Chinese givernont now discusiion with Waves.
WOW the Chinese?
>Yes Currency Waves for China Maybe.

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>next week
I'll belief it when I see it. Sasha's been giving us release dates for a good 3 months now and I've heard him say "2 weeks" for atleast 3 times now.

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Tell me how i buy waves and ill dump $999 into it. I have never bought cryptos before so pls guide me senpai

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Any time you see a crypto shilled here it's already too late to get in on the pump. You're going to lose $999

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That's it.

Here's a quick tip for all the bagholders who lose all the time: Buy some of all the coins you believe in, at least believe that they'll remain listed for the next months (lol)

Then buy a few of them when they have not much going on, the price is bottom low with just a little support enough to know it won't crash down.

THEN once things start happening, you'll already have a few coins, bought at a VERY low price and will make 200-300x profits first try.

That takes judgment and patience though. Diversify, use your head and never your emotions.

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200x is very misleading senpai, max you'll get if you really struck gold is 20x

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You FUD no work here downtalk price miss the boat?
Go back scammy ethereum!

>You have no brain

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I'm an ICO bag holder that's been following the development from day one. Meanwhile you, instead of investing some time into learning what Waves is actually about, are just shilling it everywhere, unable to tell anyone why they should.

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Waves on Wallsstreet to Nasdak
Waves talking to Microsoft
Waves negotiation China currency.
(I from mainland als have company in other country)

>I whale trader don't bullshit me boy!

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Complete bullshit.

Ethereum was being shilled heavily here when it was $0.80.

I know because i was the one shilling it.

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>Why is BTC worth $700 USD?
Because it's THE blockchain backed by the best developers in the game? Duh.

Altcoins? not so much.

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zcash just went 200% after the crash

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Lets hope it works out and isnt a waste of money.

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We shill coins because we are generous and want to spread the wealth

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If you really wamted to do that you would just make a few wallets with money and periodicaly post a new key. Free moneys.

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Read here first on bizz!
Waves in talk with Apple-pay
Read about news everywhere in 1 week.
Buy now Waves next week millionaire.

>Go away Bitcoin
>Go away Ethereum

Waves on the way

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Waves and trumpcoin my nigga

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I talk back old day Ethereum
Buterin? I talk with him now?
No good Ethereum loose caused.
>Waves terminator for Shitcoin and Poopthereum

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Zcash is shitcoin
Waves bestcoin

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fuck off nigger

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>Shitcoin =

>Godtier = Waves

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You go away you cry when price go 3000 dollaar next week

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How can I buy 100 dollars worth of waves? Just in case

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Bittrex better hurry when they release node it will be high price more bitcoin high high rich forver

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How exactly do I buy it?

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Waves will shit itself before it goes up, btc is mooning and alts wither during those periods.

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Should I sell now and buy back later or is this likely to be close enough to the bottom?
I don't see Waves crashing but I don't like watching my BTC drain away.

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It was at 47k earlier, 44k now. 40k incoming.

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How do I buy in?? Plzzz anon

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>want to spread the wealth

No you just want new buyers in the club so the price rises even higher

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Waves is crashing against the shore. Someone buy plz

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Roger Ver is talking to CEO of Waves

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Buy more Waves
Bitcoin is dump and dump.

Will go 300 dollar 1 week Microsoft


Buy now fast!

Waves destroy Bitcoin Ethereum

>Waves destroy BITshitCOIN and ETHERcancerEUM.

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so currently I spend £30 on 0.0509 BTC giving me 107 WAVES.

if your predictions are correct thats £2557.35

each WAVE is .28GBP right now, if its still below 50p on tuesday Id say its worth a punt. Ill do my own research, 3 months is a long time to find out Ive lost £30.

Lets be honest, until you can buy WAVES with real currency its never gonna be worth much.

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>Lets be honest, until you can buy WAVES with real currency its never gonna be worth much.

What is ethereum

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im gonna buy waves.. I dont know why, it sounds idiotic, but buying potcoin was also idiotic back then, and it sure delivered mad profits.. Go waves, its the future

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That atitude will me you lose always very long time.
Why not put 3k pound? Pound worthless anyway now with Brexit.

Ethereum scamcoin and shitt devs

You go be so rich, woman everywhere nice food clothe and car house

>No more loser only win more money?

Buy Waves this day now

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I hold 9k waves and you are ruining my euphoria

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Why explain?

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>Read very important truts me

No Waves very fast go Bittrex buy now next week so much RICH!!!

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I am so triggered by the broken english

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>free money

how so, and how can I get in on it

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> Shills are bagholding and losing money.
Meanwhile I've made 250$ in the past week mining ZCash. You gotta ride the waves ;-) (punnnnnn ohhhh)

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Buy 1000 waves wait 1 week
1000 waves x 300 dollar

>> No.1599802

See Zcash buy Waves
>Smartmove boy much money rich
In 15 year your childeren will learn Chinese in school dumb USA lending creditcard debt boy

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Waves will be worth $0 per coin January 2017. Screencap this.

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yo guys is this coin worth it? What big things are coming?

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if it delivers, it basically replace all the exchanges. You can trade any currency and cryptocurrency, forex on it without inputting personal information. And there's no one there to stop trades from functioning.

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oh shit this sounds serious, i mean this could be the next bitcoin inshallah

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it's a pretty big IF.
Like there are other project copying waves already. If waves doesn't start delivering shit, other project going to pass it.

Plus you think other exchange are going to sit quietly and let wave take their customers

as always only put in what you can afford to lose

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sure thing bro, a big risk but also a big reward

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I look at it like any regular stock.
Possible short term blowup at $0.33 a share? Sure I'll take some, if nothing interesting happens by February I'll sell it.

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fuck off commie

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They now talk with Microsoft and Apple to get on system.
Every computer have Waves using!

China now ban Bitcoin because talking Waves.
Waves next ineternet money China and World.

Waves already taliking bigest companyes in the world my friend!

Funny but no big risk only big reward.

When February you so rich you tell me hey boy I am rich look a me!

Go talk freedom on Mexican border keep them out lol laugh so hard

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chinese shill?

>> No.1601062

Russian, it's Sasha.

>> No.1601123

ITT shills

>> No.1601176

What problem with China?
Why problem founder Russia?
USA only good?

I buy Waves when 2 cent now worth 30 cent.
In couple week 1 Waves worth 50$ usd

>You wait porr always like redneck incest

>> No.1601178

You mom buy Waves.
I give her Waves hard!

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Yeah you not mskr replay you noe silence

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Nobody wants your shit.

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come on man that's pretty good comedy at least

>> No.1601820

Nobody want shity bitcoin ethereum.
Go eat a raw hogwart!


Yeah see funny when I more rich you still poor bean pick pick

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Finally I do actually have a few waves myself, my oriental friend

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that's the way I see it, this thread is gold

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so 3$ by next week?

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My friend you are going to thank me so hard in short time!

Yeah I gave rekt him so hard, talked about his momma. gnagnagna

Think bou 2 digit at least

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Just got extra info update.
Microsoft 60% chance might buy Waves.
Apple 35%
Google still negotiating with Waves, log in skype to see meeting live talk.

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about what??

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What exchange do I use to buy waves

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I think waves is about to pump you know. I've got the feeling.

Starting to run out of people willing to sell for $0.35

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Getting that feeling too my nigga

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To the one who are trying to shill Waves on his thread. How long are you going to do this bs. I mean you are not giving and information whatsoever only saying things like:
>Waves will be worth 10$ next week
>Microsoft will buy Waves 10000%
>Apple buy Waves
>Fucking santa clause will use waves and use it to pay his elfs
Give any kind of proof or some kind of article or interview. Also Send any amount of waves to this address to show that you actually bothered to buy that stuff 1W3PHq8YqxSAx9k6BP469vTXcp3fWiDdtPaxG

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Thats just one troll trying to make waves look silly.

Waves is a very powerful blockchain platform. Lots of info out there go and look it up, and no, i wont be sending you shit. Go buy some.

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At best in the end of the year it be worth same as it is know. 30$ by january? It wont even reach 0.50 $ by next year

>> No.1603541

It will be worth a dollar some time in november.

Possibly $3 by next year.

>> No.1603622


I also expect $1 in November when the full Network is launched

>> No.1603652

$WAVES telegram group created. Get in and get rich, faggots.


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And every bison dollar will be worth five british pounds once he kidnaps their queen.

Screencap this

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Yes Bittrex,buy now fast so rich wow good job!

Microsoft Apple Google! my friend

Everubody rich for long time

You scared Ethereum get rekt! Die Ethereum Die! Live long Waves yes yes !

No answer that guy he hates Waves he from Ethereum

End of year maybe 50 dollaar if we unlucky.

Good job I just talk to Wavesteam and they say go is good!

Shitty American killing Bison!
Wait and see Waves destroy you Ethereum shit

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Kek ETH fanboi who lost much money

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Yeah I know the Ethereum dumb people come here mad so much talk bad Waves.
We scare them off hard tell them truth.
>Sasha beat ass Vitalik in fight.

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ok but how do I buy waves? do I need BTC or can I buy with USD?

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How does it make you feel seeing that Waves is acting the same way Etherium did when it was worth cents?

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Just join the slack channel, no need to overcomplicate things

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OP here. I made this thread when I was drunk one night. I love your high energy, keep it up!

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WAVES what a failed meme.

>> No.1604277

ok how can i buy waves

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What color will your lambos be ?

>> No.1604589

Covered in swastikas

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Reminder to go here and vote for your favourite cryptocurrency:


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So when is the moon?

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>> No.1605509

Wow sexy

>> No.1605996

Monero everybody Monero!

>> No.1606044

Sell Waves and buy Monero!
Next week Monero 100 dollaar...
Waves dying see Monero price up up up high!

>> No.1606058

took you 30 posts to figure out shilling this garbage was getting u no were. Switched to shilling xmr so hard and in same thread, at least that one is gonna go up

>> No.1606099

I honest now Waves no good maybe in couple of months.
>Now Monero jump train to moon