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I used to make fun of TA but it's actually pretty based (and simple). For instance here this is a descending triangle. It usually breaks to the downside. I'll simply sell my linkies when it breaks to the downside and buy them backafter the measured move. TA also taught me that after a huge pump like this it usually dumps or correct, so the probability of breaking down is even higher. Also, TA is great because it allows for misinterpretation, for instance here if link breaks to the upside I'll just have to not sell my linkies and watch them pump, like they always do. Please feel free to use this thread to discuss various TA analyses and strategies to accumulate more linkies. Cheers

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baby's first TA :))))
gl bro.. you'll need it

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Technical Analysis is just crystal ball astrology.
Prove me wrong.
>protip: u cant

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Zoom out faggot, cup and handle forming

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Hi. Thanks mate! Yeah I know I'm new to it so I try to keep it simple. Care to share some ideas on link next move?

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Haven't learn this one yet. Will look it up. What time frame? Daily?

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Good job fren. Be careful when swinging though.

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Zoom out more faggot and see

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Aww mommies little trader made 5 whole chaincoins today! I think this calls for some tendies and ice cream.

>enjoy the IRS raid faggot, they're going to kill your whore mother and take your weeb body pillow

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No need to be this aggressive anon, Iknow I'm just starting, I'm not bragging or anything. And yes I've told my mom and she's encouraging unlike you. She's glad Imight have found a calling at last. At least that's what she said

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That’s definitely not a descending triangle.

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Your lines are wrong, but TA is stupid anyways.

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ok. What's wrongabout my lines?

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>group psychology is crystal ball bullshit
okay retart

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Somebody help this faggot instead of talking shit.

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draw your lines not using the wicks but using the bodies of the candles.

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>I'll simply sell my linkies when it breaks to the downside and buy them backafter the measured move
>if link breaks to the upside I'll just have to not sell

>Reactive trading, instead of trying to predict the future

You're unironically already a better trader than 99% of biz.

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>I used to make fun of TA but it's actually pretty based

This is how everyone goes. They come here as newfags having read that TA doesn't work and charts are literally a 100% random walk, then over time they're absolutely forced to accept the very significant role it plays and the usefulness of chart awareness.

I was the same.

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has its place, to shows us how the bots will trade, not how the humans will

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That’s wrong, the vast majority of traders use wicks (google any meme pattern and you’ll see what I mean). You’re trying to get as close to what the majority of traders are thinking. Which is why you should draw the same lines as them. With that in mind you should also pick the highest volume pair, which I’m pretty sure is link/usd now. Checking.

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Never mind, still link/btc

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where can I learn?

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Checked, but dude.T hink about it rationally. Do you honestly believe your pic related is the same set up as OP's picrelated? Even if OP drew his memelines according to wicks, it does not match the pattern of a descending triangle. Also, there is no mention of volume in your picrelated or OP's picrelated.

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If TA worked atleast 60 percent of time yall would be billionaires by now.

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Oh yeah I agree. Op is all kinds of wrong. I just don’t feel like explaining how we already broke down from one triangle, and he should be using the bottom node of the first to chart his new triangle. I’m on my phone.

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Your chart is no good
Look at the bigger picture
There is also a possibility of a huge bull flag and a the formation of the handle on the cup
So good luck swinging don’t forget to leave some cash for a rope